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Commander Koral - Imprudent Decisions

Oddas Aria

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((Bridge, IRW Draxan))

::The Draxan shook violently as the Zalkonians fired again, but Commander Koral held firm in his command chair.::

Tactical Officer: Shields down to 30% but holding!

Koral: Very well, bring disruptors to bear on the Zalkonian vessel. Target both their bridge and engineering… Pilot, bear down straight upon the ship then veer off at full impulse.

::The Draxan was still without torpedoes but at this range, its disruptors would rip through whatever shielding was left. Koral wanted prisoners, but he was not going to lose the Vorax. The most immediate threat had to be eliminated.::

Tactical Officer: Disruptors locked…

Koral: Fire!

::Koral watched the viewscreen as vivid green pulses bore down upon the Zalkonian ship. Seconds later, explosions wripped throught the hull. The Draxan

Tactical officer: ::audibly sighing with relief:: Enemy vessel destroyed. 

Koral: Very good. Pilot, station us near the Vorax. Communications, bring up their bridge.

Communication: Yes, Commander… 

::The Vorax had sent an automatic distress signal a few minutes before. That meant that the both the commanding and first officers were incapacitated or dead.::

Comm Officer: Sir, I have Centurion L’Rel.

::Koral did not know L’Rel well, but she was the fourth highest ranking officer—young but sharp.::

::The viewscreen flickered to show a dimly lit bridge. L’Rel’s face remained stoic.::

Koral: Commander, Report.

L’Rel: Commander Nasan and Subcommander Mikral are dead. Chief Engineering Officer is in critical condition. 

::Koral knew all of them and had even met their families. This was no way for them to die. Maybe this mission order was cooked up by Devok's co-conspirators. But he chose to show no emotion.::

Koral: And the status of the Vorax?

L’Rel: We are still on batteries. But we should have the impulse drive back within 30 minutes. The warp drive may take a few hours. We just regained sensors.

Koral: Weapons and shields?

L’Rel: They are inoperative. I spoke to the surviving tactical officers and he suspects sabotage.

::L’Rel’s tone was both bitter but surprised.::

Koral: I understand. We have eliminated one of the Zalkonian vessels. We will stay close in the mean time. Tell your doctor to transport any severe injuries directly to the Draxan. Provide me an update in 30 minutes.

L’Rel: Yes, Commander. 

::L’Rel offered an arm salut and closed the channel. 

Koral: Status of the other vessels…

Tactical Officer: The Federation ships have eliminated the vessels attacking them. The Bronwyn shows significant damage, but the Thunder none. 

::Koral knew he was losing all tactical advantage.::

Koral: Lieutenant Sataal, who was beamed out with the Major?

::Sataal turned from the damage control panel. The lieutenant had tried to warn Koral about Devok, but the Commander dismissed the younger officer’s observations as paranoia. No one would be able to influence a Tal Shiar major.::

Sataal: From the bridge, Centurion Tikar from Security and Sublieutenant Kiron from Engineering. So far, three other officers from elsewhere on the ship are reported missing. One was seen being transported.

::Koral’s hard expression broke for a second into one of disgust and worry.::

Koral: Thank you, Lieutenant. If you have any further updates, please let me know immediately. 

::Sataal nodded. That was the closest that Koral would make to an apology in public, but it was understood.::

Koral: Bring up the commander of the Stol’vas.

::The viewscreen changed from the scarred hull of the Vorax to the bridge of the Stol’vas.

Koral: =/\= Commander M’Vas, what is your status? =/\=

M’Vas: =/\=We have almost eliminated the other vessel… their shielding has been rather resilient. It appears they were aware of our disruptor frequency. =/\=

::The image shook as the Stol’vas came under fire.::

M’Vas: Also Commander, our science officer has also found Orion bio-signs on board.

Koral: oO Orion?! Oo =/\= Eliminate the ship and the join formation by the Vorax… =/\=

::Before M’Vas could respond, a voice called out from the background.::

Stol’vas Officer: =/\= Commander, enemy vessel on collision course. =/\=

M’Vas: =/\= Pilot, evasive, emergency speed. =/\=

Stol’vas: =/\= Helm unresponsive, sir! =/\=

::The signal then turned to static.::

Koral: M’Vas! 

Comm Officer: ::in frustration:: Signal cut at the source, Commander…

::Koral’s face turned to horror he saw the Stol’vas move on thrusters while the burning hulk of the Zalkonian vessel headed at flank speed. ::

Koral: Koral, tactical officer, are we in weapons range?

Tactical: Barely, commander. The D’Narax is moving in toward the vessel. The last Zalkonian vessel is pursuing it.

Koral: Lock weapons and fire at will….

Pilot: Commander!

::Koral faced the screen as he saw the D’Narax open fire. But it was too late. The bow of the Zalkonian ship rip into the Stol’vas, ripping off one of its wings. The D’Narax tried to move off, but the last Zalkonian vessel headed at full speed, ramming into it as well. The horror was not done yet. The screen turned bright white as one of the Zalkonian vessels self-destructed violently. When the flash was gone, there was nothing but debris::

::Koral was stupified. He sat in his chair, completely still. The bridge was silent. Sataal ran over to the empty science station.::

Sataal: ::looking at sensors, slowly:: Both warbirds are destroyed, Commander. No survivors.

Koral: ::quietly:: Damn Orions.

::Now, Koral would have no choice but to withdrawal. A greater crisis appeared to be approaching as well.::

Koral: Are we in range of the Starfleet ships’ weapons?

Tactical: Yes, we are but they have not locked on us.

Koral: Very well… Hail the lead vessel.  

Comm Officer: Yes, Commander.

::Sataal came over with a concerned expression.::

Sataal: ::quietly:: What are you planning, Commander?

Koral: Our withdrawal. We have lost enough comrades for one day. I know it is not Federation policy to act vengefully, but I have had enough surprises today as well.

 ::Sataal never saw Koral so humbled.::

Comm Officer: I have the commander of the Thunder…

Koral: =/\= Admiral, it looks like it has been a day of surprises for all of us. =/\=

Turner: =/\= Yes, Commander, I would have to agree - one surprise being,  your reason for this call. =/\=

Koral: =/\= I wanted to inform you that we will be withdrawing from this system. My apologies for the intrusion today… it seems to have been a most imprudent decision, probably one of many leading to this day.=/\=

Turner: =/\= I see. Apology accepted. Fate has a way of surprising us in many different ways. =/\=

::Koral thought carefully. Some would say the destruction of Romulan vessels would be just desserts. He did not care for Starfleet, but Koral thought it worthwhile to mention their discovery of the Orions of the enemy ships. He would be in no position to eliminate them, but perhaps Starfleet could.::

Koral: =/\= Another thing, Admiral. Pay attention to the Orions… we detected some on the vessel that destroyed the Stol’vas. It appears we have grossly underestimated their power of influence... even within our own ranks. =/\=

Turner: =/\= We are fully aware of their influence in the system, but I do appreciate your concern. Have a nice trip, Commander.  Rear Admiral Turner Out.=/\=

Commander Koral
IRW Draxan
Romulan Star Empire

As simmed by:

Lt. JG Savan
Tactical/Security Officer
Embassy of Duronis II/USS Thunder-A
Writer ID: E239303S10

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