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  1. ((OOC: I often like to do a prologue solo sim post-mission, and I encourage others to do so. Lots of fun and gives people some insight to your character.)) ((Romulan Embassy, StarBase 118)) It had been about an hour, maybe more, since everything came to a halt. Investigators from Intel and Security had been summoned to the scene of the embassy. There was information that needed to be gathered. And questions to be answered. Aine had helped them to log imagery as well, of the scene and in particular of great importance, those officers killed. Once all was said and done, the bodies needed to be gathered. Aine took it upon herself. She was ultimately responsible for the lives of her officers and she wouldn't force anyone else to do it. Eventually, medical personnel would come by to cart them off to the morgue. She didn't know everyone's name in Security. It was near impossible with the thousands of people. After she'd moved their bodies into a row, laying them side-by-side as if they were standing at attention for an inspection, she scanned their combadges and entered the names into her PADD. A couple of the names were vaguely familiar. There would be messages to write, family to notify. And it was another thing she wouldn't expect others to do. It was all on her. The dust still hadn't settled. Not with all the movement in the area. It gave her an isolated feel. As if no one could see her. It was just her and the dead. After she scanned the last combadge, she turned her PADD off and placed it in her pocket. She sat down next to the last body in line, facing down the line, wrapping her arms around her shins and pulling her knees close. It seemed to be the first moment in hours that she had any time to breathe and think. They laid there, still. Every one of them. Her chest rose and fell slowly. One breath. Two. Three. Then suddenly it was as if she couldn't breathe. As if she was choking deep inside. She pulled her legs in tighter and buried her face against her knees. Sharp heaves came as did the tears. She felt like she was back on the Carpathia, the ship that had rescued the survivors of the Resolution. When she'd departed the yacht they'd used to escape Rinascita Station, she'd limped to a corner of the shuttle bay and watched before a medical officer rushed her to sickbay to get her injury treated. She remembered watching Yogan. He was taking a head count. He had the full list of one hundred and fifty people assigned to the Resolution. She had cried then as she was doing now. The one thing she hated about this job when things went wrong was that there was always a time when you had the chance to reflect. It wasn't the job, it wasn't getting shot at, it wasn't the danger that got to her. It was those times after all was said and done. She could feel herself getting angry and she stood up taking a couple deep breaths to get herself sorted. She wiped her face with the sleeve of her dusty jacket. The dust made her eyes sting. She gave the hem of the jacket a sharp tug and a cloud of dust lifted off of it. As if the galaxy was listening, a single chirp came from her combadge. Communication was back online. She gave it a tap. Sherlock: Sherlock to Security. To all off duty personnel. Our doctors and engineers could use a hand down here. If you're looking to help, come see me. I'll be here all night. Sherlock, out. End Lieutenant Aine Sherlock Chief of Security & Tactical StarBase 118 Ops R239712AS0
  2. ((Romulan Embassy Starbase 118)) Havran was relieved that J'Lynn acquiesced. He wasn't a doctor, but he knew that bleeding that didn't stop was bad. And he didn't want to lose her. She'd become important to him. Something about that fire she had, the passion for her...their people. They walked hand in hand to the nearest medical personnel. A part of him was nervous in doing so. J'Lynn: Havran, do you really think the Republic and the Free State can achieve peace despite all of this? s'Rehu: For the first time, I at least see it needs to happen, somehow. J'Lynn: You don't think they will simply blame each other and go back to the way things were? Havran let out a single breath of a laugh. Time could change many things, but not the nature of the Rihannsu. s'Rehu: I think that may be inevitable. It's in our blood. That may even be all the common ground we have left. J'Lynn stopped in her tracks. The slight pull at his hand seemed to urge Havran to turn and face her. J'Lynn: We are not as different as we are led to believe. Havran raised a single eyebrow, more akin to their Vulcan breathren. s'Rehu: It would appear we are more alike than different. Time seemed to freeze as they looked into each other's eyes. It was a moment that he couldn't define, couldn't describe. Something he'd never felt before. All he knew was that if this was all they had, he could be content. J'Lynn rose up on her toes. Havran's lips parted slightly thinking he would tell her not to. But no words came out. She moved closer to him and gently kissed him on the cheek. J'Lynn: You are a good man, Havran s'Rehu. s'Rehu: Only because I was shown a better way by a better woman. Never before in his life had he been so complimentary of another. Always taught the Rihannsu were superior to others and that among his own people, due to his bloodline, that he was superior to them. But not here. Here, he was humbled. He broke the awkward silence that followed with a clearing of his throat. s'Rehu: Come, let them take a look at that. J'Lynn: ? They had approached someone in a blue collar who seemed to be helping with those injured. Havran explained that they had not be in the embassy and that J'Lynn's injury was sustained during the rescue efforts and the medic went to work to heal the wound. Havran watched silently as it was all happening. Around them various Starfleet officers were helping others. He silently admired their call to action, especially when it was those who for over two hundred years were their enemy. Their compassion was beyond anything he'd learned about the Federation. Possibilities seemed boundless. s'Rehu: I've been thinking ::beat:: about what happens after all this. J'Lynn: ? s'Rehu: Choices need to be made, by me. J'Lynn: ? s'Rehu: That is one possible choice. J'Lynn: ? s'Rehu: Who would go back to the Free State and tell people the truth. The truth of what happened here. The truth of where we must go in the future. J'Lynn: ? tag/TBC Havran s'Rehu Praetoriate Council Assistant...for now Romulan Free State R239712AS0
  3. Congratulations to all! I'm thankful to have met such an interesting bunch of folks who happen to share an equally unhealthy love of Star Trek! 😁
  4. Sera’s dress hails from the independent Earth designer, “Gherkin,” who is headquartered in San Francisco. She entered the eccentric designer’s showroom to escape one of the horizontal rain showers that the city is known for during her academy days. Illogically enamored with Sera’s svelte form, he took her as a muse and demanded to have the honor of dressing her for formal events which Starfleet is known for. He simply wouldn’t take “No” for an answer. Sera’s dress is bias-cut from Triaxian silk to best accentuate her form. The color used is Imperial purple which is slated to be the “Color of the season,” and is going to be featured heavily in Gherkin’s upcoming fall collection. Gherkin is quoted as saying “I think this color shall play magnificently against her creamy skin and verdant green eyes. It shall suit her like a moonlight sonata, darling.” Being mindful of Sera’s Vulcan, heat-loving nature, it is also lined with a heat retaining liner, which she finds most…agreeable.
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