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  1. But we've already BEEN on topic ONCE, Robin! Isn't that enough? Besides, it's obvious. The best captain is ... :: glances at poll, looks around, then scampers up and peels away Picard, Janeway and Sisko's names :: Kirk! See?
  2. Telling Rocket to do something to improve himself is a lost cause, my dear Sheriden. The boy is set in his ways.
  3. The last few Vulcans who tried suffered from rapid-expansion cranial syndrome (their heads exploded). Although I'll be happy to tell you everything you want to know ... in SONG! Lucy ... in the SKY .. With DIAMONDS ... Yes, Lu-cy ... in the ... SKY ... WITH ... diamonds ...
  4. I cannot answer that question on the grounds that it may tend to incriminate me.
  5. Oh, we have more than that in common. For instance, I too have a tremendous singing voice.
  6. NEVER, that's when! NEVER! Those filthy little emoticons will never soil my precious forums again! Archer is flawed, I'll give him that. But so was Kirk! In fact, NO ONE was more flawed than Kirk! He was lecherous, belligerent, and mildly insane!
  7. I voted for McCoy simply because of the delivery of Deforest Kelley. Man, he was great. What, no Spock? C'mon!
  8. Too bad the ship doesn't have the coolest captain. OHHHH, SNAP! Wow, someone voted for Archer! How novel!
  9. Unless 20 people join with a single dissenting opinion as to which movie was worst, I think V is a pretty clear winner here.
  10. Yep, yep. And they said it was a mistake adding tesseract technology to the turboshaft!
  11. Come aboard the Kodiak someday, boys! No finer ship in the fleet!
  12. That's two smiles and four smirking glottals.
  13. But as precious as a lame emoticon.
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