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Found 3 results

  1. UFoP: Starbase 118's Graphics Contest and command staff of the USS Garuda are thrilled to introduce to you the graphics challenge: Design Astrofori One! This contest is looking for talented creators and graphics wizards among our membership to come up with a wholly unique station design for the Garuda's new base of operations, Astrofori One. A-One is, however, much more than a simple base. It's a political and diplomatic experiment in the Menthar Corridor, and its mission is to bring together the major and minor powers in the Corridor under the banner of peaceful cooperation and collaboration.. In-character, the station was built by a coalition of races and powers, including the Federation, the Cardassian Union, the Breen, and the Kubarey. It's definitely not your standard Starfleet station, and any winning design will surely have some fun with creating something that we've never seen before! This challenge will be open through the end of April, at which time judges from the Garuda and the Graphics Contest will decide upon a winner. We look forward to seeing your entry, so get your creativity going and submit your image! A quick overview: The image we have up there now is a placeholder and the actual station design doesn't need to look anything like it.The station was designed and built by many of the powers listed on the Astrofori One page, so it shouldn't look obviously Starfleet (or Romulan, or Klingon, or...), but it could include elements of any or none of them.Be creative, this is your time to do something new and exciting for UFOP: SB 118.Deadline is April 30th Please make sure to use the "Design Astrofori One" Topic Prefix when you submit your entries, so the different contests are not going to be mixed up. Thank you
  2. Hey all! For the consideration of the Garuda crew... I've kept the working files for the different elements of the design separate, so coloring, lighting, etc. can be altered at will if desired.
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