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    reading, miltary history, chess, paintball, watching good movies and spending time with my two dogs. Toby(Siberian Husky age 6) and Samantha aka Sammie(German Shepard age 14).

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  1. Yes welcome everyone also if you have any questions feel free to ask and I will endeavor to answer them
  2. Whale call me crazy but that last one reminds me of the first gen Robotech uniforms minus the high collars but I also like the last one the best.
  3. My main question as far as uniforms and insignia is this. Isn't it Canon that during TOS each individual ship had it's own unique insignia? The Enterprise has the classic arrow shape we are all familiar with which later became adopted by Starfleet entire. Now my point is that during Star Trek 11 prior to the altering of the timeline, the crew of the Kelvin have the same insignia made famous in TOS isn't this a continuity mistake or just poor research on Abrams part? You the viewer can decide lol
  4. enjoying it immensly lol sorry for the tardy reply still learning all the features of the site

  5. welcome to everyone, and I must say that this is one of the friendliest bunch of people I have ever met. But forbyou new people my real first name is Mike, im originally from California then got transplanted to Missouri of all places when I was 12 lol. Currently serving with the US Army as a Combat Medic going on 13 years now and currently stationed at Ft Sill Oklahoma. Divorced have a 15 ::rolls eyes:: almost 16 year old daughter. Heard about this site from rpggateway plus the fact that I'm a huge star trek fan(Blame my mother lol)
  6. Hello welcome to the fleet. I see you are relatively new here, how are you enjoying it?

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