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MSNPC King’s Path Land Defender Achi’Trinot — Choose.

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Mark knocked it out of the park with this MSPNC. Tensions are high in this scene and one wrong move by either side could bring war to this planet. Domeni’Dolce's gambit to arrest a member of the Kings Path has worked, but he didn't expect the other parties to be there. Meanwhile Achi'Trinot might actually be the one in control, as we soon learn, it looks like he's ready to do anything for his cause. 

Then when he was surrounded with blades to to his throat, Mark took what I gave him (which was quite bare bones) and elevated it to new heights. 

Mark then drops the hardest line ever and my jaw on the floor when I read it. 

"Achi’Trinot: Your choice; martyr or prisoner. " 

@Josh Herrick


(( Hills Above the Village of Tran’Haleth, Somatrik Mountains, Cheyd’lang ))


Rouiancet/Herrick/Yinn: Responses


These ones and this world need not be divided.


This was what a former King’s Path leader had said at a military recruitment rally Achi’Trinot attended. That was 2 stal'lare (decades) ago, and in all this time, nothing had changed.


After the Dominion withdrawal, in the absence of structure, the Cheydlanga returned back to the caste system. Democracy was a generous term as most folks voted based on caste, which was creating a generational government that, in Arch’Trinot’s opinion, was stagnant.


There were what some would call fringe government factions that were ‘tolerated’ by the government, such as the King’s Path and the land it occupied. Chey’d were patient, as long as progress was being made in a grand design, such as working to overthrow the government, and they would bide their time until it was the right moment.


A civil war with the Mongar would be just the thing to set their plans back another stal’lare. Why were they on the King’s Path’s sovereign land? Particularly now when he was about to make a good bounty with these Starfleet.


Domeni’Dolce: Achi'Trinot you and your forces will stand down, you are outnumbered, outgunned.


Achi'Trinot: Outnumbered… but not outgunned. You only had the element of surprise and have now lost that tactical advantage. This one isn’t saying it won’t be bloody, but the math is in this one’s favour.


OOC: Stripped the Away Team Convo that Achi wouldn’t hear.


The Starfleet fleet and UDP people continued to babble amongst each other as Domeni’Dolce and Achi’Trinot stared at eachother across the potential battlefield. The dust had settled enough for the beads of their eyes to be visible.


Rouiancet/Herrick/Yinn: Responses


Domeni’Dolce: ::to Achi’Trinot:: That one will do as ordered. Starfleet those ones will cooperate as will dominion.


Achi'Trinot: (waving his arm out to the aliens) and deprive ourselves of people that could advance these one’s agenda?


Luriaa: They want to remain in control.  


This time the Vorta had been loud enough to hear.


Achi’Trinot: There is no question about who is in control.


OOC: Popped out some more away team convo.


The aliens continued to babble away. From the odd word that Achi’Trinot could make it, it seemed like they were debating who to ‘go with’. It was an unnecessary conversation, as it would be the King’s Path, but no need to get them riled up now. One problem at a time. He stared at the Mongar, seeing if the other one would back down against such confidence.


Instead, the Mongar inserted himself in the conversation of the team.


Domeni’Dolce: Dominion, those ones do not have authority here, you will "parlay" and cooperate.


Achi'Trinot: Yes, you could go with them. (beat) And, then you’d all die at my hands. Or, (waving his hand at the tank he was standing in) come with me and live to see tomorrow.


Fraya: (looking from Luriaa and turning to the Starfleet Officers) If I were you, I would think about other options at the moment. We still have an opportunity to negotiate and with the Mongar here we might be able to determine which of these options holds strength here on the planet.


Luriaa: These ones are *not* the Dominion.  Far from it.  These ones are from the United Dominion of Planets and wish to speak to those ones and negotiate. 


Rouiancet/Herrick/Yinn: Responses


A negotiation between all four parties was unexpected. Saving the ammunition would be better, a round save here is a round that would eventually be used in the capital.


Domeni’Dolce: Negotiation is permissible.


The convoy leader stepped out of the tank, maintaining firm eye contact with the other Chey’d leader.


Achi'Trinot: Depending on the terms.


Luriaa: These ones would prefer that.  


OOC: Removing what’s out of ear shot.


More indistinct babbling; these people liked to talk. He broke his gaze and looked towards them, and it was likely the biggest mistake of his career. He immediately felt pointed pressure against his neck, a field knife he guessed.


Domeni’Dolce: ::to one of his solders:: Inform command, Starfleet and Dominion are here. Arrest of Kings Path in progress. Further orders requested.

Achi’Trinot steeled himself; internally he was still reeling from the surprise but power came from confidence. As he spoke, he felt the tip of the blade sink in to create a superficial wound.


Achi'Trinot: This one sees you still have skills in the shadows. Be careful who you make an enemy of — this one and the King’s Path will not forget.


The Mongar leader seemed to be embolded by his small victory, and instead of replying, focused on the aliens. As he did, he realized how silent back it was behind him. Logic told him that his crew were likely unconscious or dead. Weapons meant nothing without operators.


Domeni’Dolce: Tell this one. Why is Starfleet here? Why is Dominion here? ::To Rouniacet:: That ones said people were taken? Explain!!!


Luriaa: These ones are not Dominion.  These ones are from the United Dominion of Planets.  We are not the Dominion. (beat) These ones wish to speak with you about friendship, not domination. 


Rouiancet/Herrick/Winters/Yinn: Response


Fraya: Response


Domeni’Dolce: ::Humpft:: Very well Starfleet and dominion cooperate with these ones and those ones will not be harmed. ::To Achi’Trinot:: Achi’Trinot. That one is under arrest for acts of terrorism against the chey’d people. If that one does not come quietly, that one will be killed.


There was a jab in Achi’Trinot’s neck, a signal for him not to retort. Instead, another man came to his right and grabbed his arm, pushing him forward. Just like Starfleet had been his prize catch of the day, it seemed this one was the Mongars.


Luriaa: Not Dominion. 


Luriaa repeated it with a sweet smile and a polite nod. 


Luriaa: If those ones prefer, these ones are from the ‘UDP’. 


Rouiancet/Herrick/Winters/Yinn: Response


Fraya: Responses


Luriaa: Perhaps it would be prudent to go along with it. 


The vorta stated as she turned to Achi’Trinot. 


Luriaa: That one is in no condition to fight back, and as that one has not established a treaty with these ones, these ones can not exert any authority.  Perhaps it is best to cooperate and then maybe those ones will be merciful.  


Domeni’Dolce: Consider what that one says Achi'Trinot. That one is outnumbered ::clicks his rifle:: and outgunned.


 As the knife pulled back from Achi’Trinot’s throat, it was a signal that he was allowed to speak. He looked at the weapon, stained in his blood, and looked back up.


Achi’Trinot: You fool, you could kill this one now. In fact, this one dares you. Whether it’s my body, these tanks or your artillery residue, the King’s Path will know what happened here. And, all of these ones’ plans to remove the government will refocus on removing this new obstacle. These ones’ supplies might not have enough to take them on now, but the word Mongar could soon reside only in the history books.


He left the words hang in the sky. He beak open with prideful arrogance. His life meant little in the grand calculation in everything — arithmetic that would inch them toward their goal.


Achi’Trinot: Your choice; martyr or prisoner.  


Rouiancet/Herrick/Winters/Yinn: Response


Fraya/Domeni’Dolce: Responses


Luriaa: Then let these ones and those ones speak together privately.  Perhaps these ones can assist you with your goals.


Achi'Trinot: Yes, by all means, plan and discuss.


Rouiancet/Herrick/Winters/Yinn: Response


Fraya/Domeni’Dolce: Responses


OOC: No new tags, they’ll be in the Herrick sim. 😊




Land Defender

King's Path



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