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  1. I know I'm spamming this thread, but I don't care. I am getting so much pleasure from everyone's amazing writing at the moment. Not that Vulcans care about that sort of thing; right? Because there are worse things than death. Aw. I love Mark. I think we all have days like that.
  2. Made me laugh. I can just hear the fear of an ignominious end in that thought. I love this mental image. I have missed Traenor's dry observations.
  3. Words cannot express how much I love Wyn and his internal monologue.
  4. (( Land of Malex, [datafrag] the Dread’s Mountain ))Processor: Initializing Turing 547, “The Red Dragon’s Hoard,” program index Summersend Fairgrounds, program paused. Data integration failure. Runtime error: data corruption, files 55.57894, 55.57897, 55.57899, 55.57901, [DATA FRAGMENTATION], 55.57907, 55.57911. Initiating default protocols: military training unit. Exit protocols: off. Initializing Turing 547, “The Red Dragon’s Hoard,” program index Summersend Fairgrounds, program paused. Program initializing. Initialization success.::Smoke billowed out of the dragon’s nostrils. She had slumbered for so long, luxuriating in the comfort of her mountain of gold gathered in the great halls of the dragon’s mountain. Now she was awake again after a bracing, regenerative rest. The gold gleamed bright as she ran a claw sensuously through it, knocking huge piles of coins over, tinkling a thousand beautiful songs across the treasure hoard.::[datafrag]: Ah, so long it’s been since a mortal hasApproached. My mountain of gold is modest, and yetMethinks its time to add more jewels, topaz,Emerald, ruby, and, yes, more gold. LetMe take to the summit and see what thoseLittle fools are preparing for [datafrag] the dread.Processor: Data integration failure. Runtime error: data corruption, files 78.75562, 78.75563, 78.75565, 78.75575, [FILE MISSING], [FILE MISSING], [FILE CORRUPT]. Recontextualizing: utilizing present information. Recompiling program parameters. Solution match. Reinitializing.::As she prepared to climb up through the caverns to the summit, she realized something was very, very wrong.::::A pedestal with her most treasured possession sat empty at the end of her hall, a small beam of light shining through the dragon’s cavern showing the absence of what had once sat proudly in a place of covetousness.::[datafrag]: ::smoke puffing furiously:: What’s this?! The Tiara of Wisdom?! GONE?!A THIEF! A thief has snuck into the hallOf terrible [datafrag] the Dread! DawnHas now come for mankind’s doom if so smallA race can steal from a red dragon withImpunity! Who?! Who has stolen fromThe great, terrible [datafrag] of myth?!No offering hence from the human scumCan slate my desire for death and fire!::As she spoke the great, terrible red dragon crawled through the ancient tunnels beneath the mountain, remembered from the last time she’d awoken. She had grown to a gargantuan size in that time, and her scrambling crawl upwards, wings tucked against her scaly, ruby back, simply cleaved new depth to the tunnels.::::The dragon blinked in the sunlight atop the mountain of [datafrag] the Dread. The sky seemed bluer than she remembered, the grass greener, even the stone of the mountainside more vibrant. A dragon’s eyes are keener than any animal of the world, and she turned her gaze over the realm of humans before her. Villages had sprung up below the mountains, farms and mills. They had forgotten her as she’d slumbered, but now they would remember.::::Through it all, she could see something stranger yet. The very sinews of the world, a binary of the absence of power and pure, unadulterated, worldly essence, as if the very fabric of the universe was arrayed before her in ones and naughts. She found this strange new understanding of the world exhilarating, as if she could barely peer into an entirely new realm of stars and darkness. She felt a power over it.::::Then her attention was drawn out of the stars she could see beyond. In the distance she saw a golden gleam, familiar, tantalizing, infuriating. Just outside of the human city, in a teeming, disgusting display of human insolence, the tiara of wisdom sat upon the head of the Queen, the most beautiful woman in all the land. [datafrag] the Dread would collect her prize, but with interest. She would not be satisfied in merely reclaiming her tiara. She would own the beloved queen, and if any challenged her she would embroil the land in fire and death.::[datafrag]: I WILL HAVE MY PRIZE!Processor: Default program status: active. Users: recognized. Program designation: live fire military training. Safety protocols: off.END*****MSNPC [datafrag] the DreadAs simmed by:Lieutenant (JG) Choi Ji-huEngineering OfficerUSS Constitution-BC239402CJ0
  5. "Violence is always abhorrent; occasionally it is necessary." ~ Saveron at some point. Saveron is trained in Western Suus Mahna, which largely follows the same kind of principles as Aikido; disarm and disable. However it maintains some of the older parts of the discipline that the Eastern form does not; he is capable of taking the offensive though he prefers not to. His Nel Gathic culture does not hold with discarding information simply because one finds it disagreeable. They also believe in being prepared for all eventualities. "We do not seek war. But he that would bring war to us, let him beware." ~ A Nel Gathic Comander in Surak's time, now a proverb. He is acceptably competent with a phaser, but vastly prefers not to use one. If at all possible he will talk his way out of a situation.
  6. I'm sure someone thought they were classy. Maybe Teryn would like to pick the next venue?
  7. Priorities You'll have to get in the queue, Choi. Actually, the whole T'Reshik/Choi/Wyn brain-bending sequence of sims has been amazing. A ripping good read!
  8. Absolutely. I think that having the automation available, but having the option of doing things manually, is the best of both worlds. I love cooking, but am quite happy to use the washing machine and dryer.
  9. My husband doesn't understand my love affair with my long-handled shovel. He's always 'we have a ripper attachment for the tractor, you know'.
  10. Or the First Officer. OMG, pleeeeeease speak to the First Officer about it. Go on, I dare you.
  11. (( USS Constitution - Main sick bay )) ::Vulcans rarely registered awkwardness, and T'Reshik even more rarely than most, but as she sat beside Saveron's biobed with her eyes resolutely ahead, she found herself gaining an intimate understanding of the word.:: Saveron: Lieutenant. It is agreeable to know that you were not affected by the same affliction as myself. ::He said at length.:: :: T'Reshik was silent for a moment before responding. :: T'Reshik: Commander. It is acceptable to see you recovered. Saveron: Recovering. I believe that you will be operating at full efficiency prior to myself. T'Reshik: ::After another pause:: To be candid, Commander, I see no reason for us to interact on anything other than a professional basis. ::She didn't look at him.:: Saveron: I believe that it is within the scope of professional interactions to be cordial to one another. However if you find conversing with me disagreeable, I will not insist. ::He replied evenly.:: Your basis for objection is our previous interaction. T'Reshik: It is not that I do not appreciate your previous actions - on the contrary, they were far above the call of duty and executed with commendable sensitivity. ::She paused.:: I mean in the sense that you - put aside your own personal discomfort in order to preserve my wellbeing. :: T'Reshik trailed off. A pause hung between them.:: Saveron: T’Reshik, ::he said gently:: whilst it was not an encounter I would have chosen purely for it’s own sake, I was not discomforted. I am aware that you would have preferred such had not been necessary, but I had not considered that it would affect future interactions. ::That did make T'Reshik look round.:: T’Reshik: I had. Hence my concern. ::Saveron shrugged.:: Saveron: If your concern is over the potential expectation of future interactions, I have none. I find your low-grade antagonism towards the universe at large personally disagreeable. However I do not see that there should be any logical obstacle to our having a functional professional relationship. ::T'Reshik actually seemed to relax a little at this.:: T’Reshik: That is agreeable to hear, since I find both your ethics and your style of communication overly accommodating. We would be poorly-matched as a couple. ::Pause:: As colleagues, however - providing neither of us expect anything more - I concur with your assessment. Saveron: Then we have an understanding. ::His eyes drifted shut. T'Reshik stared at him for a moment more. She had the strangest urge to thank him, but didn't give in to it..:: T'Reshik: We do. ::She looked ahead again, and the silence was easier now.:: END Lt jg T'Reshik Science USS Constitution D239311T10
  12. (( Electric Dream )) ::Somewhere, in another life, Laris' face was wet. He barely felt it. He hadn't cried since he was eight years old. It was hard to believe he was doing so now.:: Laris: oO She wasn't blessed. She was just... an alien. They don't even believe in Her. Oo Ombro: ::dubious:: oO She stood before them. They could reach out and touch Her. They did Her bidding. Oo Laris: oO They're mortals. They came from other worlds to - to take charge. To make us like themselves. Oo Ombro: oO Oh, little one, there is so much you don’t know. Oo Laris: oO I am threespirited. The shaman told me... I was sacred. I could walk in the world of thought. I followed the laws, passed the trials that earnt me my name- is this all it meant? That I could do the exact same thing as some unbeliever from another planet who just happened to have the right... abilities? Technology? Is this what I have devoted my life to upholding? Oo Ombro: ::sighing, annoyed:: oO You know little, kitten. You mewl of knowledge yet you balk at truth. What do you think the first Woman of Light was? She was fire incarnate, made of the stars. Like the sun feeds plants and makes them grow, She raised the H’inji from the dirt. But she taught her Guardians that fire burns, that even suns die. Only today, you met the Woman of Light, and now you have heard Her truth. She was a god, but She left her creations believing She had erred, and her protection was the little she could offer us. She returned to Her kind. As it was then, so it is now. Oo Laris: oO But the shaman... told me... Oo Ombro: oO If your “shaman” has inferred misinformation as sacred teachings, this reflects only on the H’inji’s fanciful, unprepared minds. If you have received some ability you share with a strange smelling “unbeliever” from the stars, it may be little more than an error of time and biology. Oo Laris: oO An... error of biology? This - if what you say is true, then... I can't get my head around this. Oo Ombro: oO As I said, kitten, fire burns. Perhaps you can take that teaching to your shaman. Oo Laris: oO If there's nothing special about me, if there's nothing special about us - what do I do? Where do I go from here? Oo Ombro: ::barking laughter:: oO Little one, you are so concerned with how you’ve been wronged, that you cannot see the jungle for the bushes! You are beget from a being of the stars, who was beget from a people with powers that eclipsed even Her’s. She has returned, yet you see “aliens.” You’ve accepted the role of “threespirit,” yet you are limited by the history it represents. If the Woman of Light were here, she would swat you on the nose and tell you to sit in the corner like the good little pet you are. You are a fierce animal with a mind given to you by a god, yet you whine like the domesticated herd you come from. You are H’inji! That is the Woman of Light’s legacy. Oo ::The ombro's presence began to move away.:: Laris: oO Wait. Please. I have questions. Oo Ombro: ::not looking back:: oO I emerge from a long and painful nightmare. My belly is empty and my claws twitch for the hunt. I will leave you to your electric dream, but when you leave this place you will not be able to find it again. If you try, I will kill you. Hunt well, kitten. Oo ::Laris didn't reply. Footsteps sounded in the distance, and he felt the dream recede around him, like the fading of sunlight at the end of the day. He took his hand away from the white stone, stunned.:: Drajev: Laris! ::Laris turned; Drajev faltered for a moment, perhaps seeing his red-rimmed eyes, but then he stormed forward and flung his arms around him and Laris could not help but return the gesture.:: Drajev: ::pulling away:: The monastery is on fire. I thought you'd been hurt. ::pause:: What is this place? Laris: Drajev - the sunmother - she's an alien. Was an alien. A scientist. This is... where she worked from. ::Drajev looked around, expression inscrutable. After a moment, his eyebrows twitched upwards a bit.:: Drajev: Gotcha. Laris, do you think this place is fireproof? Because if it's not, we should probably think about getting out of here. Laris: Are you serious? Did you even hear what I just told you? ::Drajev took his wrist and started dragging him toward the tunnel again. Laris offered only a moment of resistance, too stunned to do much else.:: Drajev: I heard. You think it changes anything? Laris: You think it doesn't? :: Drajev glanced up at the ceiling, then stopped, turned to face him.:: Drajev: Laris, ever since we made first contact with aliens, we've always known that the universe might reveal more truths than we were previously aware of. The Sunmother created us, right? That's still true? ::Laris nodded.:: Well then. Does where she came from change who she is? Or who we are? Laris: You don't get it. She's no different from the aliens out there. She didn't perform miracles, she just... used machines. It was all just machines. Drajev: Love. To the small-minded, miracles can look every bit like advanced technology. It doesn't mean we should abandon faith. ::Laris felt Drajev grip his hand, and remembered what the ombro had said. Maybe it wasn't over, after all.:: Drajev: Let's go. We both have questions, and there are people out there who might be able to help us answer them. Also, let's not forget that this place is also on fire. Laris: Right. Fire. Yep. :: Hand in hand, the two pelted back down the tunnel, and for a moment Laris could not tell whether he was on two feet or four. He glimpsed the Sunmother once last time, dressed in the garments of the aliens, bright and smiling among them - and then in a flash of light they were gone.:: end Drajev and Laris Nesterovi Heralds of a new age simmed by Lt jg T'Reshik Science USS Constitution D239311T10
  13. Given the recent attacks, I would hope that I would be present in a ship with reasonable defensive (and offensive) capabilities. One wouldn't send a Nova Class into dangerous territory. I would first signal my intentions back to Starfleet Command. Then I would go in with shield up and weapons ready.
  14. One man's paradise is another man's hell.
  15. I loved A Final Unity! Having grown up on TNG it really felt like the Star Trek I knew and loved. I would really like to see a Star Trek RPG. Somewhere between Unity and STO.
  16. Obviously ritualised murder and canabalism aren't acceptable in the Federation, but this is not a Federation world. I would ask time to have the groom undergo a psychiatric assessment whilst away from his fiancé to confirm that a) he is mentally sound and competent to make the decision and he's not being coerced by her into doing it. If he proves mentally competent and free from coercion and he's still sure this is what he wants, then he has the right to make that choice. It's the old succubus conundrum. One night of pleasure, but it's your last night alive.
  17. I’ve only recently transferred to the Constitution, but I’d like to give a big wave to Jalana for making me feel very welcome. Her creativity is phenomenal, and her artwork exquisite, and her leadership gentle and encouraging. Whilst facing her own challenges with aplomb, she likes to gently challenge others and help them grow. I blame her entirely for saying ‘actually, we really need a Counsellor’, and then standing back and watching the fun. But that’s what she does, she gives us opportunities for our characters to grow, and for us to develop as writers. As for T'Reshik, having battled Fibromyalgia myself, I don’t know how you have the energy and sheer creative drive to write the quality and quantity that you do, but I am very glad of it. Your characters are beautifully written and highly entertaining, and I look forward to following their adventures in the future. Admiral Wolf, the community that you have so tirelessly built, and continued to build over a longer period than any other online game I know, brings enjoyment and satisfaction to a great many people. I don’t know what else to say, except ‘thank you’.
  18. And I'm sure you've been waiting for a chance to say that.
  19. Sav also recently used 'A cold night in Vulcan's Forge' (as in, 'it'll be a cold night in Vulcan's Forge before...').
  20. Oh boy. So Wyn's quarters now house Wyn, the child he's a guardian of, three tribbles, the sentient hologram he adopted, and the sentient hologram's hologramatic dog! And occasionally his dad. Just give the man a hanger bay and have done.
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