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Ensign Sivah - Shore leave begins

Selene Faranfey

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((Earth, Los Angeles))

::Sivah beamed down to the surface from the Starbase in orbit. She headed back to Earth as soon as she could in order to be at Angelica's graduation. She barely made it back in time. She had beamed down into the quad at UCLA campus where Angelica had transferred to in order to complete her degree after leaving Starfleet Academy. She glanced around and was overwhelmed by a tackling embrace by her beloved.::

Angelica: SIVAH!!!

::Sivah couldn't get a word in edgewise as Angelica was kissing her all over and holding onto her tightly. Sivah resorted to simply hanging on and letting her emotional spouse pour out her affections.::

Angelica: I have missed you so much!! Tell me, what happened? Are you okay? What's your ship like? Is the captain nice? How was your mission?

Sivah: ::raising her hands some:: Easy, my love. I have missed you as well. The ship's crew was under the influence of something that caused delusions. Yes, I am okay. No, I didn't get a good look of the ship, but I assume the specs are typical of other galaxy class vessels. The captain seems polite and agreeable. Finally, the mission has ended, to which I am thankful.

::Angelica giggled as she took Sivah's hand and they walked across the campus to where the ceremony would be taking place. They walked closely together with Angelica's head on Sivah's shoulder. Sivah allowed the emotional display, knowing how lonely Angelica had probably been without her around. They made for a strange pair: a stoic female Vulcan introvert married to an emotional female human extrovert. More opposite people could not have come together if you tried. As illogical of a union as this was, Sivah would not trade it for anything in the universe.::

((Timewarp: Later that day))

::The ceremony went well, and the after party was more than Sivah could tolerate, but she endured it for Angelica. Angelica kept introducing her to everyone. Afterwards, they headed back to their apartment. Sivah was busy packing the last of hers and Angelica's things. She had her uniform laid out for the next morning. Everything would be efficient and ready for tomorrow's early return to the ship.::

::As she was neatly and meticulously folding some of Angelica's clothes, she felt the warm soft hands and gentle embrace of her lover's arms come around her. She hid a smile as she felt Angelica softly kiss the back of her neck. Sivah continued her folding as she let Angelica tease. Like all couples, they have their little games. Angelica would get playful while Sivah acted busy. When the time was right, Sivah would turn the tables.::

::Sivah gently laid the meticulously folded blouse into place, and spun around with a Vulcan's grace and precision as she picked up Angelica and flung her onto the nearby bed. Angelica squealed in excitement as she landed and was soon joined by her Vulcan lover. They shared a soft kiss before a command was given by Sivah to dim the lights. Suddenly the bedroom faded into darkness.::


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