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  1. In keeping with his fondness for the 20th century, Josh sports a suit and tie.
  2. Thanks @Jo Marshall, I know I'm going to really like it here.
  3. Josh Sutton is a human male, standing at 188cm tall and weighing 90kg, and was normally an impressive sight. But today, amidst the hustle and bustle of the largest star base Josh had ever imagined, he was barely noticeable. He disembarked from the shuttle with his duffle slung over his shoulder along with several other newly graduated cadets. Most of them were younger than him, since he had spent 6 years as a marine grunt before getting into the Academy. They each headed off in different directions. Josh had done a good bit of growing up in his 6 years with the Corp. Seeing more than he had ever expected to and living through things he was not sure he would at the time. Most of the cadets thought of him as a dumb jarhead. But some started to see he was more than that. He managed to make good grades and even a few friends. He felt a twinge of loss and hoped that they were doing well with their cruise and that he would see them again before too much longer. That made him think of the friend that he knew he would never see again. He quickly pushed that thought to the back of his mind. He had planned on trying to find the Shaolin temple in the Honk Kong district. But he was suddenly in the mood for a drink. The first place he saw, Granny’s Place, looked far too docile. He needed a bit more rowdiness. He soon spotted a suitable facility nearby, called Keal’s Pub. “This looks like my kind of place,” he thought. He really had a craving for his favorite, Johnny Walker Black Label, but he doubted they would have anything real - that he could afford anyway. Josh took a deep breath and headed into the pub. He made note of the pool tables in the back for future reference, but the dart boards really caught his eye. He could throw a pretty mean dagger. How hard could darts be? But first, a drink. He sat down at the bar and put his duffle between his feet. The bartender came over and before Josh could order, she said with a smile, “You look like you could use a drink. Whiskey?”. Josh thought to himself as he nodded to the lady, “I’m really going to like it here.”
  4. My name is Lee Carroll. I'm near Charlotte, NC. I have done play-by-post fantasy RPGs for years and decided to I wanted to try playing in the Star Trek universe. After looking at numerous other Star Trek RPG sites, this one seemed to be the most well put together and most up to date. I liked the application process and the rapid response. I'm looking forward to participating.
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