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  1. I forgot to add that i meant for this sim to be added to the Round 20 voting so if the admins could please retitle it appropriately that would be appreciated. just now realized this sorry.
  2. Lt. Cmdr T'Lea Chief Science Officer USS Aurora And Ensign Blackwood ACSO USS Aurora ((Holodeck One)) Matthews: Ladies, and gentlemen, this concludes the phaser evaluation. Here are the scores. Blackwood, passed. T'Lea, passed. Barnes, failed for friendly fire. Sir, you will have to take the test again. I'm sorry sir. Barnes:: Shrugging his shoulders:: No problem. I just got into the moment Matthews: I get the message sir. Err.... No comment. :: Barnes began to move away, but then turned to T'Lea. :: Barnes: Commander T'Lea. If you have a moment. :: She peeled her eyes off Blackwood and turne
  3. [Round 13] [sb118-aurora] Ensign Zonhar and PNPC Dominic Gray: The Games Some Men Play ((Deck 2, Ships Library)) ::Zonhar stepped out of the turbo lift and proceeded to the Ship’s Library, where he was preparing to put in a few good hours of work in researching and analyzing the medical records and previous psyche profiles of the crew members, starting with the officers and working his way down. When he arrived, he found the space mostly unoccupied, and pulled up a table and chair and plopped his PADD down then ambled over to the medical and scientific sections, his limp bothering him slig
  4. (( USS Aurora Holodeck II, Deck 4)) :: Evanna entered the holodeck, she was finally going to get to run this new program that she'd been holding onto for a while. She was very excited, it was like opening presents as a child. Stranger than the title was the fact that the sender was anonymous. oOI can't say as I've ever had an anonymous delivery before... Oo "Pippi Longstocking and the 3 nausicaans." Evanna had spent many an hour considering who this Pippi was and what this program could be. It sounded like a story of some kind but it really was anyones guess as to what it could be. She had pla
  5. Happy Birthday Admiral Wolf :) So glad to have graduated and joined ranks with all the other members. Hoping your birthday was an extra special one.

  6. Thank you Captain Riley :) It is a great honor to join ranks with such honorable and well intentioned souls. I feel so welcomed already. I feel a bit like a chicken with his head cut off...simply in that I feel like I Have lots of websites to get signed up on, but am eager to do so :) Thank you again.

  7. Evanna!!! Waiting on training is an epic experience in and of itself hahaha Tests the nerves...feel like im on the edge of real combat haha I sure am an eager young cadet.

  8. "An immeasureable peace, takes an immeasureable amount of persistance, and courage, to obtain. It does not come easy, but nothing worthwhile is ever easy." (Zonhar)

  9. Bring on the Training! :)

  10. oh and excellent Avatar by the way as always ;)

  11. hahaha thank you dear Evanna...so glad you got me to apply and sign up. Glad im a cadet now...basically just waiting for my training to start either tonight or in the morning so I am trying to read as much as possible. Heres hoping we get to serve together soon on the Aurora!!

  12. Hello Fleet Captain :) Was Just browsing the forums and saw that your birthday is just a day before mine :) (mine is April 8th, though in 1983) Looking forward to doing training with you soon. :)

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