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Lt. Sharpe: Once more Unto the Breach

Oddas Aria

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((Power Facility- Duronis II Embassy))

::Sharpe had finally arrived at the power facility, things had moved so fast during this latest invasion that he was all over the place, in fact the last place he remembered being was securing the Security building, and then notifying Captain Waltas that he had captured the group leader of the sabotage and retrieval team of Orion's in the basement of the Security building, he also mentioned that they may have a cloaked ship in orbit as they sent a very important looking file up to somewhere, he could not tell which, now here he was approaching Parker and Oddas, he knew they had been saying something, but he missed all the rest and arrived at the point where explosives were mentioned.::

::Sharpe had remained silent, he was well aware that he was behind on things, but he looked at the bomb and knew Kildare could have disarmed it as he was a bomb disposal expert, but Starfleet had posted him to a system that was petitioning for membership but still had a lot of terrorist attacks on its ruling government, so he and a large contingent of Starfleet personnel had made an Outpost there and began to help the reigning government, Sharpe himself was good with computers not bombs, so he was a little startled when Parker's Commbadge chirped.::

Waltas:  =/\= Major, sitrep. =/\=

::As Parker went onto explain things to Captain Waltas Sharpe took him a better look at his surroundings, his gaze came to rest on Oddas. Sharpe was not that close to Parker in location so he made some noise and Parker looked back as Sharpe closed the gap getting a better look at the bomb just as Parker finished speaking with Waltas.::

Sharpe: How you holding up El tee?

::Smiling in a friendly manner at her response he turned to Parker.::

Sharpe: What's the stitch Major?

Parker: If we live through this, I'm court marshaling both of you. If we die, I'm going to find you both in the afterlife and kick your asses for all eternity....

::Oddas had a look that said dubious, she was unsure if Parker was joking or not, Sharpe on the other hand knew he was a gentle giant and this was his way of releasing frustration, he must have been feeling.::

Sharpe: Oh please Major, this is not the time for theatrics, you are just miffed that you have encountered a problem you cannot solve, you are like my wife, well what she used to be like; if it does not involve shooting you always seem to get frustrated and this is classic Parker ::Sharpe smiled as he said this, Parker may be a big softy underneath, but the guy still had one hell of a temper and big softy or not he was truly capable of causing hurt.:: What’s the bombs timeframe?

Parker: Two minutes, thirty five seconds. It's a tricobalt explosive with a magnetic attachment and a tritium detonator.

Sharpe: It's the Final Countdown!!

Parker: Exactly. No time. We need to focus on getting the bomb off the manifold without setting it off. Oddas, find us an anti grav unit, pronto...

Oddas: Aye Sir.  :: she scrambled off to find the anti-grav unit, feeling good about doing something. ::

Sharpe: ::With Oddas gone Sharpe got closer to the bomb and he got a good look at it:: Okay that does not look good, looks like its got a gyro unit attached ::pause:: no wonder you asked for an anti-grav unit Major! What do we actually need to do?

Parker: We need to de- magnetize the seal, but before we do that, we need to neutralize the mercury switch which.. is.. right... there:: pointing behind an access panel:: You up for this?

Sharpe: Hey I am game! After everything that has happened to me this year in such a short space of time, the prospect of going boom is not so daunting, but if I die I will go knowing that my wife will stop at nothing to avenge me and in that I would pity the Orion's. Okay ::he said as he walked over to the access panel and carefully opened it and gasped in awe, the computer hook ups and such were close to his holy grail, he knew that if it went boom he would die happy.

Parker: Well then, let's get to it.....

::As Sharpe looked around he saw the area in a less than tidy state, with debris everywhere and fluctuating ODN cables poking out of holes, he knew the Embassy had been bombarded, but he did not realize it had been bombed this badly, but he returned his attention to the panel aware that Oddas had returned but that’s all he knew as he found a balance between being fully immersed in his work and having to communicate with Parker.::

Sharpe: Major, I have just deactivated the motion sensor detectors on the explosive device which connect to the mercury switch, you should be able to move it a little without the big badda boom.

Parker: I don't just want to move it, I want to transport it out of here...

Sharpe: ::shrugging even though Parker was not looking at him::  Well I have to make sure power and sensors to the bomb are disconnected first and this is a lot more complicated that patching or rewiring the Tactical/Security console on the Thunder or Bronwyn, one false move here and I get to see my parents again, so please Major be you slow with what you is doing, I would like to see my children again.

::Sharpe worked his way through re-routing power cables and adjusting micro isolinear chips to other places, not so easy to do with tools that you had to improvise with, but as he got into his work his subconscious habit of talking to himself as he worked raised its head.::

Sharpe: Okay now, if I put that there and move that over there and adjust that ::he jumped back as sparks flew:: okay not that way ::he said and returned back to his work, he got so far until he struck pay dirt, he put his make-[...] tools down and pulled out his tricorder.:: Major I advise you to stop, that bomb is plugged into the Embassy's main power distribution, I have managed to disconnect all sensors to the bomb, but there is not enough time to disconnect the thing from the main power, I could do it but not in the time we have here, I do however have me a wild idea ::Sharpe paused as he looked at Oddas who had her an anti-grav unit.::

Parker: What are you thinking?

::Looking at the pair::

Sharpe: If Lieutenant Oddas can disconnect the power unit from that anti-grav sled I can hook up a makeshift connection, I would transfer the power supply going to the bomb from the Embassy main to the power unit. But there is a draw back, it will cut remaining time down to less than half of what we have left. So the moment I switch its power over we will have five minutes tops to beam it up into space, it will be tight but it can be done. Its a shame Starfleet posted Kildare to the sticks, he could have disarmed this, but there is no ship fast enough to get him here, so the option I mentioned is our only one save dying Major, what will it be?

Parker: It will be neither. It's not hooked up to main power. They didn't have enough time to do that. They fused a dummy set of conduit to make you think it was::Scanning it with his tricorder:: No power there, no intrusions in the casing. :: Picking up a micro- wrench:: I'm going to reverse the polarity of the magnetic seal, but watch the voltage....


Lieutenant Paul Sharpe
Security Officer
USS Bronwyn
Duronis II Embassy
Image Collective Member
Serial No. #I238401PS0


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