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  1. In Quarantine.. not too happy about that!

  2. Getting ready for an Away Mission.

  3. Welcome Wilhelmina and adnams! As a current trainee I can honestly say you'll love it here! I'm having a blast already and it's just the cadet final exam!
  4. Anyone else going to Dragon*Con? It's August 31-September 3 in Atlanta. Nichelle Nichols, Conner Trinneer, Levar Burton, Michael Dorn, Jonathan Frakes, and Garrett Wang will be there. Sir Patrick Stewart was signed up to be there too, but had to cancel due to filming. If you've never gone before, I can honestly say it's SO much fun and you should try it out
  5. I'm not surprised! I used to serve on the StarGazer, StarBlazer, and the Calvary. Probably another one in there too, but it's been a long time. I've been missing it for awhile, but I thought simming had died. The other day I finally decided to search for a group and I'm so glad I did. You guys are so nice and obviously stable since you've been around forever ;-)
  6. Hi Alia, it looks like you just joined. Are you starting training on Monday? If so, we're in the same class :) -T'Mar

  7. Excited to start training!

  8. Hello everyone! My name is Melanie (character name T'Mar) and I currently live in Huntsville, AL (aka the Rocket City) but I was born and raised in DC. I'm 24 (almost 25!) and currently working 2 unpaid internships. I used to be very active in simming back in the AOL days, but it died out once I graduated high school. umm.. I have 2 dogs and had a cat but he died a couple months ago I am a Trekkie, Star Gate fan, Browncoat, etc.. What else? Oh, I am going to dragon*con for the 3rd time and am super sad that Sir Patrick Stewart had to cancel! Anyways, I'm excited to join the fleet and make some friends here!
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