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Most Touching Trek Moment?


Which Moment from Star Trek pulled at your heartstrings?  

15 members have voted

  1. 1. Which Moment from Star Trek pulled at your heartstrings?

    • Voyager returns home as Tom Paris and B'elanna Torres’ Child is Born. - VOY “Endgame”
    • Data finds his cat Spot in the wreckage of the Enterprise-D. - Star Trek Generations
    • Kira and Odo finally kiss, and act on their feelings. - DS9 “His Way”
    • Edith has to die for the future to come true. - TOS "The City on the Edge of Forever"
    • Another moment? Tell us below!

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This week’s Poll is the conclusion of our series asking you to pick moments from all Star Trek movies and television show that have touched, shocked or saddened you the most.


The shows and movies are filled with these those scenes that leave you feeling warm or full of joy, or on the verge of tears. So which moment did you find most touching?


In this series we asked which of these moments got to you the most, and your responses have shown just how personal yet shared watching Trek is to us all.

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Data's daughter dies despite all he tries to do to keep her alive.  



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It has to be when Spock is dying in the reactor core, and Kirk can do nothing but see him die after their long service and friendship together. It was that fact that this was the culmination of their many years that made this a great scene, and why it was so tone-deaf to reverse it in the newer movie where Kirk and Spock had no significant history together.

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