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  1. I forgot to add that i meant for this sim to be added to the Round 20 voting so if the admins could please retitle it appropriately that would be appreciated. just now realized this sorry.
  2. Lt. Cmdr T'Lea Chief Science Officer USS Aurora And Ensign Blackwood ACSO USS Aurora ((Holodeck One)) Matthews: Ladies, and gentlemen, this concludes the phaser evaluation. Here are the scores. Blackwood, passed. T'Lea, passed. Barnes, failed for friendly fire. Sir, you will have to take the test again. I'm sorry sir. Barnes:: Shrugging his shoulders:: No problem. I just got into the moment Matthews: I get the message sir. Err.... No comment. :: Barnes began to move away, but then turned to T'Lea. :: Barnes: Commander T'Lea. If you have a moment. :: She peeled her eyes off Blackwood and turned to Barnes.:: T'Lea: Of course. Barnes: This is the first opportunity I've had to speak to you, since the birth of your daughter. I'd like to offer my congratulations. You and Della must be proud. :: Word of the baby's birth was certainly quick to travel on this tiny ship.:: T'Lea: Thank you, Mr. Barnes. T'Sara is an amazing little person. :: Yeah, T'Lea was proud of her little nugget, and nearly bursting at the seams with joy – not that anyone would notice.:: Barnes: And If you'd allow I'd like to pop in and see the tiny terror that's going to make my life a misery in years to come. Well if she's like her mother she will. :: Absolutely, thought T'Lea. It would be good for him to get to know his future ruler and master.:: T'Lea: You're welcome to come by anytime, Mr. Barnes. ::beat, smirk:: And, really, Della's not *that* bad. :: Nodding as T'Lea walked away Barnes smiled, it seemed to him that the T'Lea he had known on the Challenger was still there, still sarcastic, still annoying. :: :: Barnes put his weapon away then smiled at Blackwood who smiled back. :: Barnes: Well done. Sorry about that last shot, couldn't resist. Blackwood.::Laughing:: Nah it's cool. ::High Five's Barnes:: Good one! :: Barnes exits the holodeck, leaving T'Lea and Blackwood alone. Growing somber again, Blackwood took a long calming breath. :: Blackwood: ::Looking at T'Lea:: Do you require to suck up any more of my time? T'Lea: Yes. I do, Ensign. We're not finished here. You seem to know already what I've decided about your job, so why don't you go ahead and say what's on your mind. Blackwood: ::Surprised face.:: I look concerned about something? No...just bored. Let get this over with I have work to do. :: Blackwood was concerned of course, about whether or not she'd have a job to come back to after shore leave. She'd been worrying about it all year though so if she did get fired it would almost be a relief. She had been looking at the exit statistics of crew over the last 10 years and considering resignation anyway at times. She just wasn't about to let this ice cold dragon get the better of her if it could be helped. Barnes and Matthews exited the holodeck and Blackwood remained behind to hear what T'Lea had to say. :: :: T'Lea waited for the holodeck doors to seal shut, and then slightly titled her head at the redhead standing before her. It was only the faintest of moves, but the look in her eyes seemed to magnify it four-fold.:: T'Lea: Do you have a problem with me, Ms. Blackwood, or are you generally this disrespectful to your superiors, and Starfleet property? I heard about your tantrum in the science lab. You may either talk to me, or to a counselor. I would advise against a counsellor as that will go on your record. :: This wasn't how the Romu-vulc had planned on this conversation going, but if she was going to have a problem with this officer then she wanted to have it out here and now.:: Blackwood: Very well, permission to speak freely? T'Lea: By all means, speak as freely as you wish. Blackwood: A jerk is a jerk however many pips they have. T'Lea: And which person are you referring to, Ensign. :: She knew the answer already, but she wanted to hear the woman say it to her face.:: Blackwood: Let me explain. Respect must be earned. I came onto this department and gave you the same respect I would give any officer, but through your actions you have lost my respect. :: Well, this was certainly going to be interesting, mused the Romu-vulc.:: T'Lea Care to elaborate. What exactly have I done to offend you? Blackwood: You chose me to be the ACSO yet your attitude towards me is unbearable. You have undermined me at every turn. You have publicly challenged and critisised every decision I have made and offered absolutely nothing in the way of support. :: The holier-than-thou Vulcan brow lifted right on cue. T'Lea had always hated seeing that look on other Vulcans, and had come close to slapping it off a face, or two, in the past. So, when T'Lea issued that look to others, she knew exactly what she was doing, especially to Terrans.:: :: Time to poke the bear...:: T'Lea: I have done nothing out of the ordinary, Ms. Blackwood. Perhaps you simply cannot handle the demands of the job? :: She was testing the redhead's resolve. Would she back down? Would she take it with a smile? Did she truly want this job? Was she willing to fight to for it?:: Blackwood: I have no problem handling pressure and I certainly don't need my hand held, but I do not expect to be unnessecarily hassled for what, entertainment? You have deliberately put me under as much pressure as possible. You wanted to see how I cope under pressure and pushed it and pushed it. So yes, I finally had enough. Was that fun for you? I cracked a desk. Take it as far as you please. :: Finally. It looked like T'Lea was finally getting to see a tougher, more ballsy Blackwood, and not the happy-go-lucky, back-patting, everything's roses Ensign that continually ate dren with a smile.:: :: Standing there, T'Lea didn't goad the woman any further only because she didn't need to. By now Blackwood was on a roll. The truth was coming out, and T'Lea didn't want to ruin it. Quiet and patience would tell her all she needed to know.:: Blackwood: If you have critisism for any aspect of my work, or heck even my private life if you want to intrude that far... there is a proper way, time and place to present it. It is only with constructive critisism from my staff and superiors that I can grow, but it should not be delivered like a poisoned, ragged dagger. :: The Romu-vulc did another eyebrow trick that basically said, "Oh, really?". She made a small shift in her stance and clasped her hands behind her back, which also answered Blackwood without the use of words.:: Blackwood: By undermining me publicly as you do it gets back to our staff. If YOU cannot trust my decisions how can they? It's hard enough to gain their respect and assert aurthority as ASCO as an ensign fresh out of the academy as it is. They have more experience than me not only on this ship but in StarFleet and as scientists, some even have a higher rank. You encourage the lack of respect with your actions. They even have bets on about how long it will take me to get fired... Frankly I see no logic in your actions. Choosing someone for a task and making it near impossible to manage... T'Lea: Oh, please, do carry on. Blackwood: I have been running the department single handed for some time. I have helped staff with personal and professional problems and helped resolve several crisis on the ship. With no support. I stand by my actions. :: Good. The last thing T'Lea wanted to hear was excuses. The woman had proven that she could stand up and speak her mind, and believe in herself. That was exactly what T'Lea needed to hear.:: T'Lea: Anything else you'd like to share? Blackwood: If you are going to work with me then I need you to work with me. Not against me... T'Lea: Finished? Blackwood: ::Firmly:: Quite! :: Loosening her Vulcan stance, T'Lea unclasped her hands and squinted at the woman out of the corners of her eyes.:: T'Lea: In case you've forgotten, you are in the military and I am your superior. We do not have to be friends, you don't have to approve of my methods. All you have to do is carry out the orders given to you even if you do not see the logic behind it. As for respect... Starfleet does not require you to like your superiors, but they do expect you to respect the rank they have earned. It is called discipline. You either do it, or it will be done to you. :: She started to circle Blackwood like a shark on a blood-trail. She passed behind, catching the woman's eyes as she went.:: T'Lea: You dislike me and the way I run things. I understand that, but let us be clear, this is *my* department, and *I* will run it and my staff the way I see fit. My duty is to make sure that every aspect of this department is managed efficiently, that every experiment is properly supervised, that none of my people are put at risk, and that time and resources are not wasted. It is my *higher* duty to the Captain *not* to choose the wrong snot-nosed Ensign to fulfill the daunting task of ACSO, because one day that officer may be forced to take the position of acting-chief, and consequently have the entire weight of the department thrust upon her shoulders during a high-stress mission. :: She came to hard stop in front of Blackwood and glared her down. Blackwood held her look with an equally steely one of her own. Blackwood was generally happy to argue until she was blue in the face but held her tongue and let T'Lea have her say. She'd made her point and now it was the commander's turn. :: T'Lea: You wonder why I'm such a [...]? Why I'm so hard on you? Why I criticize your every move? If that snot-nosed Ensign is unable to deal with her jerk Chief Science Officer, then how much better will she perform in the face of someone less forgiving – like Orions, or Bajorans with new chemical weapons that do not say please, thank you, and good job -- that do not care if you make a mistake that kills you, and everyone else on the ship? :: Her shark-like tactics briefly went into action again, causing her to stop directly behind the woman.:: T'Lea: So, yes, Ensign, if I see an error being made I will stop and correct it. If I see that you are not reaching your full potential I will stop and correct you, or any other member of my staff. If I see that I have chosen the wrong snot-nosed Ensign to be my ACSO I will stop and correct that as well. You are *not* the wrong snot-nosed, Ensign, Ms. Blackwood. :: She stepped back as Blackwood turned, giving the woman some room to breathe. T'Lea brought her tone down a notch when next she spoke. :: T'Lea: I have reviewed your performance, and while I believe certain things could have been handled differently, you efficiently and effectively assisted the Captain and crew during a major crisis. You lead the entire science department and they followed you without incident. You immediately produced a vaccine to counter the pheromone exposure. You risked your life to help engineering deliver an anti-virus that saved the ship. ::beat:: You did your job. :: That wasn't much of a compliment, but coming from T'Lea it was actually a pretty big one.:: Blackwood: That is correct, so where do we stand? T'Lea: You've secured your position on this ship. Anyone that bet against you will lose. The job is yours if you can endure your jerk of a boss. Blackwood: ::Quirking a slight smile:: I can handle it. T'Lea: I'll make a deal with you, Ms. Blackwood. I won't go any easier on you, but I will give you space -- as long as you don't do anything stupid. ::beat:: You've earned it. Blackwood: oOWell, that's a start...Oo I'll take it. T'Lea: Run the biology department however you wish. If there is not a problem that interferes with me, I will not interfere with you. But remember -- you are their boss, not their friend. Not everyone will like you. Blackwood: I always say friends are over-rated commander. I'm here for the JOB. :: There was no doubt in T'Lea's mind that one day Blackwood's JOB would be Chief.:: T'Lea: I do not require to suck-up any more of your time. You're dismissed. Blackwood: Aye ma'am. :: Blackwood had wanted to offer her own congratulations to T'Lea and the Captain after the birth of their baby. This was the first real chance they'd had to properly speak to one another in what seemed a long time and it had been one heck of a conversation. She felt the gesture would appear hollow after what had passed and said nothing, feeling it was now a lose-lose situation. She exited the holodeck and started to head back to the biolabs feeling physically and emotionally drained. :: -fin- Lt. Cmdr T'Lea Chief Science Officer USS Aurora And Ensign Blackwood ACSO USS Aurora
  3. [Round 13] [sb118-aurora] Ensign Zonhar and PNPC Dominic Gray: The Games Some Men Play ((Deck 2, Ships Library)) ::Zonhar stepped out of the turbo lift and proceeded to the Ship’s Library, where he was preparing to put in a few good hours of work in researching and analyzing the medical records and previous psyche profiles of the crew members, starting with the officers and working his way down. When he arrived, he found the space mostly unoccupied, and pulled up a table and chair and plopped his PADD down then ambled over to the medical and scientific sections, his limp bothering him slightly due to the amount of walking he had already done.:: oO(Zonhar)Now if I can only find a book on Vulcan and Romulan eating habits.Oo :: Dominic Gray was in the library looking through the archives for the latest information on genetic engineering when a denobulan in medical uniform walked by. Gray noted the slight limp and followed him, peering over his shoulder to see what he was doing. :: oO (Gray) A Denobulan. Didn’t their race almost drive a species to extinction? Their battle tactics were highly effective... The Antarans was it? ...Interesting... Oo ::Just as Zonhar had placed his hands on the spline of “7,000 Eating Habits of Highly Effective Intelligent Races,” he was suddenly aware that he was not alone in the room- namely a pair of steely blue eyes were peering over his shoulder. Swallowing and clearing his throat Zonhar gave a small nervous glance over his shoulder.:: oO(Zonhar)Yup...someone’s staring at me.Oo ::He looked again:: oOYup, still looking. hmmOo ::Characteristically of a threatened denobulan, his face uncontrollably swelled, becoming bigger than its normal size.:: :: Gray noticed the denobulan peeking at him uncertainly and thrust out his hand, grabbing the denobulan’s and gripping it with an overly firm handshake. He shook the mans hand vigorously and took a step forward into his personal space, smiling casually all the while, with eyes boring into Zonhars. Gray: Hello ensign, what brings you here? Zonhar: Well hello to you to Ensign. ::Zonhar said as he shook the man’s hand...for much longer than he intended or thought wise. Seemingly though it was up to Zonhar to break off the physical contact, so he did so awkwardly. He noticed very acutely that the man was using very dominant tactics in his approach to conversation, what with being very much to close in his personal body space for his liking. He had to fight another facial explosion:: :: Gray said nothing, watching the reaction of the ensign and considering whether the individual was going to be of any use to him. He continued to maintain eye contact, which intensified by a notch. Still he kept his friendly smile, inviting the man to continue. :: Zonhar: I am here to do a bit of reading...research really. Of course that must sound overly dull...as why else would one come to the library but to read. :: Gray noted the uncertainty in the mans voice, it was amusing. He continued to observe the man, maintaining his unflinching eye contact. Waiting to see if the ensign would say anything interesting. :: Zonhar::He cleared his throat:: I am the new ships counselor and I am looking up information to help in getting to know the new crew members. My name is Zonhar...and yours ensign? :: oO (Gray) A counsellor? They were supposed to be good at finding out things...socially acceptable interrogation one might say...Oo Gray didn’t want to give too much away, and relayed only the basics. :: Gray: Gray. Dominic Gray. I’m a scientist, my work is mainly based in the chemistry and biolabs. Zonhar: Simply Fascinating. Ensign Blackwood I believe works in the biology department. I had the...uhh...pleasure to make her acquaintance earlier in the day shortly after setting off. Tell me...what drew you to your particular area of specialization? Gray: We haven’t crossed paths yet... Blackwood and I. ::frowning::oO She refused my research project. I’ll have to deal with her for that. Oo ::Zonhar began rubbing his chin protrusion as he was in common practice of doing when deep in thought. He continued to study Gray.:: :: Gray mimics Zonhar, rubbing his chin in unison with him. After a moments pause he responds to the counselor’s second question, again revealing only the bare essentials. :: Gray: I have always had an interest in anatomy and physiology...What happened to your leg? ::Zonhar flustered at the question, suddenly taken off guard as he was not used to most people even being aware of his slight limp, let alone being asked to explain why it had occurred. The man seemed very direct, inquisitive, bold even, yet still Zonhar was not keen to open up his deepest wounds to total strangers, or possible patients. oO(Zonhar) I shouldn't’t lie to him, but it would be best to keep things brief and not in much detail. After all as the old terran saying goes, “Do not cast your pearls to the swine.” Though in fairness he doesn't seem like such a lowly sort at all, just don’t need to be getting my own dirty laundry aired so completely, this soon anyway.Oo :: Gray noticed the question made the denobulan uncomfortable, and it amused him. His eyes flashed and his smile twitched into a slight grin. His ears [...]ed as he waited for the answer. :: Zonhar: Oh..that. ::He nervously chuckled.:: Well that is a rather personal matter I am afraid. An old wound I sustained in my twenties. Mostly healed now of course, except for the very slight limp, which you undoubtedly observed today as I have done an exceptional amount of walking for my first day aboard ship. A bit tired I am afraid. ::He paused, his own inquisitive tone and authority rising to the surface:: Tell me Dominic...are you always this inquisitive? Gray: ::wry smile:: I am a scientist... Zonhar: Indeed you are. And a rather acute observer of human behavior I might add to pick up on something like that. A keen eye must serve you well in your post. ::Eying the PADD in Gray’s hand he spoke again.:: I also have noticed you are in the mood for a little “lite reading...” Genetic Augmentation and the Advancement of the Human Race by Arik Soong.” Certainly no book for children. Keen on the subject of biotic augmentation? I thought that had been outlawed, effectively, as it were. Soong was imprisoned and much of his work destroyed no less. A marvel that you have a copy, as it were. :: Though most people would have blushed, spluttered, or overall reacted poorly to such an obvious inquisition, the only emotion that Gray felt was one of irritation and annoyance. It wasn’t even the question... He had been playing a game, and winning but this.... this little “pawn” changed things and he didn’t like that one bit. :: ::Just then the ship went into yellow alert, interrupting the grand inquisition that Zonhar and Gray had been engaged in. Zonhar momentarily forgot about his line of questioning and looked around as out in the hall other crew members rushed to their posts.:: Zonhar: Looks like we have trouble of some kind. I better contact the bridge and see if they are in need of any...assistance. Gray: A counselor? Perhaps you have an inflated sense of self importance? What aid could you possibly provide on the bridge? Suffering from mother hen syndrome? Going to take care of all your little chicks? ::Zonhar’s face colored over slightly but he refused to give the terran the satisfaction of seeing it double in size at his frustration. Sizing up the man before him now, he realized there was something much more going on under the surface of Dominic Gray. So far there were several telling signs of something with a slightly darker tinge to it behind Gray, but he could not figure it out quite yet. For now he supposed prudence, and a large helping of self control would pay off much more in the long run, than loosing his cool and strangling one of his first patients.:: oO(Zonhar) Oh but how I’d like too. Then we could see if we could make HIS face swell. Like a balloon.Oo Zonhar ::looked the man square in the eyes.:: Perhaps some “little chicks” would be wise to remember what the pecking order is. Zonhar: =^= Zonhar to Captain Vetri. I am reporting in. What is the situation on the bridge?=^= ::Zonhar was troubled to hear of conversation between the Captain and the Orion vessel. It smelled funny to him, like rancid tea. He knew he needed to get on the bridge and look these orions in the faces and determine their body language, as well as cross references it with the known historical and psychological profiles of the orion race.:: Vetri: response Zonhar: =^= Is there any assistance or service I can be of on the bridge? Perhaps I could be of use in helping with negotiations and so forth, reading body language, and using my counseling techniques to try to judge their trustworthiness?=^= Vetri: response Zonhar: =^= Aye, Aye Captain. I will be en route to the bridge presently =^= :: As Zonhar moves to leave Gray steps in front of him, blocking his path. Gray placed his hands on his hips and pushed his chest out. :: Zonhar: Ensign...is there...anything “pressing” you needed to say? As you have heard, I am quite well needed on the bridge. Gray: :: Cold, calculating eyes meet Zonhar’s with an intense piercing stare.:: You’ve made your move counselor... Know this: The next move is mine. Zonhar: what move? what game? Gray: This little “game” of ours. Zonhar: I dont have time for games ::And with that he brushes past him and began making his way to the bridge.:: oO(Grey)You will zonhar. You will.Oo Ensign Zonhar Counselor USS Aurora & PNPC Ensign Dominic Gray Science Officer USS Aurora (As simmed by Evanna Blackwood/Aims)
  4. (( USS Aurora Holodeck II, Deck 4)) :: Evanna entered the holodeck, she was finally going to get to run this new program that she'd been holding onto for a while. She was very excited, it was like opening presents as a child. Stranger than the title was the fact that the sender was anonymous. oOI can't say as I've ever had an anonymous delivery before... Oo "Pippi Longstocking and the 3 nausicaans." Evanna had spent many an hour considering who this Pippi was and what this program could be. It sounded like a story of some kind but it really was anyones guess as to what it could be. She had planned to run the name through the databases to see if she could get any clue, but with all the work she'd had piled on her there hadn't been much chance. :: oO (Evanna) Whats disturbing is that I receive this on the back of being in a fight with a small group of Nausicaans... I mean, i'm sure it's a coincidence, how could it not be? Well, if Penny hurries up and gets here I'll find out once and for all. Oo :: Penny arrives only minutes later, in a bit of a bluster but then that was nothing unusual for Penny, she was just overflowing with energy... :: :: Having spent the last forty-five minutes trying to figure out what to wear for the occasion… was this an occasion, and if so what kind of occasion was it, Penny eventually she’d settled on a Vampire Piggies t-shirt and jeans. Cool and casual was good.:: Penny: Howdy! :: Penny trotted up.:: Evanna: ::Smiling and waving the PADD about jovially.:: Hey pal! Good to see you, hows it going? All ready to uncover this mystery with me? oO I'd hug her, but apparently that would be "weird" for her... maybe she has boundary issues... Oo Penny: Heck yeah! ::panting:: Sorry, I’m late. I had to find a clean shirt. I hate doing laundry. ::tugging at the graphic tee:: Vampire Piggies was all that was clean. Soo… phew… I ran here. Hang on, I’m out of breath… ::gasping:: Cardio… not a science geek’s friend. :: Grinning and wagging her head, she leaned a shoulder up against the wall and sucked in a deep breath.:: Penny: Okay, I’m good. Evanna: Ye know we're like two super sassy secret squirrels, solving a seriously sticky, possibly silly little puzzle... :: Shoving off the wall, Penny did a little dance of anticipation, actually it looked like she had to pee really bad.:: Penny: C’mon, c’mon! Evanna: Alright, any last guesses before the moment of truth? Penny: ::brightly:: I… ::sadly:: No. Evanna: Well, i'm putting my money on some kind of a story. Mainly due to the fact of someone being named personally, and the general format. It's the same format as seen by many ancient, classic childrens stories. They always went "someone and the something." Oh let me see if I can recall something... I didn't really read many of those old stories as a kid. Cinderella and the 7 gnomes... ? Ehhh. Beauty and the 3 bears...? I don't know, but I am sure you get the picture. Penny: Bu… but why would someone send you that kind of thing? Unless, you’re into that? ::she made a scrunched up face:: I mean, not that you’re slow, or a bit touched in the head, or anything like that. I like Smurfs and Superman. ::wincing:: Let’s pretend I didn’t say that. ::pointing at the padd:: How long is it? Evanna: Well it's a short program as far as they go. Lets fire it up then! :: Blackwood had the computer load the program and within seconds the barren room was transformed... into a bar... ? An oddly familiar one at that. Sickeningly familiar in fact. Her deepest fears realised as the characters began to appear in front of them. Someone had created a reenactment of that dreaded night, Blackwood thought for a minute that she was hallucinating. She checked to make sure she had actually loaded a program, it was right enough. Blackwood again looked at the scene, her face grew more sullen by the second, it was then that she noticed some modifications. She looked at Penny with a raised eyebrow, desperate to know how she felt about this unpleasant surprise. :: oO Oh dear lord, I should never have brought her. I'd truly be dangerous if only i'd had a brain installed at birth. She will likely never look at or talk to me again. Last thing I need is to remind her of how much of a jack [...] I am. Oo :: Penny blinked several times as if to let the scene soak into her corneas. It was the spitting image of the Comet Club, but that didn’t make sense, not with what Evanna had just told her.:: Penny: Ooo-kay… this looks really familiar. ::innocently:: Do they write children’s stories in bars? :: She turned her gaze to Evanna for an answer, but the woman was looking elsewhere, and apparently just as confused as Penny.:: :: Blackwoods attention was drawn back to the scene, she scrutinised it, frowning and concentrating hard. Everything appeared to be the same, down to the fine details, except for one thing. oO Is that supposed to be me? I guess it is. I look nothing like that... how can this be? Oo :: :: In the scene that unfolded this "character" that was supposed to represent Evanna did some swaggering cowboy strut towards the group of Nausicanns, the music playing in the background reflected this. :: Evanna: I take it this is "Pippi" then.. and she is supposed to represent me . . . ? :: Penny frowned and bounced a look at Evanna’s red hair, and Pippi’s pigtails.:: Penny: Hmm… :: Was that a good “Hmm…”, or a bad “Hmm…”? Penny was trying to picture the pigtails on Evanna, but quickly decided against it when it almost made her burst out laughing. Instead, the young scientist turned back to the action.:: :: Whistling and tumbleweed indicated a standoff as Pippi eyeballed the Nausicanns and they gawked back. :: Pippi: ::Arrogantly :: This place ain't big enough for the lot of us! :: The Nauciscanns took one look at this scrawny, scruffy creature, with long red hair hanging in two plaits at either side of her head and they burst out laughing. How could you take someone wearing a short patchwork dress, thigh high stockings and over-sized boots seriously? :: Nauciscann 1: So beat it then pipsqueak! ::laughing:: Nauciscann 2: ::Spitting at Pippi:: I wouldn't feed a s[...] of dregs like you to a battle hound. Worthless cur! :: The third nauciscaan simply growls at Pippi and throws what looks like a bottle top, or s[...] or something directly at her, it bounces off her cheek. :: Pippi: ::Pulling a very childish and pouting face:: Hey! No fair! I'm only wee! You'll pay fer that! :: Makes a stroppy movement and puts her hands on her hips. :: Evanna: ::Gasping and taking on a deep shade of red about the face. :: Oh my god! Someone's really got their brain in backwards huh? Penny: Shush… I can’t hear. :: Putting her hands over her face to hide her shame, peering through her fingers Evanna continues to watch the horror unfold. oO Is this supposed to be FUNNY!?! Oo Blackwoods heart was racing and her muscles had tensed up so badly in her face and back that it was painful. Her teeth began to grind as she struggled to maintain her composure in front of her friend. :: :: As Pippi throws a weak punch that misses it's target the music changes, it's a more upbeat tune. This new music is reminiscent of that last seen by terrans in the days when entertainment consisted of a black and white "television" and "slapstick comedy". It reflected and emphasized the goofiness and foolishness of Pippi and the way she staggered and stumbled around being beaten and bashed around like a puppet. Pippi didn't land a single hit and at one point was seen being gripped by the skull by an opponent behind, furiously trying to punch one in front - and missing him by a good 15cm or more. :: :: Penny watched, tilted her head and watched some more. Eventually, a small crevasse of a smile crept across her mouth, and she nearly ended up gagging on her own tonsils as she tried hard *not* to laugh.:: :: It was absolutely hilarious to Penny, but she wasn’t completely blind, insensitive, or dumb to the little tell-tale signs that Evanna was *not* amused at all. In fact, Penny would have guessed that she was downright ticked off, which is what kept the young blonde’s giggles at bay.:: oO Definitely don’t want to put a burr under her saddle, she’s got a heck of a kick.Oo Penny: Uh, you okay with this? It’s funny, right? Evanna: I might have laughed Penny, but my sense of humor seems to have deserted me... Penny: It’s not that bad really, I mean, Pippi’s cute. oO Again with the “cute”! Way to console a friend. Oo :: As they watch, the scene subtley change again and we hear some heroic music symbolising Pippis imminent rescue. Cue Eerie and Barnes who enter the fight casually dispatching the foes easier than it is to breathe. Pippi is at this point sobbing and crying her eyes out on the floor in a very bratty and pathetic manner. A big burly Klingon grabs her and thrusts her back onto her feet. :: Burly Klingon: Your actions bring great dishonor to you, your family and your race. Evanna: H-aarshhh! :: Evanna was particularly shocked and even angered by this awful comment. A pain ripped through her chest as the Klingon spoke it. She felt that if he'd stabbed her with a ragged, poisioned knife, in the most painful location possible and twisted it brutally, it would have hurt a lot less. If this was supposed to be taken as a joke it had REALLY stepped over the line. Evannas head was pounding and she was feeling more ill by the minute. Still she tried to at least appear "reasonably" calm, knowing full well that any attempt to try and look neutral about the situation was long gone. :: oO Uuuuurrrrghh.......The worst is still to come... Oo :: At this point, Penny was doing a terrible job at the friendship thing, and she had to cover her mouth, feigning horror, to conceal the giggling-goon underneath.:: :: Here it was, seemingly in slow motion, with music fit for the Kings jester, or perhaps a clown... Pippi tripped over her long hair, falling endlessly towards Barnes, the hero of the show. She bumped into him with an enormous, dramatic crash and down they both tumbled. Evanna turned her back towards the scene as Pippi landed on the floor in a heap, lying in a position that she really wished she hadn't seen, wished Penny hadn't seen. She closed her eyes and rubbed her forehead, but the sight she hadn't managed to avoid was burned into her mind and she could not stop seeing it. It was probably the most horrifying bit of the whole ordeal. :: :: For Penny, it felt like her insides were being assaulted with fizzy, tickles. The ending was classic. It was like watching one of her favorite retro cartoons, Bugs Bunny, and Daffy Duck. The only thing missing was a big mallet to the noggin, or dynamite in the pants. Although… :: :: Penny tilted her head at Pippi’s awkward landing on Barnes, and thought that it came pretty close to dynamite in the pants kind of funny, at least to Penny.:: :: Hardly able to contain herself from embarrassing her friend further with laughter, Penny choked down her giggles and gave a sympathetic wince.:: Penny: Oh, dear, that was… oO the funniest thing I’ve ever seen! Oo … creative. ::Evanna tried to console herself, stealthily wiped way a tear. She didn't feel up to facing Penny any more after what they had both witnessed and wanted to get back to her room where she could hide as quickly as possible. :: Evanna: I'm...i'm rreal ssSorry... You shouldnae have had to see that... If i'd known... I should go... Penny: Wait! :: She reached out and put hand on Evanna’s shoulder to stop her from leaving. Only when the woman actually stopped, Penny suddenly had to scramble to come up with something to say.:: Penny: Er… uh… computer end program, please. :: The scene disappeared and the room went back to the standard holo-deck grid.:: Penny: If it makes you feel any better, I have a huge crush on Hefty Smurf and Superman. :: I also have a holo-program were I play Lois Lane, it’s nothing cheeky, I swear! :: Evanna just stared at Penny, after a few seconds it was clear she wasn't joking. She really appreciated the revelation because it was funny and she couldn't help but giggle a little at this statement. Smurfs... that was so wrong and messed up. The more she thought of it the harder she laughed and soon she didn't feel quite so bad. :: Blackwood: Penny you are something else.... :: Penny hesitated for a moment more, fidgeted with her hands, and then smartly struck a pose with her hands on her hips.:: Penny: So who’s the wise guy that sent you this holo-program, huh? Let’s go find him and box his ears. ::shrinking:: Or give him a really harsh talking to. Actually, I’d rather avoid conflict if at all possible. Maybe we could send him a firmly written text? :: Blackwood giggled at Penny's imitation. It was funny coming from her... Blackwood: Conflict? I've never been in a conflict in my life doncha know... :: Blackwood kept a straight face as she said this watching Penny's reaction with some amusement. :: Blackwood: Yes, you can help me find this first class joker oO deadman Oo, we'll find him, then go give him a pat on the back and maybe a small token of appreciation oO His final resting place Oo for his... c-c-Creativity... Come on, lets get out of here. FIN Ensign Blackwood Science Officer USS Aurora and PNPC Ensign York Science Officer USS Aurora ((as simmed by T'Lea, Chief Science Officer, USS Aurora))
  5. Happy Birthday Admiral Wolf :) So glad to have graduated and joined ranks with all the other members. Hoping your birthday was an extra special one.

  6. Thank you Captain Riley :) It is a great honor to join ranks with such honorable and well intentioned souls. I feel so welcomed already. I feel a bit like a chicken with his head cut off...simply in that I feel like I Have lots of websites to get signed up on, but am eager to do so :) Thank you again.

  7. Welcome to the Fleet! Congratulations on completing training! :)

  8. Evanna!!! Waiting on training is an epic experience in and of itself hahaha Tests the nerves...feel like im on the edge of real combat haha I sure am an eager young cadet.

  9. "An immeasureable peace, takes an immeasureable amount of persistance, and courage, to obtain. It does not come easy, but nothing worthwhile is ever easy." (Zonhar)

  10. Bring on the Training! :)

  11. Thank you very much for the generous comments. Some folks here are US time, others not so much. It will all be sorted in good time. Which is never quick enough when you're excited.

  12. Thank you very much for the generous comments. Some folks here are US time, others not so much. It will all be sorted in good time. Which is never quick enough when you're excited.

  13. oh and excellent Avatar by the way as always ;)

  14. hahaha thank you dear Evanna...so glad you got me to apply and sign up. Glad im a cadet now...basically just waiting for my training to start either tonight or in the morning so I am trying to read as much as possible. Heres hoping we get to serve together soon on the Aurora!!

  15. Hello Fleet Captain :) Was Just browsing the forums and saw that your birthday is just a day before mine :) (mine is April 8th, though in 1983) Looking forward to doing training with you soon. :)

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