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Lt. Quinn Reynolds (Alt) & Captain Walter Brunsig (Alt) - An Odd Friendship

Tonya Lang

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OOC: Set during the intruder alert and search for Lynn Mayr.
((Brig, USS Gorkon))
::Quinn's heart was thumping in her chest when she arrived at the maroon doors that served as the entrance to the brig, and not just because of the speed at which she had hurried there. 
::She paused, taking a breath and steeling herself to step inside -- then almost jumped out of her skin when the doors parted of their own accord. Brunsig stomped out, his brow knotted and lips thin, and very nearly collided with her. She squeaked in soft surprise, darting backward, and he scowled at her.::
Brunsig (Alt): What the hell are you doing out here?
Reynolds (Alt): I thought you might need-- ::She shook her head and changed tack halfway through her sentence.:: What happened?
Brunsig (Alt): What do you think happened, Cupcake? Cillian was stupid, Lynn escaped, and now he's been thrown in the brig while she's hunted down.
::Her heart sank. It wasn't a surprise. It had been quite obvious that was the likely course of events, but still, it was disheartening to hear it confirmed. She'd never been close to Cillian, and similar to Walter, he was often a hard man to like -- but he was one of their family, and she hated to see him in trouble.::
Reynolds (Alt): Are-- are they going to leave him there?
Brunsig (Alt): I don't know. I don't know that I can argue that they shouldn't. We're not exactly proving ourselves to be the most trustworthy of individuals. Erik blew up our ship, and now Cillian sheltered a spy. 
::For years, they'd all had plenty to be afraid of. The Dominion, pirates, the many dangers that space itself presented. But she'd never felt afraid of the people around her. She'd trusted them, all of them, with absolute certainty. They were all in it together.
::Now… now she wasn't sure. Hidden agendas and deep secrets were bubbling to the surface as though a fire had been lit underneath them all, and that certainty was turning to dust. It seemed the more she tried to cling onto it, the quicker it was crumbling through her fingers.::
Reynolds (Alt): I guess now would be a bad time to confess that I'm actually the Queen of the Changelings, huh?
::He shot her a scathing look, and she proffered a lop-sided, apologetic smile. It had been a bad joke with very bad timing, after all.::
Reynolds (Alt): Sorry.
::There was the mildest flicker in the lights, and she frowned on reflex, looking up as though she would find the answer in the pale glow of the ceiling panels. When she dropped her gaze again, Walter was staring at her, his sharp blue gaze intense.::
Brunsig (Alt): Tell me that has absolutely nothing to do with the Dominion spy running loose on this ship.
::Her expression must have been worth a thousand words, because his head slumped and he ran his hand through his greying blond hair, looking suddenly weary.::
Brunsig (Alt): I'm too old for this. 
::She was sure wouldn't take kindly to comfort, he never did. But it was hard to see a friend in need, especially when they so rarely let it show -- vulnerable was not a word *anyone* associated with Walter Brunsig. She reached over, brushing the back of her fingers against the back of his hand. The smallest of gestures, and one that wouldn't violate the uncompromising sense of personal space they both possessed. ::
Reynolds (Alt): We'll figure a way through it. We always do. 
::He gave her a long look, and to her surprise there wasn't a scowl or sneer, but a simple nod of acknowledgement.::
Brunsig (Alt): Thanks, Cupcake. 
::Passing crew were giving them odd glances, and why not? They were lingering outside the brig like a bad smell, and they were both interlopers from the Triumphant -- all while the search for an intruder was conducted. It did swing toward the suspicious end of the scale.
::She took a step away, and beckoned for him to follow.::
Reynolds (Alt): Come on. Let's find somewhere to wait it out. I'm sure they'll be on the comms as soon as they've found her.
Brunsig (Alt): Let's hope they *do* find her.
::She shot him a small grin as he fell into step alongside her, and even gave her the rare courtesy of slowing his pace so that she wasn't trotting alongside him like a show pony.::
Reynolds (Alt): Have you seen that security chief? She's quite literally between a rock and a hard place. They'll find her.
::He rolled his eyes, but she thought maybe, just maybe, that there was the tiniest of smiles tugging at the corner of his mouth.::
Brunsig (Alt): We really need to talk about your sense of humour.
Reynolds (Alt): You'd miss it if it was gone.
::They easily fell into the banter that was a feature of their odd friendship, the verbal prods and pokes a welcome distraction from the situation they now found themselves in. It was a familiar way to pass the time, and pass it they did, until reality came calling once again.::
Lieutenant Quinn Reynolds (Alt)
USS Gorkon
Captain Walter Brunsig (Alt)
USS Gorkon
simmed by

Captain Quinn Reynolds
Commanding Officer
USS Gorkon
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