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  1. Data 100%. I was never a big TNG fan, but my kids watched a couple of episodes and they got absolutely hooked on Data. A character who experienced the world the way they do was great for them to see. Some of them still watch TNG with me, just so we can talk about Data.
  2. I love the Archer one, just because if there's one I want to hear in my lifetime, it's something like that.
  3. T'Suran stepped off the transport, looking down on the heads of the cadets in front of them. They fidgeted, adjusting their uniform, and pulling the strap of their bag higher up on their shoulder. They walked onward, moving aside to avoid blocking the doorway, then made their way to a group of cadets sitting around a table. As they slid into a seat and placed a covered hand on the shoulder of the Betazoid cadet beside them, the conversation stopped. “Nolli.” they greeted softly “T'Suran! Hi! These are Ukod, Rusee, Bolal, and Carjed.” She said as she gestured around the table. T'Sur
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