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The Epic Moments of Star Trek: ENT (11/3)

Idril Mar

The Epic Moments of Star Trek: ENT  

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  1. 1. What's the most epic moment of Star Trek: ENT?

    • Similitude questions the ethics behind a designer baby that is intended to be killed to save another.
    • The Augment Trilogy explores the questions of genetic engineering.
    • The Klingon Foreheads finally get explained!
    • Girl power is shown in Bound, with the fan-boy eye candy being the true power behind the Orions.
    • Racial Extremism gets a future-style update in the Terra Prime Arc.
    • Chosen Realm shows the adsurdity of fighting over religious differences
    • Something Else? Explain!

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Now we come to the final series in this set of epic TV moments: Enterprise.

Enterprise was unique in the franchise in that it started off pretty strong and generally went down in quality for a good long while rather than starting rocky and getting better over time. However, it had its moments of deep thoughtfulness and insight into the human condition. It gave us the chance to see a grittier pre-Federation Starfleet, one in which it was not one of the supreme technological powers in the galaxy and instead had to rely on its adaptability and diplomacy to get many things done. In that way at least, Enterprise is almost truer to the adage of "going where no [human] has gone before." than even the original series. This gave Archer and his crew many chances to look inside themselves and feel out their emotions and, at the same time, for us to see them and their development.

Here are my favorites from a series most of which I, unlike many ST fans, really enjoyed. If yours didn't make the list, come share them with all of us!

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Basically the Klingons got hit with a genetic disease that almost wiped them all out after injecting themselves with the same DNA that Khan and the supermen had, but Phlox managed to save them. As a sideeffect of his treatment, they all got smooth heads . The foreheads gradually came back after centuries of work. :)

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"Cogenitor" showing why Starfleet creates a Prime Directive...

If you haven't seen it, you should really watch the whole episode before this final scene. One of the great episodes that truly embraced the pre-Federation Starfleet idea to tell a story that wouldn't have happened on Picard or even Kirk's Enterprise and an allegory about the dangers of trying to "do the right thing" in foreign affairs without properly thinking through the consequences.

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