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Lt. JG Tarsii Asmara – Darci

Sedrin Belasi

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(( Flashback ))

(( Stardate: 237209.22 ))

(( Angosia, Graziar Medical Center ))

(( Center of intensive treatment – West Wing ))

:: Camus arrived under heavy escorted. He was starting to get distressed for not seeing the mother of his son, Doctor Darci Sakth. Their romance was censored at the beginning but when Tarsii was born the situation got worst. Darci started to receive professional reprimands and everything that she did was scrutinized at the small details. They were trying to find a way to move her away from the senior staff since the baby had born, five years ago. But Darci was a superb professional in her field, psychotherapy. ::

:: Besides all that, she had been deprecated to promotions in recent years. She took that lightly because she was more concerned about his son’s heath, but Camus constantly fought against that prejudice. ::

:: After some minutes, the tall and slim Angosian appeared behind the transparent wall of isolation. Her expression was not good. She was sadder than usual. Something had happened and Camus could feel it in the air. He walked toward her, clenched his fists tightly, and struck the wall with both hands. The vibration caused by that action resonated for the entire wing. Soon after that, came the sound. ::

CAMUS ASMARA: :: Looking straight at Darci’s eyes. :: What did happen?

SAKTH: It would be better that you come in. :: She said in an emotional tone. :: But please Camus. Behave yourself.

CAMUS ASMARA: :: He nodded in agreement. :: As you desire.

:: Darci waved her left hand over a blue spot on the translucent wall and quickly a door appeared as per magic. Camus then entered without the escort. Both holding hands and walked toward the center of that wing. Over there, laying for almost one year in coma, was the infant Tarsii. ::

CAMUS ASMARA: Is he still unconscious? :: He asked with moderate tone. ::

SAKTH: I would like to talk with you about an experimental drug that came to my knowledge this week.

CAMUS ASMARA: Another experiment?

SAKTH: Yes, Camus. I will not give up our son.

CAMUS ASMARA: But he could be suffering a lot. Did you think about that?

SAKTH: Yes. I do. We have those equipments … :: Pointing to a complex set of devices connected to Tarsii at his both arms. :: … they guarantee that he is not suffering. He was barely alive Camus.

CAMUS ASMARA: I know, I know. You have told me uncountable times.

SAKTH: I know you love him as much as I do, and you don´t want him to suffer. :: She pauses while taking some kind of hypospray with green phosphorescent liquid inside. :: But this new drug could help our son.

CAMUS ASMARA: But… :: Every experimental drug that Darci had tested came with a high price, and that one didn´t seem different. ::

SAKTH: The cost of this drug is exorbitant. The program budget will not cover.

CAMUS ASMARA: If it works we will figure out one way to raise funds for that. I guarantee you. :: With his right forefinger he caressed her nose. ::

SAKTH: They need your consent before the procedure. :: She handed him a tablet with the authorization letter. ::

CAMUS ASMARA: I will not read. I trust you. :: He imposed his right thumb over the device. Some noises were heard and soon ceased. ::

SAKTH: :: Holding hands with Camus she applied the drug on Tarsii’s neck. :: Come to us son.

CAMUS ASMARA: oO You must react son. You’re a warrior. You must carry my name and make your mother proud. Come to us son. Oo

:: The time freeze. For some instances any reaction could be measured. The fragile body of that boy seemed to have lost the desire for life. ::

CAMUS ASMARA: Didn´t work?

SAKTH: :: She shrugged.:: Let’s wait!

:: But almost at the same time the equipments got crazy. The little boy was in terrible pain. Other doctors appeared and started to help. Tarsii seemed to reacting negatively to the drug. ::

CAMUS ASMARA: He is in pain. :: He held his son’s hand with great emotion. :: You must prevail son.

SAKTH: :: She joined Camus and both held the hand of Tarsii. :: oO You are strong. You are made from love and light. You must shine. You must survive. Oo

:: A small tear came from Tarsii’s left eye. The pain was intense and his parents would have to do something. Darci hugged Camus in despair and asked for a miracle. ::

SAKTH: She is suffering Camus. What do you want me to do?

CAMUS ASMARA: I don´t know Darci. I will not terminate his life.

:: All the medical staff was looking toward the couple waiting for a decision. Darci with close eyes hugged firmly Camus. She didn´t want to see that. Camus however was strong and his instinct of survival didn´t allow him to quit his life or his son’s life. Then the equipments went silence again. Darci feared the worst. ::

TARSII ASMARA: Mom and dad. I love you. :: For a fraction of second his conscious had wake up. ::

(( End Flashback ))

:: Tarsii was lying down on the floor and he could hear some altercation around him… some dispute. He brought his hand toward to the throat and he felt pain. Last thing he remembered was to be in the kitchen waiting to speak with Commander Mei’konda when he fainted. But now he was on the saloon of the dining hall. He didn´t know what had happened but as he stand up in his feet he could realized some Cardassians fighting against his comrades. ::

To be continued…


Lieutenant JG Tarsii Asmara

Science Officer

USS Garuda


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