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  1. Sulu all the way. I think all the chars actually found their proper niche as their lives went on.
  2. Like some others, I don't know that I'd be crushed by the news... I am not a rabid ST fan but do enjoy it. My hope is that we would ALL pick up stakes and Sim something else, because this community I AM quite fond of. We could write Jane Austen fanfic for all I care, as long as I kept in touch with these great people. I guess if left to my own devices, I'd go back to WoD PBEMs... But they pale in comparison to the structure and organization I find here for the most part. PS: This is neither an endorsement or suggestion for Jane Austen fanfic writing.
  3. Just hit the wiki to have a look. Its kind of breathtaking how fast you work, Rich! Great stuff so far! I'm hoping to get either Cardassians or UFP done today at some point.
  4. Braydon it may be useful if we both do an analysis from a diplomatic and intelligence standpoint for all four? Might be interesting to compare/contrast?
  5. How great! I direct you to my thoughts on this very subject in the diplomatic forums! Chime on in! (Just posted up my thoughts on Romulans). Maybe we can collaborate at some point?
  6. I don't think it is a necessary position to defend....
  7. Ugh! Stop defending it as "Someone-else's vision" At the end of the day it NEVER lived up to prospects or expectations, It tried hard and it cast REALLY well. J.J. is not without talent (I LOVED Super 8). Its a case of not understanding the original work.
  8. So many Seattle people! Welcome Nick! Feel free to send me a massage if theres anything I can do to help you get acclimated!
  9. Oh Totally. But these movies were designed with new fans in mind. Abrams could have worked a bit harder IMO.
  10. I think it would have been, had the movie set us up to care much about Vulcan.
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