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Q & Q, "Q-versations, part 2."

Tony, aka Rouiancet

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((Q Continuum))

::She smirked with amusement.::

Q: So much for the exchange of rooks.

Quana: I don’t follow your meaning.

:: She looked at her with a raised eyebrow.::

Q: You obviously weren’t paying attention, were you?

Quana: Not particularly. Like I said, they need conflict and you refuse to provide anything worth while.

Q: Conflict is more than the physical drama. It is mental as well. Despite their simplicity, they are quite adaptable.

::She flicked her fingers and a view of Aron Kells appeared before them.::

Q: He navigated his challenge rather well I think. :;glances at Quana.:: No, you can’t have him.

Quana: Wasn’t planning to ask. Instead, I’ll merely pointed out that you told your king the aim of the game - or, for your clarification, you *cheated*. ::She crossed her arms, a scowl on her face.:: I demand a *real* scenario. All your people have had it easy - I’ve put mine through all acceptable conflicts. Those on the Invicta should do the same. You can start with your queen, since I started with mine.

::Q laughed in the face of her companion.::

Q: Need I remind you of the rules we agreed on?

Quana: I’m sure you will anyway.

Q: There was no stipulation of the severity of the scenario. I prefer mental challenge, considering how fragile their bodies are. Telling them what is at stake, is part of the challenge. Fear works well with this species.

Quana: Then *challenge* them. You have a queen with a failed “slipstream” experiment, my rook and yours beside her - what better hurdle to overcome? And should something happen, you always have your bishop to fall back on.

::The smile faded from her face.::

Q: Do not presume to tell me what challenges to use, Q. That was our agreement.

Quana: *Your* agreement. I never agreed to such terms. ::She leaned forward.:: Do you really want to play a boring game? I know what you’re doing here - you think you can beat me by sticking to your own rules, claim all my collection for the continuum, but believe me. I’m quite capable of forfeiting the game, taking all the remainder of my collection and just build it back up. You’re not going to win this round if you don’t *challenge your pieces*.

::Her eyes narrowed slightly.::

Q: I find your need to “collect” boring. The Continuum does not want your collection. We agreed to these games in order to avoid taking unilateral action.

::She paused. She had thought most of her race had left behind these needs aeons ago. It was the younger Q that brought chaos.::

Q: If I win… you stop collecting.

Quana: That requires a few conditions. ::Her hands clasped behind her back, a coy smile on her lips.:: No cheating from this point forward, no ridiculously easy scenarios. Pitting piece against piece. None of this “for their safety” nonsense. If you’re truly concerned for them, place them in a case when they’re removed from the board instead of allowing their obliteration.

::She laced her fingers together as she stared at her companion.::

Q: I find it hard to fathom the words that had just come out of your mouth. ::pause:: You expect me to play a game where you set all the rules? ::pause:: For all the good it did you last time.

Quana: Well then you have nothing to worry about, do you?

oO I could have been basking in the heart of a star. Instead I’m doing this. Oo

Q: We shall see.



(simmed by Lieutenant Raissa Moonsong)



(simmed by Lieutenant Commander Tristam Core)

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