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Mitchell: Regretting what I said...

Oddas Aria

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(Shuttle bay- USS Discovery-C)

::Mitchell awoke with a start and a throbbing head. As he tried to get his head to stop throbbing, he felt his hand hit something and then the sound of hollow glass rolling across a deck.::

oO Ugh! My head hurts…Oo

::He slowly opened his eyes and found wherever he was, it was brilliantly lit. He let his eyes focus, and found himself looking out at open space. As panic started to set in, he noticed the wavering effect of a mag-con field in place. That meant he was in a shuttle bay and a Starfleet one at that. He pushed himself to his feet and fell back on his face. Groaning, he rolled over and spotted the massive logo of the USS Discovery-C painted there.::

oO That giant eagle Tyr put up there is still scary…Oo

::Before he got to his feet, he noticed the empty whiskey bottle he had knocked when he woke up. That brought back a flash of last night…::

oO I was sitting there with Perin…I made an [...] of myself and started an argument…Oo

::He forced himself to his feet and stumbled to the bay’s exit. Lucky for him his quarters were only one deck up and a short distance around the saucer’s curve thanks to the old days when he was XO.::

oO Things got a little heated I think… I said at least a couple of things I will probably come to regret…Oo

::He stumbled into his old quarters which were still assigned to him for the duration of the special trip. He stripped off what looked like the stained remains of this dress white as he headed into the bathroom.::

oO She had it coming after all….she’s the one who left me and dropped out of contact…Oo

::After a long hot shower, he shaved carefully and felt a lot better than when woke up. He pulled on a pair of jeans since he’d only brought one duty uniform. He was pulling a long sleeve t-shirt over his head when he noticed another ship moving by outside. He recognized the familiar lines of an Akira class ship getting underway. And there was only one Akira in the system, the Thunder-A assigned as Embassy’s support ship.::

oO They put us in a parking orbit right in back of her but plenty clear. After all, an orbit pattern can only hold so many ships.  I wonder where why she’s changing orbits at this hour…Wait, she’s leaving orbit..that’s weird. Oo

::Walking over to the replicator, he ordered up a mug of his preferred double strength mocha coffee blend in its travel mug with the Discovery’s logo on it, before setting in at the desk, as the flash of a warp translation reached his window.::

oO Was that the Thunder? Stranger and stranger…Ugh, I really don’t want to find out what exactly I did last night. But I better check on the ship. Oo

::He called up the ship’s s status reports and started going through them. Since he was one of the two people responsible for the ship on this run, and as far as he knew, Raj was still down on the surface, one of them had to take care of it. Everything looked ok and ready for departure when the time came.::

oO Well…she did a good job on the flyby. Nothing got broken and diving that far into atmo with a ship this big could break a lot if done wrong. Oo

::He was finishing off the last of the reports when Suddenly the sound of an incoming call on an open com line sounded.::

WALTAS: =/\= Waltas to Embassy senior staff, Commander Mitchell and Ambassador Ghyurn. Report to the Admiral’s residence immediately and take the Embassy to Red Alert status. =/\=

oO Wha…what?? Oo

::He slammed the coffee down and ran and grabbed socks and his old flight boots. He pulled on the socks and the old boots with their special accessories of his old slug thrower and a spare magazine.  He hadn’t worn these in quite a while, and felt like slipping into an old pair of slippers. He quickly dung through the track of discarded clothes on the floor and found his com badge.::

MITCHELL: Computer, one to beam directly to the Admiral’s residence. 

COMPUTER: Stand by….Command authorization needed…

MITCHELL: ::tapping the com badge:: =/\= Mitchell to Waltas and Parker. Tyr, I need you, Toni’s or Major Parker’s authorization to beam down to the Admiral’s residence.  =/\=

PARKER: =/\= Where are you Commander?=/\=

MITCHELL: =/\= I’m aboard the Discovery and Red Alert prevents beaming through the Embassy’s shields. =/\=

PARKER: =/\= Roger Commander. Stand by.=/\=:: Tapping his commbadge again:: =/\= Computer.Command  override for Commander Rode Mitchell. Authorization code Alpha Romeo Epsilon Baker Alpha.=/\=

Commander Rode Mitchell

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