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  1. I could see Picard leading the Federation. He has the diplomacy, more so than any of the other captains I think. He also has respect - both for people, and from people - plus he looks to the past to learn lessons that will benefit him in the future.
  2. I'm backing Team Trill! Those symbionts have a HUGE amount of experience between them which they could perhaps turn into a wining formula. Plus most Trill compete to be Joined, so there's a competitive streak in their culture already.
  3. Weird! In my first sim with this character I had to pick a beverage from the replicator and I went for the first thing I saw on Memory Alpha - Jestral Tea!
  4. I found this sim particularly evocative and creepy! I can well imagine the main bad guy in a film speaking to his chief henchman in such a way, plotting their next nefarious move.
  5. ((Saeihraoi Estate, Rator III)) ::The grand estate was nestled into the thick, coniferous forest, a vast manor house surrounded by pristine gardens that changed with every season, all perched on the shores of a crystal lake. Centuries old, it had always been a stronghold of the ancient house-clan Saeihraoi. After the destruction of Romulus, it had become its beating heart, perfectly positioned for its scions to wield their considerable influence in the new capital of the Star Empire. ::As his subordinate completed his report, the patrician stepped away from the window, the long black and indigo fabric of his senatorial robes sweeping across the marbled floor. His dark brows were the only hair on his head, a clean-shaven scalp highlighting a strong jaw and pale green eyes. He carried himself with a predatory grace and military precision, a statesman who had served his time in the trenches, his ambitions and intellect now turned toward politics and power.:: Traian: Disappointing, Khaiell. No schematics, no Nei'rrh, and we have lost our asset aboard the Gorkon. Hardly your usual standard of work. ::The younger man bowed his head in respect, briefly pressing a closed fist to the centre of his chest. Disappointing was am extraordinarily gentle way of phrasing it; he had failed to achieve any of his goals, and what's more, he had cost his lord and house-clan in the process. Years of prior loyal and successful service were the only reason he was still permitted to draw breath.:: Khaiell: No, my Lord. My apologies. I was not prepared for, ::he grimaced, a distant echo of pain in his shoulder,:: how capable they were. ::The apology was accepted with a nod, the explanation with a smile. A swell of pride and amusement blossomed in the older Romulan's chest, warming him through; of all the reasons for his agent to fail, that alone was the pleasing one. With a gesture, they began to walk through the vaulted corridors of the mansion, Traian's robes whispering across the polished floors, Khaiell's boots a soft, echoing thud.:: Traian: Perhaps we should take both instruction and pride in that. You are fully recovered? Khaiell: I am. ::After some considerable efforts at the hands of the surgeons, no doubt. The daughter of Llaiira t'Sienelis hadn't just dislocated his shoulder, but completely incapacitated it, fracturing bone, tearing ligaments, and severing nerves in a single, vicious move. She might have left the Empire, but its lessons remained close to her heart. Inconvenient for Khaiell, but perhaps promising for the future.:: Traian: Good. Then where do we stand? Khaiell: The Gorkon has returned to Earth with the schematics for the ih'fvullhajun eiyyha. Admiral Reynolds was also successful in having the charges dismissed, and it is unlikely we will be able to pursue that avenue again. Traian: That woman continues to both infuriate and delight. ::He steepled his hands together, pointing down, jewelled rings gleaming on his fingers. Indeed, Starfleet would not be so readily duped a second time now that Reynolds had shone a light on the lie. But perhaps the attempt hadn't been a complete waste of time and resources. Seeds of doubt had been sown, a lesson driven home, a little Romulan stray reminded that she just didn't belong. ::A knife driven into the flesh, to be twisted at just the right moment.:: Khaiell: It is rare to find a human with such... cunning. Traian: Quite. It was not a trivial thing, installing someone aboard her starship. ::He arched an elegant, upswept eyebrow.:: The Marshall boy was an opportunity that won't easily come again. Replacing him will be much more challenging. ::He did not need to be more direct than that, the tenured retainer more than capable of hearing the order. Khaiell inclined his head in a nod, his able mind already running ahead.:: Khaiell: I will see it done. ::Just as soon as he figured out how, of course. There were indications that Reynolds had known of Marshall's dubious allegiances from the start, though at least his connection to the Empire had been obfuscated through the Syndicate. Finding another available agent who could be inserted aboard the Gorkon without raising any suspicions was a mountain to climb, to put it mildly.:: Traian: I have every confidence that you will not disappoint me again. ::He left that hanging in the air just long enough before dismissing the subject in favour of another.:: Now, tell me of this tedious business in the Typhon Sector. Khaiell: It is unclear exactly how the Red Star came to be over a hundred light years away from its original route, :;that earned him a raised eyebrow,:: but it appears that Commander T'Kona is involved. We believe he engineered the theft in order to acquire the quantum slipstream drive, and he appears to have delivered the passengers to D'Lore. ::A man such as Traian had a stern constitution. He had seen war, seen the terrible things that sentient species were capable of inflicting upon one another. He had done some of them himself, and given such orders to many others. But he knew of D'Lore, and he didn't have to imagine what fate had befallen the passengers. Pointless, cruel experimentation. Bioweapons that had no purpose or place in warfare; not just ethically, but practically. ::With the vast distances between the stars, plagues did not spread easily between worlds. One might be able to wipe out some backwater colony that no one really cared about, but the core worlds? The Federation would swarm with its hospital ships, evacuating the healthy and quarantining the sick, while any fool with a transporter and a spare half hour could update the biofilters. ::Unsubtle. Imprecise. A waste of resources. The weapon of choice for those who had not the foresight, talent or finesse for the fine art of war. No wonder T'Kona was drawn to it.:: Traian: Why would he— ::A despairing sigh escaped the lungs of the patrician, and he shook his head while Khaiell offered a look of professional sympathy. The man actually thought that the Federation was installing the drive on its passenger liners before his own people had even mastered the technology. It couldn't be that no one would trust a brute like him with a slipstream ship, it had to be that the Empire had not yet mastered the technology. A tragic example of one man's short-sighted hubris.:: Traian: Perhaps T'Kona will oblige and get himself killed, and save me the trouble and expense of an assassination. How anyone that boorish managed to acquire a command, I will never know. Stealing passenger liners and murdering civilians, ::he shook his head.:: Unnecessary. Crude. Banal. ::His retainer nodded in agreement. Khaiell was the knife in the dark, the poison in the wine, a creature of specific and subtle death. Why destroy an entire population, when the removal of a single soul could so often achieve the same aim?:: Khaiell: That said, we may be able to turn it to our advantage. Traian: Go on. Khaiell: While the Federation is distracted with the Red Star incident, it could give us the opportunity to take action on Væron. Tensions have been building within the colony and it is only a matter of time before Starfleet takes an interest. ::The observation earned Khaiell a smile, the senator seeing where his mind was going. Væron was an unremarkable colony of no strategic importance. At least, it hadn't been, until it was realised that it was a source of benamite. Unfortunately, this realisation had occurred after it had seceded in the wake of Hobus and welcomed a significant Federation presence to its surface in a crafty manoeuvre to ward off a forcible Imperial repatriation.:: Traian: But before they do, it provides us with an opening to welcome our wayward Republic cousins back into the tender arms of the Star Empire. After all, we can protect them from the grasping predations of the Federation. ::He nodded, gesturing further down the corridor, to where his luxurious office awaited and scheming could be done in comfort.:: Come, Khaiell. Let me summon my son, and we shall talk more on this... fin -- Traian i-Ra'tleihfi e-Valai tr'Saeihraoi Senator & Lord of the House-Clan Saeihraoi Romulan Star Empire & Khaiell ir-Rator e-Terrh tr'Saeihraoi Knife in the Dark Romulan Star Empire simmed by Rear Admiral Quinn Reynolds Commanding Officer USS Gorkon T238401QR0
  6. (( Corridor, USS Gorkon )) ::Hiding away in his quarters for the space of their QSD jump had only seemed to get Bear so far and now was the time the man needed to do what he’d feared. Each controlled step from the turbolift down the corridor peppered his thoughts with buckshot of what ifs and he was quite sure his brain bore a resemblance to raw dough. ::He tried to reason with himself as he combed his fingers through his blond beard. When he’d fled the ship with Valesha, when the Admiral had asked him to do what she’d asked him to do, he hadn’t believed he would be coming back to the Gorkon. Even if they succeeded in their task, which they did if only by the skin of their teeth, returning to the Sovereign-class had seemed a complex imagination at best. ::Yet, there he was, and here Sami was, and so much had changed in the time between leaving and coming back. Like sand pouring from a broken hourglass, Bear’s emotions had been slowly leaking for a while and it was time to reel them back in. He squared his shoulders, set his jaw, and pressed the button beside Samira’s door.:: (( Security Office - USS Gorkon )) ::Having tossed her gloves on her desk, Samira was standing near the small viewscreen, reading an incident report. Seems a couple of the crew managed to get into a brawl with one another at the Gym. One of them being having been a team member on her last mission. At least the hybrid had managed to win the fight, it was the only positive thing she could think off. She turned and placed the PADD on her desk when there was someone at the door.:: Neathler: Come in. ::Frowning, she felt her heart skipped a beat when she saw who walked in. Briefly Samira looked into his blue eyes before she looked away. She'd fallen once for those eyes, she didn't need to be trapped again.:: ::As if he hadn’t been planning his opening sentence since the moment he’d stepped off the turbolift, his words stumbled and caught in his throat as he saw her again. Barring the award ceremony, the last time he’d seen her face she’d been a lot closer, and in such different circumstances.:: O. Marshall: Can we talk? ::Talk? Now he wanted to talk? After four or five days travelling? She wanted to yell the words into his face, but after helping Meg cleaning up Tem's quarters she was too tired to raise her voice.:: Neathler: A bit late for that, ain't it Bear? ::She shrugged.:: It was all in the reports, at least the info we were allowed to read. It was all a setup, you delivered your package, or Romulan rather, and you returned with a package for the Admiral. oOAnd another someone, if rumors are true.Oo ::She shook her head.:: And it even got you a promotion so congratulations Lieutenant. ::She returned to the viewscreen, leaning against the bulkhead, staring to the stars outside. Why did she find it so difficult just to look at him?:: ::The sheer bloody indifference in her voice irked at the few soft spots so recently under the hammer from the Romulan’s unexpected condition, invoking a flare of shame he had anticipated to feel but not so soon out of the gate. As easily as Samira had slid beneath his skin and touched parts of him he hadn’t felt in a long time, she was so simply dragging across said skin with the sharpened fingernails of the betrayed. ::He stepped inside, allowing the door to close behind him before the rest of security got an unexpected earful of nothing to do with them. One, two, three steps he took into her office, enough to stand on the other side of the desk, as physical a barrier between the two as they could get.:: O. Marshall: You think you know what happened over there because you read a report? ::The reports were the only thing she had to go on. Did he expect her to run to the Admiral to ask for an explanation? She’d never have the chance to ask her question. She kept quiet, taking a deep breath. She turned around and observed him for a moment. His blue eyes, remembering the scar, not visible from where she stood, mostly hidden behind his blond beard.:: ::He did have a point, even if it took him half a week to come to that conclusion. Hadn’t he warned her from the start about him, that evening on the beach? She owed it to him to let him explain things and it might be her only chance to gain some answers. She nodded towards the chairs on his side of the desk, a silent invitation for him to sit down, speaking softly.:: Neathler: I’m listening. ::Forgoing sitting in favour of standing, Bear braced his hands on the back of the chairs in front of the desk. A deep exhale fled from his lungs, his hand wound up through his hair, words coming slow and thick, like the gradual melting of glaciers into the ocean. He tried and failed to speak until he finally lifted his hands up in frustration, dropping them back down to the back of the chair.:: O. Marshall: To go undercover with the Syndicate, we were ordered to make it look like an escape. It was the only way they’d believe it if we got caught. ::His gaze dropped from the dark-eyed woman to her desk.:: I couldn’t tell you, I couldn’t tell anyone. You had to believe it, too. ::Why had it been so easy to be mad at him in the past days when she hadn't seen him. And now seeing him struggle, all that anger had disappeared like snow underneath a blazing sun, and her heart was reaching out for him. Yet his words didn’t answer what she really wanted to know.:: Neathler: That part I do believe Bear. ::Didn’t the Admiral hide the fact that the agent they had to retrieve on Nassau was her own brother. How many times hadn’t Marlon mentioned things would have gone different on that rock if it had been her in that team to begin with. Even though Samira’s presence in that team would have jeopardised everything. Didn’t she freeze when she had seen Marlon in the shuttle bay of the Triumphant after so many months? Or maybe the Admiral hadn’t known either. Who was she kidding, of course the Admiral had known. She nodded to Bear even though his eyes were focussed on the desk.:: Neathler: Go on. O. Marshall: We ended up in Ma no Umi, at an old outpost haunt. We met the contact, he took us to Lena. From there… ::A frown took over his face and he swallowed, recalling the events of that evening. One drink in the Dungeon had turned into several, listening to the variety of conversations going on around him. Downstairs, Valesha had struggled against two Romulans as they’d tried unsuccessfully to kidnap her. If he hadn’t gone back downstairs then, if he hadn’t disrupted their attempts to do so, what would’ve happened? Would she be gone for good? He wiped his mouth with his hand and stood up, watching Samira standing at the window, the stars zipping past behind her. Sympathy caught on her expression.:: O. Marshall: From there, ::he rolled his shoulders back and stood up,:: we were on the Labyrinth’s Scream. Thertas was willing to defect to the Federation, given the right carrot. ::The ship the Gorkon encountered and helped to blow up. While some people on board that ship, Bear and Valesha included barely made it back to the Gorkon. For the first time since he'd entered her office Samira moved, rounded the desk and ended up on his side of the desk. She hopped on the table and sat down, picking up her gloves and tossed them a bit further on the desk. Even from her elevated position she still had to look up at him, to look him in the eyes. She finished softly.:: Neathler: Where lieutenant Sienelis got severly hurt and you both, with a few others, barely made it out alive. And all for something the Admiral wanted. ::Why was it always coming down to that? She studied his face for a moment.:: Bear... Why didn't you come by sooner? I can understand things were rough over there, but... ::She swallowed, thinking, trying to understand a few things.:: How can you let someone help you if you don't talk to them? O. Marshall: I’m perfectly capable of dealing with this on my own. ::The response was a snap of words and eyes up to hers, as quick as a flash and gone. A flare of anger caused by the insinuation he wasn’t, that he needed anyone to process and deal with it all. He’d been a Ranger for a reason. Solitary missions, relying on himself and his wits alone, without the addition of someone else’s baggage to navigate around. He looked to each of her eyes in turn, the depth of brown and himself reflected in them.:: O. Marshall: Why didn’t you come to see me? ::Just as with his previous snappy answer Samira was somewhat taken aback by his question. So he was throwing the ball back in her camp. She inhaled deeply and exhaled slowly, trying to form an answer in her mind.:: Neathler: I… ::Her hand palms flat on the desktop, her fingers gripping the edge of the desk, she looked him straight in the eyes, gauging his reaction.:: Neathler: I didn't think I was welcome anymore... I… I heard you had female company in your quarters. ::She wanted to say more, yet the words failed her.:: O. Marshall: She’s a friend. Convinced Thertas to defect, got us through all of that alive. ::And yet, that wasn’t what Sami had meant. It wasn’t the who, as much as the why. His hands dropped to his hips, his jaw looked as though it chewed on his tongue and he exhaled deeply through his nose. A manifestation of kindled guilt where it hadn’t kindled before. He hated it. Hated the curdling feeling as it crawled under his skin and festered there.:: O. Marshall: Sam, I like you. I do. ::He meant it, then stopped, rolled his lips between his teeth and continued.:: But I’m not… I can’t be who you want me to be. I’m not that guy. ::A mixed ray of emotions washed over her all at the same time, as she sat there quietly for some time, her gaze had shifted from his face to a fixed point on the floor in front of her. Anger, betrayal, but also acceptance, understanding and what else. For a split second she felt her eyes burning, next the feeling was gone as the anger flared up in her, followed by something else. So she had just been another score in his list, one of his victories, his words on the beach and elsewhere had meant nothing. Another lesson learned.:: ::She swallowed as she slowly slipped off the desk, her teeth gritting together, as she slowly breathed in and out, trying to regain her control. She was tired, drained and this time the words flowed and she didn’t bother to stop them.:: Neathler: Like me? You've got a funny way of showing it Bear. :She shook her head.:: What man exactly did I want you to be Bear? Have I ever told you what I expected from you? Have I ever demanded something from you? Have I ever asked you to come rescue me? ::She shrugged and turned towards him, confusion etched on her features.:: Why put up this whole charade, ::Nothing he had said except those last words were new to her.: only because you needed to tell me you've already moved on and found someone else? ::She shook her head again, as she had rounded her desk, reaching the spot where she had tossed her gloves earlier, her left hand reaching out to grab them.:: ::His arms folded over his chest as his jaw set, each round fired like torpedos from the launchers seeking out the fleshy bits of his human-shaped target, and they hurt as they hit square on. With a deep swallow, he stepped a foot back, as though he tried to deflect some of those blows from landing with such accuracy.:: O. Marshall: That’s not what I’m saying and this, ::he pointed to the two of them in turn,:: isn’t anything to do with her. I chased after you on the Njordr because I care about you. ::He wiped his hand over his mouth, considering whether or not to say what he wanted to.:: I left this ship and all I could think about was you. And it made me weak. ::Someone had told him once that if he made his heart into a weapon, he’d only use it on himself. That was his reality. Lies interspersed within lies. Space filled with stars of sorrow and heartache, pin[...]s of suffering used by lovers to navigate through the darkness. His jaw twitched and in that moment, his eyes looking at her as though she were the northern star in the sky, he felt pathetic and it wasn’t an emotion he cared for.:: O. Marshall: I warned you not to want me. ::It was the simple act of taking her gloves and shoving them in the backpocket of her black pants, while she focused on her breathing, that she was able to get her emotions and thoughts under control again. Something in his words, made her change her mind and she approached Bear, confused by his words. He no longer wanted to be with her because she made him weak? Silently she shook her head as she stepped in front of him. Why did he have to make things so complicated? She looked up and tortured herself by looking in those gorgeous blue eyes of his.:: Neather: I don’t understand Bear. You say you care and yet you’re pushing me away? ::Her gaze lowered towards the hidden scar on his cheek, raising her hand she gently touched it with the back of her fingers, tracing it underneath his blond beard, like she had done the last time they had been together, a faint smile with a touch of sadness or regret emerged at the memory, and she had to use all her willpower not to kiss him. Her gaze shifted back to his blue eyes as she swallowed softly.:: Neathler: I know what you said back then, but I’m still here, ain’t I? ::She paused as she lowered her hand, being fully aware of their proximity.:: So it’s okay for you to care for someone else but not the other way around? ::She paused a few milliseconds before she continued softly.:: It doesn’t work that way Bear and it doesn’t make you weak, if anything it only shows you’re human. ::Human, with a human heart and mind, wrapped up within human limitations. He took hold of her hand as it lowered between them, without the gloves her palm soft and tender beneath his fingertips. Dark-eyes greeted him as his gaze looked up and his lips rolled between his teeth, trying to find some anchor in all of it to attach himself to. One of them would end up with their heart broken.:: O. Marshall: Samira. ::His voice gravelled through his throat, walking the lines of deep and quiet.:: I’ve spent most of my life alone. If I need to leave here tomorrow, I need to do so with no regrets and nothing left behind. What we had, ::he took a breath, ribs sore with the exhale,:: was a way of passing the time. ::There he was; that callous-hearted stone bristled man, arisen from the burning ashes of his bridges. He felt it wash over his skin like a storm. It would be easier this way; easier for her to find someone to build a castle with strong foundations, rather than shifting sand beneath torrid scorched earth. He tilted his head to the side; the [...]y, self-assured arrogance swelled like a tide, sweeping out the affection and left the sharp shale in its wake.:: O. Marshall: And you liked being distracted as much as I did. ::His words cut through her heart like a knife, her hand, first feeling the warmth of his skin, now felt ice cold in his grasp.:: Neathler: I guess I was wrong to believe that knowing someone was waiting for you to return, would give you that extra incentive to keep going. That it gave you that extra bit of courage and strength that you needed, when things were rough. Like when you did the unimaginable to bring lieutenant Sienelis back home again 'cause you knew there was someone back home that cares for you. ::She swallowed as she raised her hand, still holding his.:: Neathler: You were more than a distraction Bear, but if… ::She swallowed again, looking up, noticing he didn't even dare to look her in the eyes anymore. His roguish look, his blond beard. Her voice grasped in her throat and she merely whispered as she continued.:: Neathler: If this is what you want, if you never allow someone to care for you, you'll end up a very lonely man Bear and I'm not really sure that's the kind of man you truly are deep down. And don't tell me you don't care for people. We've both seen and know otherwise. ::Had his recent actions not shown that? If he didn't care, Valesha would no longer be among them, the Vulcan he nursed on the USS Njörðr after he rescued her. Why was he denying a bit of warmth into his life? She had nothing more to say, instead she gripped his hand a bit tighter, holding it between them, a last bit of support as she rose on her toes and gave him a final, soft, gentle kiss on his cheek, before she let go.:: ::A numbness travelled the length of his spine as she kissed him, accompanied by a cavalcade of questions he had shoddy answers to. If whomever he’d been working for could threaten his family, could threaten his sister, had ways and means of getting to them all, they could do the same for her. The mission with Valesha had only raised more doubt, more problems, assuaged some, and prompted others. A life he couldn’t let her sink herself any deeper into, for fear of her feet never reaching the bottom. ::He felt her heat disappear from his skin as she let go of him, replaced by a cold crawl slipped across each part of his flesh where her hands had traced in privacy. He hadn’t lied when he said he’d wished he’d known her earlier, and if he had, the sequence of events might have been altered, played out differently. In all those infinite possibilities, there had to be one where he took her in his arms, kissed her; a desperate promise amidst the risk of losing one another. ::However, this wasn’t that universe, and he wasn’t that man.:: O. Marshall: Then you really don’t know me as well I thought you did. ::Bear stepped back, his jaw tightened to stop the quiver of his chin, legs made of lead. Forcing himself to move, he let his hand slip out of hers. The two parted, the door slid into the recesses, and he was gone.:: ::Silently Samira watched him leave, a feeling of loneliness and helplessness engulfed her, as their conversation still milled around in her head, over and over again. She stood there motionless for quite some time before her hand slowly reached for her gloves and she put them on. She needed a strong drink, several. Moving, her eye caught the PADD laying on her desk. Or a good brawl, in the holodeck. Or maybe both. As she headed through the door she still had no idea which option to go for. ::Although she was sure from one thing: this was the first time but also the last time she got involved with someone from the crew. She was certain never to make that mistake again.:: fin -- Lieutenant Samira Neathler Assistant Chief Security/Tactical USS Gorkon G239508SN0 & Lieutenant Orson Marshall Logistics and Communications Officer USS Gorkon G239304JM0
  7. Yeah, I figure Ess jumped ship to set up home with her sister. Not sure if she would have asked Starfleet permission first or not!
  8. Race selection is certainly one of the first things I think about when designing a character, but I generally have a rough idea of a concept before I get to that point. So I generally pick a race that fits that concept.
  9. I found this really interesting for a brand new character. And potentially very useful, too. It sometimes takes me a little while to figure out my characters, how they might react to stuff, so having a little ‘guide’ might be helpful! TYPE: Turbulent Advocate CODE: INFJ-T ROLE: Diplomat STRATEGY: Constant Improvement
  10. Federation phasers. As much a tool as a weapon.
  11. ((FLASHBACK - Vulcan, 2362)) ::She was supposed to be producing a historical analysis of the political and economic circumstances surrounding the last Vulcan intra-planetary war and the Awakening, but after the first few journal articles, T'Reshik found herself losing interest. At eleven years old she did not yet have the resistance to boredom that most adult Vulcans were disciplined enough to maintain, and besides, she could not see what possible applications this subject might have to her planned future career as a brilliant doctor and/or scientist (she hadn't quite decided which one she was going to be yet).:: ::In this light, the amount of detail she was obliged to go into seemed quite irrelevant. Before Surak, her people were violent, irrational and murderous, and eventually began to fling nuclear weapons at each other until they almost wiped themselves out; after that the philosophy of Surak spread until they all became sensible and productive enough not to play with atomic bombs any more and that was that. There's your tedious bloody essay, Professor Barok: now sod off back to your archives to look at old bits of paper and leave the scientists to get on with the interesting stuff.:: ::Knowing she would likely get in trouble for this, but not especially caring, T'Reshik dismissed the historical journals from her screen and diverted her attention back to this week's object of affection: her genetics textbook.:: ::She opened it reverently, eyes bright and hungry for the reams of knowledge within. Formulae, diagrams, long streams of symbols denoting the secrets hidden within her own flesh... she could spend all night reading this kind of thing, and in fact frequently had, much to Barok's disapproval when she started nodding off in his seminars. (It wasn't her fault that history class was the perfect place to catch up on sleep.):: ::Her small finger followed the page as she read, first in Vulcan, then in Federation Standard English, and the subtle linguistic discrepancies between the two columns did not fascinate her nearly so much as the content. She thought of her own DNA, encoded deep in her cells, its chemical signals sending out instructions like a general directing her troops from the war room, tissues proliferating and growing and shedding and dying as every day her body grew older and stronger...:: ::At first she did not realise why her eyes had paused on a specific section, re-reading it over and over before she even knew it was happening.:: T'Reshik: o O Iris coloration is determined by the below factors... Blue is largely the result of a recessive gene... Green eyes are caused by an inherited variance on the following and in Vulcans will always dominate that which causes blue and grey pigmentation if the superseding pattern for brown is not present... O o ::Will always dominate.:: ::T'Reshik closed the book.:: ::She did not need to consult a mirror. Nor did she seek, as a human child might have done, a family photograph for reference, or perhaps to try and reassure herself that she had made a mistake. The relevant faces had been burned into her mind as clearly as those damning paragraphs were now.:: ::Two blue-eyed parents and a green-eyed child.:: ::She grabbed the textbook and consulted furiously; then, after a few minutes, brought up the genetic science database and consulted that as well, scouring all the available knowledge for anything that might disprove her unsettling conclusion. There were genetic disorders that could cause this, but none that were relevant here; mutations of this kind would have caused other observable factors in her genes, none of which she manifested... :: ::Eventually her hands went slack on the inputs and she stared at the screen, her mind reaching for an explanation.:: ::She already knew a little about Pon Farr, mostly from demurely-worded biology lessons and the dubious assertions of her classmates (some of which were more reliable than others - she was fairly sure that it didn't temporarily turn you into a mountain lion, for example). She was vaguely aware that she had an uncle, Shirok, who had died of the condition, and that these sort of things were rarely spoken of.:: ::And she knew, with a cold flood of realisation, that whatever circumstances had driven her parents to conceal her true lineage - for surely a straightforward adoption would not have needed to be concealed, in a family as open and forthright as her own - they had been driven by a horrific kind of necessity.:: ::Abruptly she returned her attention to the screen and rattled out a brief and petulant set of logical arguments for Professor Barok regarding the irrelevance of historical study to the progress of modern science. Then she turned elsewhere, back to the journal database, and this time her search was fuelled with determination.:: ::As expected, there wasn't much out there about Pon Farr, or if there was it was couched too deeply in euphemism and scientific jargon for her to uncover as yet. The only thing she could find, hidden away in a second-rate offworld journal, was a case study, authored by one Professor Sutek of the local university, regarding the potential long-term uses of a particular hormone antagonist. Although the purpose of his research was not stated outright, the language in his conclusion hinted at the necessity of discussing such issues, the lives ruined and lost due to wilful ignorance where science could surely find a solution if only it were given the chance.:: ::The rest of the article was mostly beyond her understanding, but T'Reshik wasn't going to let a small thing like that deter her. She hefted her biochemistry textbook onto her desk and prepared herself for a long night of study.:: ::It was clear she had a lot of work to do.:: Ensign T'Reshik Science USS Constitution D239311T10
  12. ((D’Sena’s Quarters, USS Conny)) ::It was the battle of the wills. One vulcan-betazoid and one rodulan. Both stubborn as hell it seemed. T’Mar refused to leave Akeelah in her state, but Akeelah did not seem to be having any of it.:: D'Sena: All I want is to be left alone. :: After all everyone else was so good at it. :: ::T’Mar shook her head in the negative. She wasn’t going to give in. She may not be able to read into the Rodulan’s mind, but she had the overpowering sense that she just had to help her. There was no other option.:: T'Mar: I can’t just leave you. D’Sena: Of course you can ::She stretched out her arm to the side.:: There's the door! T’Mar: Why is it so hard for you to accept my help? D’Sena: Why is it so hard for you to understand that I don't want it? ::She retorted.:: Doubt you're doing that for everyone you feel guilty about. T’Mar: No, there’s more to it than that. You don’t understand. You can’t possible be able to understand what it’s like. ::She was talking to Akeelah, but her thoughts weren’t even focused on the woman. Her thoughts drifted to her parents, to the Vulcans that ostracized her. To Zage who got her to open up and feel.. to love.. only to disappear without a sound.:: D’Sena: Yeah you keep going on believe that. T’Mar: It doesn’t matter. ::pause:: You may not like me. You may not want this help. But you need it and I’m going to do it. D’Sena: You will not. You'll leave my quarters right now. T’Mar: Or what? You will stay on the floor for hours on end without anyone to check in on your well-being? ::It was a low blow. T’Mar couldn’t even believe she said it. Why was she angry at Akeelah? She had done nothing but gotten injured under T’Mar’s watch. Was that really something to be angry about or was she simply angry at herself and taking it out on the poor woman?:: D’Sena: Yes sure, why not? It's not like anyone cares. ::And there it was. T’Mar hit below the belt and Akeelah responded in kind. Did anyone care? She wasn’t always sure she was capable of controlling her feelings, but she did have them. And she did care in her own way.. as messed up as it was.:: T'Mar: ::repugnant:: I care.. D'Sena: You care that it happened on your shift. That's it and nothing more. T'Mar: Is that really what you think? You need to stop feeling sorry for yourself! ::Was she talking to Akeelah with that or herself? The Vulcan wasn’t really sure.:: D'Sena: You can't order me around in my personal life, your rank means nothing here. T'Mar: No, I can’t order you, but I can help you if you would only let me. D'Sena: You are not leaving before you can do your good deed of the day. :: It was a statement not a question and T’Mar knew the Rodulan woman was conceding finally. At least a little bit. T’Mar knew enough to know that wouldn’t be the end :: T'Mar: If you want to put it that way.. yes. D'Sena: Then do it so I can get my peace back. ::It would have been embarassing if it hadn't been necessary. Could just as well make it embarassing for T'Mar as well.:: I need to use the bathroom. ::Blink. Blink-blink. T’Mar wasn’t sure how to respond. Was she serious? Well, surely she wouldn’t be joking now. But T’Mar hadn’t been expecting that request. After an uncomfortable pause, she nodded.:: T'Mar: Okay. Lets go in there and I can move you. TAG/TBC --------------- PNPC Cmdr. T’Mar Security Officer USS Constitution-B as played by: Commander Sarah Mason First Officer USS Constitution-B
  13. (( Captain's Office )) ((Time index: After the conversation with Sarah Mason)):: It was quite a relief to have a new FO. Of course she would have enjoyed to keep T'Mar in that position a bit longer, but at least she had not left the ship and Sarah would have her second chance. It had something to be able to give her that. Sadly no number of First Officers could lighten the worry pressing down on her shoulders at the moment. Having turned her seat to the window she stared outside, the planet housing Starbase 11 to the right side, but most of the screen was filled by darkness and stars. Somewhere out there - maybe not necessarily in that direction though - were Sinda, Wyn and T'Reshik. While the later had not told her that she would leave, it was not hard to find out that she wasn't on the ship or the station. So the conclusion was rather obvious to the Trill. Wyn had promised to call at the first sign of trouble. That didn't change that she worried though. What if they couldn't call? What if the trouble meant they didn't have access to communication? What if the message Sinda had received and followed was a trap? Cardassian space wasn't without dangers and perils. But then, even Federation space wasn't without them. And then Wyn. He wasn't healed yet, not at all. Yes he could walk about but that didn't mean he couldn't fall sick all of a sudden. And while she was sure that T'Reshik was capable, and convinced she could handle everything, Jalana knew that the reliance on the wheelchair could also bring her disadvantages. It could be taken away and then what? A loud beeping sound made her jump in her chair, enough to spill some of her Jestral Tea - that was supposed to calm her down but failed terribly with that simple (ha!) task - on her uniform skirt. Luckily it was only luke warm. That was how long she had sat here staring out of the window? She turned her chair towards her desk, the display screen slowly moving up from out of the desk into view. Her brows moved together, forming a wrinkle between them. The logo displayed was of Starfleet HQ. What did they want? With the press of a button the accepted the call. The man she saw was a Bajoran with almond shaped eyes and graying hair in an Admiral's uniform. His dark brown eyes looked right at her, a hint of a smile on his lips. :: Saray: Captain Rajel, Admiral Saray. I hope I am not disturbing. Rajel: Of course you are not, Sir. What can I do for you?:: These people with a rank higher than her own were the only ones to receive the special honor of her not using their first name in a familiarity she portraied with everyone else. She didn't like it, but she had gotten into trouble before doing that. Not again. Saray. For some reason that name rang a bell, but she was very sure it had not been an Admiral. :: Saray: I have new orders for you and the Constitution, that might end in a longer deployment to a new area.:: Uhoh. That was bad news. Well usually not, but right now she didn't really want to leave. Then it dawned her. Morgenstern had been right. How had he known of this move before her? Who in Headquarters blabbered about things that were not to be blabbered about? To a reporter nonetheless. :: Rajel: New area? ::How far? Where? What was it? Why us?:: Which area would that be, Admiral? Saray: Your new orders will bring you to Starbase 104 about 15 light years south west of the Lembatta Cluster. You will remain in the area after your upcoming mission, so I am giving you the heads up to your crew can familiarise themselves with the region. :: Lembatta Cluster... that region was not unheard of. About 20 years ago the USS Farragut had been destroyed close to it by Klingon Forces, while they were to evacuate Federation colonists on Ajilon Prime. That cluster was rather close to the borders. The cluster itself inhabited by species that were known very well, same as the region around it. Exploration, seeing new words, new species. That was why so many had joined Starfleet. :: Rajel: I understand. What is the new mission? Saray: You will receive the orders shortly. I suggest you to get on your way there right away. :: There it was. How to explain it? Oh yes. :: Rajel: I am afraid we can't leave right way, Sir. ::Before he could ask she continued.:: As you know Starfleet HQ has invited the families of the crew for a family reunion and they were promised more than just two days with their families. And now that we are to leave for a far away region who knows when they will see each other again. :: The Bajoran leaned back in his big chair and seemed to think about that. She wasn't sure if he was taking it as an explanation or if he knew that she was keeping something from him. The reason he gave her, wasn't a lie, just not the whole truth. :: Saray: We can't give them the full week we have first anticipated for the reunion. You will have another day to prepare the crew and give the farewells to the families, but then you will have to leave. :: A day. One day more. She hoped that would be enough. :: Rajel: How about two days, Sir? :: That had slipped out before she even noticed she thought it. :: That would at least be more than half of the time and this departure would be rather sudden.Saray: ::sigh:: You must have been a barterer in a former life, Captain Rajel. ::He paused and looked somewhere off screen.:: A compromise. You'll have the whole of tomorrow and the morning of the day after. I expect you to leave Starbase 11 at noon of the second day from now. Rajel: ::smiling:: I take that. Much appreciated, Admiral. :: It could still be a close call. It was a risk. But every minute could count towards them being back in time. And if not, well they would have to follow. But without a QSD, like the Conny would use, it would take a considerably longer time. :: Saray: Good, we are not on a Ferengi trading post here, Captain. ::Smirking:: Your new mission orders will arrive before your departure. Good luck out there, Captain. Rajel: Thank you, Sir. :: The screen turned black and she sacked back into her chair, exhaling a stream of air that felt like she had held it in forever. A hand ran through the fiery hair as she twirled back to the window. :: Rajel: ::mumbling:: You better make it back in time... and one piece. -----Captain Jalana RajelCommanding OfficerUSS Constitution BImage Team FacilitatorA238906JL0
  14. ((Subspace Airwaves - between StarBase 118 Ops and the USS Constitution-B))::In his office, Captain Sal Taybrim gently flicked through the reports that had finally concluded in the wake of a full investigation into the actions of the so-called Jenatris Confederation (a clever cover name for the nefarious Orion Syndicate). He felt rather privileged - his place as the commanding officer of StarBase 118 Operations gave him a wide overview of the overall picture. The intel tower had generously given him a broad understanding of the puzzle pieces that had fallen into place, allowing them to focus in on some corrupted Starfleet officers and some Orion Syndicate fronts. And now it was his turn to give a call to a friend and offer her an expanded understanding.::Taybrim: Computer, please connect me to Captain Jalana Rajel, USS Constitution-B. Secured channel.Computer: Complying…::There was a flicker of the viewscreen as the interior of the USS Constitution-B came into view and focused in on the Trill he was seeking.::Taybrim: Captain Rajel? ::He offered a gentle, relaxed smile.:: Captain Taybrim from StarBase 118 Ops.:: Jalana had worked on some reports and requests after a few crewmembers had left the Constitution and was surprised to see that she received a call from Starbase 118. She had been there not that long ago and one of her crewmembers had been transferred to the station as well. There hadn’t been a problem already, right? The smile on the ginger’s face on the other side relaxed her though. Possibly not. :: Rajel: ::smiling:: Sal, such a nice pleasure to see you. Taybrim: It is good to see you, too! I hope things have been well with you? ::His dark eyes were smiling.::Rajel: They have been… ::It was that pregnant pause of a CO who had not found the right word to describe the chaos and insanity that was Starfleet life yet. :: … busy. How has it been for you?::Sal leaned back. Busy was...completely accurate. It seemed there was always more work on the plate of a Starfleet officer, a commanding officer even moreso.::Taybrim: Not bad. But things are moving - lots of change, for good and bad. It is sometimes exhausting to keep up with it all.Rajel: I believe I know what you mean. ::She paused briefly.:: Please tell me Rustyy hasn’t blown up the station yet. If he has arrived yet that is. :: She wasn’t sure if he had the luck to get there with a QSD equipped ship or not. :: Taybrim: ::That brought a smile to Sal’s face. Rustyy had, in fact, arrived and everyone on Ops was getting used to the unusual new chief engineer.:: He arrived safely and no, nothing has blown up. He’s currently shoring up a bunch of civilian racers for a very important intel operation. We are quite happy to have his help!Rajel: That is good to hear. I have no doubt he’ll be in good hands with you and your crew. ::She tried not to show how much she would miss that man and kept the smile on her lips. :: It is a surprise to receive your call. It is as if you knew that I’d want to call you as well. Taybrim: ::he offered a light chuckle:: I would blame telepathy, but in this case it’s just a canny coincidence. And a happy one at that. So, Captain, what is on your mind?Rajel: Please you first, what can I do for you, Sal? ::he offered her a reassuring smile, the sort of expression that said ‘I promise this is less painless than it could be.’::Taybrim: Ah, it is more a sharing of information. I hear you recently had a run in with the minions of a Nacien Rixx?:: Jalana raised her brows, and leaned back in her seat, possibly looking way more relaxed than she felt at the mention of the name she had only read in an after-report, received after delivering the detained members of the Orion Syndicate. ::Rajel: The head of the operation on Dagorin VI?::He leaned forward on his desk, nodding slowly.::Taybrim: Correct. Rixx is a high level power in the Orion Syndicate. He tends to operate out of the Trinity sector, but he has a far reach an sticky fingers for all manner of criminal enterprises.Rajel: ::A slight chortle came over her lips.:: Sticky fingers. Shouldn't have put them in those trees. ::Taking a shallow breath she got more curious.:: Did you by any chance have received any more intel about the tree sap they harvested on Dagorin?::The tree sap from Dagorin. As soon as the Constitution had reported to Starfleet samples of the sap were sent off to all manner of scientific and medical experts who swiftly returned interesting news on the stuff. In its raw form it was mild, but when refined through heat and the application of certain chemicals it was a terribly addictive and dangerous component of the street drug ‘All Time High.’::Taybrim: The refined sap is a key component in the street drug ‘All Time High.’ We’ve seen a marked increase in ATH use and abuse on the Federation border worlds and the independent colonies. It’s become a major problem in the last 18 months. The discovery and subsequent destruction of the Dagorin refinery had put a major damper on the ATH distribution in the Trinity and neighboring sectors. ::From everything he had heard the Dagorin mission had been hard on the Constitution, which meant Sal felt it was even more important to communicate what a big change they had made in the quadrant.:::: Jalana had heard about it being a component of the drug. She believed that Mark Two, their rather sentient EMH, and Alize Sorenson, the Forensic Doctor, had spoken about it briefly. Though the distribution and its extent had been unknown to her. If she was honest she had not heard about it before at all, which made her wonder if she just had missed it because of her change in position, or because it had not reached their ship. ::Rajel: These are marvellous news, Sal! I will have to let my crew know. It'll do them good to hear that their hardships have not been in vain.::Sal offered a gentle nod. He hated hearing that they had been caused hardships in the first place, but hopefully this was one problem that had been put to bed for a long time.::Taybrim: Certainly not in vain. There continues to be a decrease in the drug trade. Thousands, perhaps millions of innocents will be spared the spread of ATH.Rajel: What about Rixx? Any chance that he'll face ... how do human say? ... the music?Taybrim: Ah, that is the more curious outcome and the reason I really wanted to touch base with you. Starfleet intel tracked Rixx’s call to Dagorin - presumably in response to the Constitution arriving in orbit - back to the planet Raskor I. Raskor has a small Starfleet embassy and Rixx was allied with a corrupt Commodore named Allan Kinney. Kinney was the command officer over the majority of the Jenatris reach, including StarBase 118.:: The Trill blinked and stared at Sal blankly. A Starfleet Commodore was in cahoots with the Orion Syndicate? Why would anyone join a constitution like Starfleet and then turn around and work against them? For a terrorists organisation like that? Why not leave and then work with them? .oO Power Oo. She was pretty sure that several past lives in her just turned their back to Kinney and that behaviour. ::Rajel: That ... ::She let go of a trill curse word, before realizing something. She raised her head to look at Sal.:: Wait, you said was.::Sal drew in a long, slow breath. As with all stories involving villains, whether they were a criminal syndicate entrenched in a bunker or a Commodore behind a polished desk - all of them included hardships for upstanding crew.::Taybrim: Commodore Kinney ordered the USS Albion on a suicide mission to engage with a rogue Romulan warbird. Obviously we survived, but we were at a loss for evidence to incriminate Kinney until the information from your mission started coming in.:: Their information? Her heart beat a little faster. It was great to see a mission succeed, to know they had spent their time for a good goal. But to hear that it was part of something bigger, something that had an influence across the fleet, or even on one other person outside, was a thrilling feeling. She sat up straight her face lighting up. ::Rajel: It helped?::Sal leaned back and breathed a sigh of relief. Even thinking about that mission made him tense and he knew it had a happy ending.::Taybrim: Yes, with that evidence we were able to present our case to Admiral Hauke. And with the help of Fleet Captain - now Ambassador Kalianna Nicholotti - Commodore Kinney was forced into resignation.:: Kali. A smile washed over her face. She knew the woman, before and after her death and return. She hadn't had much to spend with her after but at least she'd met her on the Apollo, even though Kali didn't remember her. It was good to know that she had found a place to be. ::Rajel: I am glad to hear that. With the evidence and testimonies it may be possible to get Rixx where he belongs as well. Has he been caught yet?Taybrim: No, Starfleet Intel hasn’t caught Rixx… yet. But his main personal shield is now gone and he’s on the run.Rajel: ::Smiling she leaned forward.:: If there is one thing I've learned as a cop, it is that people on the run make mistakes. Sooner or later.Taybrim: That’s what intel said, too. ::he offered a slow nod of assent.:: I believe they will find him sooner rather than later.Rajel: I certainly hope so. Please if you hear anything about that, let me know?Taybrim: I certainly will. ::He promised with a gentle, but firm tone.::Rajel: ::leaning back in her chair rather casually.:: You know, if you always bring such good news, you should call more often. Actually... you can do that anyway ::chuckling::Taybrim: I will make a point of it! ::he smiled back in a wide, gregarious manner:: Now, you said you had information for me?Rajel: What? Oh yes, my call. I actually have a favour to ask of you. It's about Rustyy.::Sal’s eyes lit up. Rustyy Hael had quickly fallen in with the StarBase 118 Ops crew and had proved himself a valuable officer extremely quickly.::Taybrim: Ah yes, Commander Hael. ::Sal was a bit more formal - not knowing Rustyy quite as well. Yet. Give it time and a shore leave.:: What’s up with Rustyy?Rajel: Well, Starfleet has awarded my crew the Shadow of War Service Ribbon, but Rustyy left before I could give him his. I was wondering if you could give it to him for me.Taybrim: Of course I will. I will also happily pass on any messages.Rajel: ::Smiling broadly.:: Thank you, Sal. Please tell him we miss him, including his 'girlfriend' Conny. ::She made quotation marks with her fingers.::::Sal nodded and offered the Trill a reassuring smile.::Taybrim: Of course. And I promise, we’ll take good care of him. Rajel: I have no doubt you will. It's quite easy to grow fond of him and his uniqueness.Taybrim: All the more reason you should bring your entire crew to dock for a visit!::Starbase 118 wasn’t too much out of the way. Well, it was a bit out of the way; but they also had state of the art engineering resources and many ships stopped for upgrades, refits or just repairs.::Rajel: ::Exhaling:: Yes I really should do that. I can't wait to see the Ashalla District again as well. I don't know when, but I will return and bring a ship full of people with me. ::smiling::Taybrim: Anything else?Rajel: ::Leaning back with a relaxed smile.:: Not at the moment. ::Then she remembered.:: Oh, I have received your files for the Temple's Reflection pool configurations, but I haven't had the time yet to give it to our botanist. I should do that. ::Smiling::Taybrim: No worries. ::he chuckled a little.:: We had a ...small incident... involving a high profile pet getting loose and taking an unplanned bath in the pool, so the monks ended up draining it to do restorative prayers and cleaning. I’m sure they will greatly appreciate assistance when they fill it up again. ::He smiled, there was good humor behind his eyes. In the aftermath almost everyone could laugh at Duchess’ journey.::Rajel: I'll let you know how that goes. Now I shouldn't keep you from your work any longer.Taybrim: Thank you for taking the time to chat with me. ::He smiled gently towards her.::Rajel: Thank you again for updating me. It made my day.Taybrim: I’m always glad to make people’s days. Take care, Jalana - and may we see each other in good health again soon!:: She couldn't help it but that smile seemed to be on her face forever now. When the screen turned black again she leaned back and closed her eyes with a relieved exhale. This had to be the best outcome she could have wished for. ::-----JP byCaptain Sal TaybrimCommanding OfficerStarBase 118 OpsE239010ST0&Captain Jalana RajelCommanding OfficerUSS Constitution BImage Team FacilitatorA238906JL0
  15. Interesting. I would accept, but have the medical crew double check everything first. The stereotype would certainly make me think that the Ferengi would want something in return, but that would be a different discussion for later - the priority is preventing deaths by whatever means necessary.
  16. T'Seva: What we do is risky...and apparently, trombones. True, true
  17. Oh she's a charmer this one; T'Reshik: My parole officer has instructed me to try and establish a social rapport with my co-workers. Therefore we could engage in the sharing of superficial personal information during our journey, if you wish.
  18. ((USS Conny - Akoni’s quarters)) ::After leaving Commander Sinda to her own devices (she’d have to check up on that later if she was still alive), she decided that some peace and quiet would be a nice way to end the evening before the early day tomorrow. She entered her quarters and tossed her PADD to the side to stroll over to her closet. Uniform, uniform, uniform, uniform… Uniform pajamas…. She realized sadly that she truly was lacking in any variety at all. There wasn’t much point in having civilian clothes when everyday was a work day. Even on R&R she would wander around the starbase in a less flashy uniform.:: ::She grabbed the pajamas with a sigh and changed out, pinning her hair up into a messy bun. Her PADD dinged from its place on her bed, grabbing her attention for a moment. Another aggravated sigh left her. All she wanted was a nice sonic shower and some time to catch up on the science department reports.:: ::Akoni grabbed the device and flipped through her messages, seeing that she was due for physical. She groaned inwardly and placed it as not important. They’d have to hunt her down if they needed her to get one that badly. She scrolled through the other messages, most pertaining to mission reports. After a few swipes, she spotted a name in the older messages she hadn’t seen in awhile. She tapped on the name and sat down.:: Hello Thomas. I hope things are going well for you! The Conny crew is finally about to get some shore leave after our last mission with the Orion Syndicate, if you haven’t heard from SF intel yet. Got a chance to sit in the big chair! But overall, I think it was enough excitement for me. I’m not really meant to be in the field. There’s a reason I started off in the science department! The labs are enough for me. Enough about the unexciting events of this ship. What about you? Are you still sitting in an office or are you finally exploring on a ship? Let me know how things with you are going when you get the chance. Akoni ::Satisfied with the message, she sent it out. If there was any luck, the other officers wouldn’t send messages to their families until tomorrow. The systems on the base usually got jammed and shut down if the data processors were overflowed with in and out communications. Finally at rest, she set the PADD back down and walked over to her replicator.:: Soriano: Computer, green tea, hot. ::The machine whirled, producing the tea in a matter of seconds. She grabbed the cup, almost immediately regretting the way she held it as the heat seeped through and burned her hands. A few curses made their way through her mouth as she set the mug down next to her console. The interface was already up, and with a few taps, she brought up the recent discoveries from Science.:: oO Ooooh, another neutron star update in the Alpha quadrant. Oo ::Right as she finished the first paragraph, a comm call interrupted her reading on the screen. Gaiana and Albanos Soriano.:: :: Akoni paused and re-read the name, wondering if her eyes were deceiving her. When the call continued to beep at her, without another thought, she reached forward and blocked the call. Disturbed, she continued reading the report. The same call came in again. And again, she blocked the call. What could her parents possibly want with her? She hadn’t talked to them in over 8 years. The persistent call came through again. The Tandaran leaned back in her chair. How long would this go on before they just stopped?:: oO Might as well answer and get whatever this is over with. Oo ::She reached forward and answered the call, waiting for the familiar, yet old faces to show up. A woman with bright red hair and a sharp nose appeared next to the more aged, grey bearded man with familiar bright blue eyes.:: Akoni: Mother, father. ::she greeted them shortly:: ::Her mother smiled brightly and leaned towards the screen.:: Gaiana: Akoni my dear! Oh, it’s so nice to see you. It feels as if it’s been ages! Akoni: ::passively:: Only 8 years. Gaiana: And I’ve missed you every moment of it. I’ve been meaning to call you sooner, but it’s been so hectic here. I’ve been accompanying your father on most of his diplomatic calls. Things are heating up with the Klingons. But nothing knew there. Akoni: Well I’m glad you’ve been able to talk regularly with them. Albanos: Now now, ::her father chuckled humorlessly, diffusing the every-growing tension:: this is a reunion call. We’ve received news that you’re an intelligence officer now! Akoni: ::furrowing her brows:: How did you hear about that? ::The old man shook his head and smiled as if they’d always been aware of her Starfleet status. It made her grind her teeth.:: Albanos: We might be light years away, but we do try to keep up with your life Akoni. And we wanted to congratulate you on your new position! Akoni: You’re just happy that I’m no longer associated with science. ::she accused, realizing the reason for the call.:: Gaiana: We’re happy for you no matter what you’re doing. ::her mother interjected.:: ::Akoni looked at the two with hurt disbelief, though she should have expected this. Her parents had never been happy with scientific interests. Not since the death of her unborn older brother. She’d spent her childhood suppressing her interests because of some freak accident that happened before she even came into the universe.:: Akoni: I don’t know how you can even say that to my face. You’ve never been interested in my life! Every accomplishment I’ve made has passed by you. If you truly knew what I was doing all these years, why not call and congratulate me at all? ::And awkward pause passed between the family. Her words had obviously had an impact on them.:: Gaiana: Akoni… you must understand. You know why we don’t share your love for science. If you brother was here, things might be different- Akoni: But he isn’t! He never has been! You spend so much time blaming this silence on science, but did you ever think of the other factors involved? It’s not as if Tandar Prime has ever had decent doctors anyways. Blame the medical field for the happenstance if you truly need to. But don’t put an accident from over 20 years ago on my life! Let it go! ::She paused and took a deep breath. This was why she’d avoided talking to them since joining Starfleet. Just like last time, the conversation seemed it would end with more yelling. Her father surprised her with a calm and quiet demeanor, nothing but understanding filling his eyes.:: Albanos: Akoni, when you were born, we thought it was nothing short of a miracle. We’d prayed and prayed, and so the Gods gave us you. We were so afraid to try again that we decided that we would simply pour all our love into you. We tried to rely on the highest technologies and advances in medicine, and it gave us a near death situation. I can’t even tell you how afraid I was for your mother when it happened. Akoni: But that was more than 20 years ago! ::The old man held up his hand, effectively silencing the younger Tandaran.:: Albanos: You’re right. It happened so long ago, and a lot of things have changed. Perhaps the world is not as we once knew it. ::He stopped and looked to his wife:: But who knows, maybe you’ll be the one to change the face of scientific discoveries. While we wish you would have chosen a different field, we are proud of what you’ve accomplished. ::Akoni scrunched up her sleeve and wiped at her eyes.:: Gaiana: Honey, we love you very much. No matter how many things we disagree on, we will always love you. Akoni: ::sniffing:: Love you too. Albanos: ::sighing:: Well, I think it’s time we let you get back to your business. We know how busy starfleet officers are- Akoni: Actually, are you both busy right now? ::The two regarded her with a surprised look.:: Gaiana: I don’t think so. Honey? ::she looked to Albanos, who shook his head.:: Akoni: Would you like to keep talking? ::she reached forward and closed the science reports tab on the interface.:: I’ve got nothing to do for the rest of the night anyways. Albanos: That would be great sweetheart ::he smiled and settled more into his seat.:: So, what have you been up to lately? ::She thought about the last mission and her chance to be Captain for a day.:: Akoni: ::leaning forward:: You would not believe what I got to do… Ensign Akoni Soriano Intelligence Officer USS Constitution-B C239210AS0
  19. ((OOC- Slight backsim – after Rue gets off duty from the bridge after the mission, but before doing girls things and seeing Wyn/Hael)) ::Rue got back to her quarters, grateful for the relief arriving when they did. She had an early morning apparently. She still inwardly was debating about the “girls night” but Snezhana seemed nice and exubriant and Akoni seemed like good company. She knew she also needed to build partnerships with her crew mates..and socialization was one way of doing that. She stripped of her jumpsuit and threw it in a hamper for cleaning, and switched out for a t-shirt emblazoned with a giant reindeer with the words “Made In Portland” arching over it. She fell onto the small couch that would serve for reading and watching movies, resting her head on the back. A sigh mingled with a groan escaped her lips and she was again quite grateful to the relief team. After a few moments of resting, and letting her mind wander, she got up and went to the replicator and had it “cook” a bowl of chicken and dumplings, and then a glass of fruit punch. Carrying her meal, she went to her bed and sat down and then used the panel beside her bed to display the messages she had received. The first was the reminder about the Family fest being held for shore leave. She quickly deleted that and restlessly scanned over the rest, then switched the screen to an old movie:: Ensign Blackwell: “Right. Whatever. I can already imagine Little Orphan Darcy screaming how we are all monsters and liars.” ::She took a bite of the soup, attempting to swallow down the bitterness she was feeling. As she chewed, she closed her eyes oO I shouldn’t mock her …her parents died tragically….even more tragically than she realizes.Oo. Rue opened her eyes and took another bite, and winced at the memory. It was soon after “the incident”…after Lucas and Darcy had come back from their honeymoon, and Rue was preparing to leave for the Academy. She couldn’t recall the full details, but what she remembered was asking if they would all come to see her off, and Darcy making a snipping comment. Rue had tried to stay calm, but it was when Darcy had asserted the Federation were simply monstrous murderers and dictators, and Rue had finally asked that Darcy simply “Not”. She knew what she said wasn’t that bad…but it was enough to send the new bride into a rage and upset Lucas. Her parents had seemed torn…but at the same point..had encouraged Rue to apologize and try to make amends..as if she had somehow been at fault. After that, the tension was so palpable that Rue simply left a few days early, opting to stay in a hotel near the Academy rather than try to apologize when she knew Darcy would simply use it as continued criticism. She sighed and shook her head, finishing her last bite of soup and then took a swig of juice: “Damn it.” She stood up and took care of the dishes, and remembered a night in the academy when she’d received a letter from her brother, asking if she could just apologize to make it right. She had hastily deleted the letter and then found herself looking up the accident that had killed Darcy’s parents. She had found articles, investigation reports that were open to the public, and as she read late into the night…she had found an inconsistency. The report given to the news organization was informative and yet…generic. Darcy’s parents, Jonathan and Emily Salter were engineers assisting in part of a shakedown for a small shuttle. The crew was sparse but more than sufficient for a small vessel simply “testing the waters”. What was believed to have occurred was a dire malfunction lead to an explosion on the shuttle, starting with the propulsion drive, and that “tragically, all lives were lost”. While not a regular occurrence, events like the explosion were what many considered an unfortunate fact of service – that even with the best technology, the best trained crew – things simply went wrong. It was looking at other stories looking more towards Salters themselves that Rue found something troublesome. An article, half obituary, half expose, gave the impression that the Salters, while known for their professionalism, were having trouble in their marriage, and potentially leaning towards a divorce. The author had also dug up some rather troubling reports that Emily had dealt with “severe bouts of depression, that had jeopardized her position at times. The author finally, bluntly and coldly postulated, that the explosion was no accident and in fact an act of murder-suicide, and then proceeded to argue that Starfleet should discourage married couples from going on missions together, and the concerns of mental health for Starfleet members. It was a troubling article, one that pushed Rue to leave her computer, and had given her a sleepless night. After that, she had tried to be kinder to Darcy and when she had taken a Christmas holiday to visit, tried to make amends, to bridge the gap. But it was when Darcy was given a picture of her parents by a loving..if potentially misguided family member, that things began to Fracture. The comments, the snipes and eventually the full blown insults ground against Rue until she could feel her temper ready to erupt in a catastrophic surge. She’d had found safety by playing with some of her younger cousins, keeping her safe from the “adult” conversations. The goodbyes again had been strained and tense, and since then, communication was sparse. She paced restlessly and shook her head, and finally used the replicator to summon a nightcap guaranteed to put her to sleep:: “No…no, you are not messaging them. Your just getting settled. Lets..just let the dust settle….for…a few decades. ::she snorted a bit:: “yeah…that might be enough.” ::She swigged the drink and winced at the burning, and then made her way to bed..letting the liquor and the exhaustion drag her into the darkness of sleep:: Ensign Blackwell Comm/Helm/Ops U.S.S Constitution-B G239308PB0
  20. An interesting question. I feel that the choice of ship is a very important one. Although it doesn't absolutely dictate the types of missions it certainly does influence them - a deep space explorer would be more likely to encounter new species for instance, while a Defiant-class is geared more towards combat than planetary science.
  21. (( Quarters Rajel - The next forenoon )) :: Jalana hadn’t slept well, and Jerry’s visit had taken some of her, digging through past things. But she started to feel a bit better, now that she had eaten something and was able to sip her tea in peace. It was rather cozy on her couch, and the look out of the windows showed the breathtaking sight of Dagorin VI. A decision would have to be made, not by her, but by Awern and his people. Would they really want to stay here and risk the Syndicate trying to take up the operation again? When the door buzzer went off she looked up from her seat. :: Rajel: Come in. :: As the doors opened they showed the dark haired man and the white haired woman she had just been thinking about. Getting up to her feet she waved them inside. :: Please come on in, take a seat. I was just thinking of you. Sedean: ::he nodded and smiled:: You were?::Awern stepped inside and took a seat at the chair. oO She better have gotten some sleep! Oo:::: Lirane followed, and offered a friendly smile to Jalana. It was not hard to notice that the woman was tired, but she kept it to herself. After that day before it would be surprising if she wouldn’t be. :: Rajel: Yes. I was wondering about what your decision about the planet would be.Have you thought about it? ::She lowered herself to the couch again looking from one to the other.:: ::Awern inhaled and exhaled. The decision was tough, and he required a hell lot of thinking to reach his decision. He weighed factors with other factors, and considered everything, ensuring he did not leave out any details. He had consulted the Lady, and he hoped what decision he had made was the best for his people...and it would not involve any suspicious Syndicate.::Sedean: Definitely. The decisions was incredibly difficult.Rajel: I can imagine. So what did you think? :: Merina looked from Jalana to Awern, just as curious as the Trill. Awern had not told her anything yet, so she wanted to know as well. :: Sedean: I have reached a final decision. ::he fiddled with his fingers::Rajel: Ah! Very good. What have you decided?Lirane: Yes, what is your decision? Sedean: I have decided that we should…::he paused, unsure if he wanted to say his answer. He gave in, and blurted it out::..we should colonise Dagorin VI. :: Merina smiled widely. She was pleased to hear that, as she really had enjoyed the surface, even the caves weren’t too bad, but gone now. :: Rajel: ::Her brows raised:: Are you certain? Sedean: ::he grinned ear-to-ear in excitement:: Yes, the area will be suitable for us! From what we observed, we are not affected by the sap, which is good.Rajel: That is certainly good news. The sap might as well be your protection from other species then. What about the Syndicate? :: Merina looked to Awern, since they had talked about that the night before, she thought it would be okay to take that question. :: Lirane: We decided that if they return, the planet is big enough for both parties. It should be possible to live on the planet and use it to our advantage without being in the way of the Syndicate if they wish to return. Rajel: Fascinating. Do you think the Syndicate agrees? Sedean: I’m sure they don’t know we exist. ::he tilted his head:: Why do you ask?Rajel: ::smiling:: No, I’m just making sure you took everything into account. If you are really sure that this is what you want, we will make sure to get you safely to the surface and give you the supplies you need until you are settled in. Sedean: Wonderful! ::he looked at Merina:: Can you compile a list?Lirane: Of course, I’ll put it together. Rajel: Very well, please send the list to the OPS department and they will take care of everything. We are going to get everything together until noon, so we can begin bringing you down within the next hour, if that is alright with you. Sedean: I would very much like that. Thanks, Jalana.Rajel: Very well, then I better let everyone know. ::She smiled and raised from the couch.:: Lirane: Thank you Jalana. We appreciate what your crew had done for us.Sedean: I will get my people ready for transport as soon as possible.Rajel: I’ll come by to say good bye before you leave. :: Merina smiled and with a brief nod she and Awern left the Captain’s quarters, they have a lot to do in that hour. :: ((Transporter Room 5))((1 hour later))::Awern stepped into the room, as he saw some of the Dokkarans get beamed down as well as small cargo boxes for supplies. This was finally happening; their new home and community. He walked with Merina near the where some of the other Dokkaran were gathered. He turned to Merina excitedly.::Sedean: Excited?Lirane: Very. I can’t wait to get settled and find the treasures of this planet. Vilar and Sarey will fly the ships down to the surface, so they won’t stay back here. Sedean: Wonderful. I also got Kyana to prepare the first Vizinyian tree. I believe she beamed down with the first group.:: The doors opened, and just as Jalana had promised she entered the room. Though her expression was not the relaxed and chipper one they had met before. She looked worried even though she tried to hide it behind a smile, it was obvious that it was just a facade.:: Lirane: Is something wrong? Rajel: ::Taking a deep breath.:: Yes. ::Looking to Awern:: Do you remember when I talked to you about a tracking beacon in your ship? Sedean: ::thinking:: Yes, I do. What is it?Rajel: ::nodding:: As you know, my people investigated. It clearly used a signature used by quite a number of organisations, including the Orion Syndicate. It appears that they found a trace, a kind of fingerprint in the code, that helps to track who put it together. Sedean: And? ::he wanted to know, quite desperately:::: Merina silently listened to them both. She had not heard about this before, at least not as much as she remembered, so she just paid attention. :: Rajel: I have to inform you, that the person who wrote the code, is an individual of your group, named Vilar. Lirane: That is impossible.Sedean: ::his brows raised:: Our pilot?Rajel: Sadly there is no doubt. My people have checked and checked again. You can take a look at the data yourself. ::She handed him the PADD.:: We do not know if he has been in contact with the Syndicate members we found here, or those that poisoned your planet. We only know that he programmed the beacon. ::All this time, he hadn’t realised there was someone suspicious in the group, and it just happened to be the pilot. No wonder during the wait for the Constitution to arrive he did not report anything.::Sedean: What do we do?:: This was the question. She had thought about it from the moment she had read the Report to now, which had been the most part of the past hour. Truth was, this was an internal matter, since there was no proof to the depths of Vilar’s involvement in what had happened to the Constitution Crew on the planet. :: Rajel: Well you have the choice. You can either leave him with us and we will bring him before a tribunal, or you deal with it internally. Since you are not a member of the Federation, though aligned with us, the choice in your hands. Sedean: And he will be convicted.Rajel: Yes, there is a chance. What you say? Sedean: ::he thought, again. The decision was hard to make, as he was not sure which he would be more effective for Vilar.:: I believe it is better if we deal with Vilar. ::to Merina:: He won’t know what he’ll be in later.Lirane: ::Nodding:: I agree. It will be better to deal with it ourselves. ::to Jalana:: Thank you for letting us know. ::The Trill understood not only that they wanted to solve this among themselves, but also why. Vilar was one of them, they needed to know what he had done and why. And they had their own justice system as well. It made total sense. :: Rajel: Of course. Transporter Officer: There are only 3 cargo boxes remaining, and only Mr.Sedean and Ms. Lirane left.:: Jalana looked to the officer and turned her attention back to Awern and Merina. :: Rajel: Looks like it is time to bid our farewells. If you need anything please let Starfleet know. :: Merina nodded and couldn’t wait to get off that metal ship. While she had enjoyed being with the people she longed for natural material under her feet. :: Lirane: Would you please say good bye to Solaris for me? Once our communication system is up, I will contact her myself but did not have the time for it now. And I hope that Wyn will recover swiftly.:: The Trill nodded in acknowledgement. Being in the same team might have lead to new friendships, which made her smile. :: Rajel: I will let them know. ::Awern nodded and turned around to walk over to the transporter pad. Before he was off Starfleet and Federation property, he breathed in the metallic smell of the starship. He looked at Jalana.::Sedean: Jalana, I can’t thank you enough for assisting in our search for a new homeworld. And thank for helping cure us of our...chemicals. ::he smiled::Rajel: Naturally :: Smiling::Sedean: ::the officer behind the station began to energize:: Live long and propser, Jalana.:: While it was a vulcan farewell it made her smile nonetheless. Having learned a lot about Dokkarans in the last two days she remembered some of their customs as well.:: Rajel: And my the Lady protect and guide you and your people. Lirane: ::Surprised, she smiled:: And yours, Jalana. :: The farewell still echoed in Jalana’s mind as the blue sparkling lights engulfed the two and whisked them away from the Conny to the planet’s surface. Jalana stood there for another moment, hoping that they wouldn’t have too much trouble down there. Everything had been brought down, they would take care of the potential saboteur themselves and so far the Syndicate had not shown up again. She knew that one of the Syndicate members in the brig had not survived, the other two were now waiting to be handed over to the authorities, which would happen once they arrived at SB 118. She would have to find out how Rustyy and Wyn were doing, as they had been hit the hardest in their away missions. With that it was time to get right on that. She raised her hand to tap her badge.:: Rajel: =/\= Rajel to bridge. Get us home. =/\= -----MSNPCAwern SedeanDokkaran Group Leadersimmed byLt.JG Chelin Ch'GaborScience OfficerUSS Constitution-BC239212CC0Featured Bio Team Member&MSNPCMerina LiraneDokkaran Scientist& Captain Jalana RajelCommanding OfficerUSS Constitution BImage Team FacilitatorA238906JL0
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