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  1. i'm not sure what I prefer: the cold stare of the Counselor or the Klingon-werewolf (with an hair style that seems to come from the 80's) ^^
  2. I'll go with the simplistic 'resistance is futile', which I also use in rl .
  3. I like red for command, and since I'm here, I also very much prefer white for diplomacy. Purple makes me think of religion...
  4. I'd watch Spock anywhere. But I chose a scifi series that I actually watched from beginning to end (Bab 5).
  5. Aigle, I have always been impressed by people who can say anything at all in Welsh . Just the look of those words seem rather alien to me ;p. And I'm reminded of the name of that charming village: Llanfair­pwllgwyngyll­gogery­chwyrn­drobwll­llan­tysilio­gogo­goch....
  6. I often do that myself, start a phrase in one language et la terminer dans une autre langue... go figure ;p. I'd also choose Rihannsu, since Columbia is often traveling to Romulan territory.
  7. ((Hemix - The Island - Plains)) :: Tyler had been doing his best to reassure the shaken Security crewman. He wanted to assuage her guilt, but more than that, he needed Tula to be firing on all cylinders if they ran into trouble again. Tula had somehow managed to keep her pack and Tyler was greedily adding it's contents to their inventory when he heard Whittaker call out to Ezo:: Whittaker: “Mirra?” ::Tyler turned to see the young doctor staring into the trees, a troubled look playing across her face.:: Ezo: ::quietly to Tyler:: Sir...I- :: She trailed off just as Tyler's eyes found t
  8. I discovered Earl Tea Grey while watching TNG, and these days I have it once a week. Other than that I also drink coffee (and trying not to over do it), and all sorts of herbal/fruit teas, my favorite being one made with grapefruit.
  9. Made in France

  10. ((Bio-hazard Ward, Sickbay, Deck 12, USS Columbia)) :: Only minutes has passed since Ensigns Ezo and Oori had left Theo to himself, although it felt considerably longer to the injured engineer. He detested having nothing to do, preferring to keep himself busy in the minutiae of his life. Now, he was forced to lie there, unable to offer any meaningful assistance during the crisis the Columbia found itself in. It didn't take that long for him to start mulling over the events of the day, even though Theo knew that his propensity for over-thinking and second guessing himself could be dangerous :
  11. I'd have to choose Picard too. Besides, as a bonus there would be free bottles of Château Picard, which for a Brek is most excellent ^^.
  12. Marseille's Poolroom for Brek. There would be a nice 'foreign' atmosphere there, and since Brek is french-powered, he would be made to feel at home ^^.
  13. ((SB118 Holodeck)) ::As the holographic sun started to set the picnic wound down and perhaps to no real surprise Tatash found himself stood alone once more. Most of the human’s (or near enough) had departed to locations unknown without offering an invite, Vitor and the Captain had shared a quiet word before going their own separate ways and now it was just him left as the last few attendees departed through the archway. Still, it wasn’t exactly unexpected. Regardless of his performance or personality he was still the proverbial elephant in the room, even with the cheerful apron wrapped ar
  14. Definitely Christina the tarantula for me . I find spiders fascinating, and I love to take pictures of them. This said, there are no big spiders where I live, just the run-of-the-mill orb-weaver spiders and the nursery spiders.
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