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  1. I kind of like this system. We don't use it on the Veritas, but there is an appeal here to clarify who needs to response/read with care. This would especially be helpful on busy sims.
  2. Wow, large bunch. Congrats and welcome!
  3. I voted Shran because, well, Blue. And that actor plays a lovely, nasty badguy. I would have chosen Q or maybe even Lore, but I'll stick to Shran.
  4. Valoru likes piloting small, nimble ships, so a Saber or Defiant would be nice. Although his body is a martial machine, he would prefer a bit more versatility in the Saber. Or, can we just get him a Rhode Island retrofitted with pew pew instead of sciency stuffs?
  5. For some reason, I don't mind the Klingon changes all that much. It's a bit strange to me why they would do it, but it is not as jarring to me. I am a bit more concerned about "technology" changes (ENT's ship looking better than TOS, "space snowglobe station" in the Kelvin timeline, etc). Yeah our movie-making tech gets better, but sometimes it goes a bit far. Some can argue plot reasons (snowglobe is because of Nero!) but in general it's gotten a bit silly and takes away from the movie a bit for me. Ok, so bit of a tangent. I could use the same argument above for Klingons, but other than the big shift from TOS -> TNG the changes have not been enough for me to be bothered.
  6. Ahoy all, returning Ensign Valoru here. Trying to check things out again and see if I can get back into the swing. I wasn't here all that long back in 2015, but I've always loved this community. Name is Chris, and I'm an IT Manager from Indiana. We'll see if I can get my email simming wings back in action.
  7. I voted "Other/Other" as I am not a fan of crossovers. I don't really have anything against them, I just don't care for them and choose not to put my imagination there. No rage, just apathy.
  8. I need more input before I can vote, actually. As I grow in my own leadership journey professionally and in faith, I realize that a true leader is a delegator, an instiller of trust, a servant. Picard has always been my favorite captain and character in Trek as he has an excellent presence (thanks to P-Stew) and is decisive and fervent for what the Federation stands for. But is he a great leader? Does he serve his crew? Does he lead them to their own success? Perhaps that is not as applicable in a military setting, but I am not so sure he is the poster image for "leadership". So do any of the other captains inspire and instill and empower better than Picard? I would argue Kirk is probably similar in style, just rougher around the edges, but I know very little in this area about the other three captains.
  9. Wow, excellent find. Can't wait to see more reviews!
  10. The Starbase seemed sparse. Not many officers about and certainly not many civilians. That said, word had it there was an incident that was being handled. Valoru had heard about this on the news channels and put it on the back burner of his mind while he finished his studies at the academy. But now, being at Starbase 118 brought those news clippings to the forefront - perhaps things were really going down. Or perhaps it was the fact that it was 0400 hours and most alpha and beta shifters were deep in sleep. The Andorian walked the main promenade and nodded to a few folks and saluted to a few officers - he was in fact in his cadet uniform still. He was noticeably fit and would normally be wearing a grey cloak to conceal his true nature, while not on duty. His body (hands and feet) being a lethal weapon, he tried to make it less obvious. But he was fit and strong and walked with purpose everywhere he went. His purpose this morning was a coffee. He had always enjoyed the intricacies of Human espresso, among other similar beverages from other species. There was a cafe open and he went in and ordered a double shot, sipping casually as he eyed passers-by. From inside the small portico of the bar, he could avoid senior officer protocol and still catch all he needed to - the mannerisms of the woman who obviously had some nerve-racking issue going on; the darting eyes of the security officer on duty; the laughter of a couple children and the not-so-thrilled reaction of their parents at this wee hour. It was all soaked in by the astute Andorian. Valoru would remember them if he needed to, although most of what was going on could be discarded from his memory banks. Except that good cup of caffeine - that one was committed to memory. "Welcome aboard, cadet," came the voice of the barista. Valoru turned and bowed his head in thanks, remaining silent as was his nature, and headed out to find his quarters for the cruise.
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