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  1. Sorry fans, for me its Janeway. She was too inconsistent as a character and appeared to be at odds with Chakotay at pivotal times, relieving him of duty on multiple occasions when they disagreed. Perhaps some of that was due to his inexperience as an XO too, but it's certainly not a team I would want to serve under.
  2. I really liked the idea that Eerie is a natural with kids. Can we have Eerie running the Gorkon's child daycare centre?
  3. I like a lot of Tarantino films, but my instinctive reaction to him doing a Star Trek film is to grimace at the pairing. There is some small hope, as he seems to be a big fan of Star Trek but I honestly can't see him adjusting his style too much. He did two episodes of CSI about ten years ago and from what I understand they were good but very much in his style. I'll hope for the best but prepare for the worse.
  4. Hello and Welcome! As a Trek and sci-fi fan I'm sure you'll find simming to be a lot of fun. When I first joined this group I had never simmed before either but the academy training team do a great job in helping you along and preparing you for joining a ship/group. They're also very friendly and open to questions Welcome again.
  5. The Commander has since been on a diet and now he weighs a svelte 590lbs
  6. I quite liked the first JJ-verse film but they were definitely action films and I'm hoping for something with a little more substance for Star Trek Discovery. Shows like the reimagining of Battlestar Galactica and Expanse have shown that you can have smart space shows, that deal with a range of issues and that also exciting. I'm keeping my fingers crossed and am hoping that its a success.
  7. I'm hoping this nickname will catch on
  8. Hello, Sorry for resurrecting an old topic, and for the silly question that's about to follow, but I have a forum 'how to' question and this was the most appropriate topic I could find. How do I insert a quote into my comment if it wasn't already posted on the forum? I'm not talking about posting a previous comment, I want to post something that someone else wrote in a sim to the mailing list, and I want to show that I'm quoting that without using "these".
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