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Found 11 results

  1. My college-level procrastinated entry! The theme of this contest fit perfectly with a previous sim I did of of Ayiana, which explored the root cause of her claustrophobia. (See Disjoined for details; specifically Part 4 - "Dreamscape.")
  2. Not exactly sure how subconscious this is, since this is a memory from Iniko's past, but jhe still has nightmares about it and is a bit paranoid because of it. This is during the Romulan occupation of Duronis II, when Iniko had joined up with a group of protestors hoping to oust the Romulans.
  3. http://wiki.starbase118.net/wiki/index.php/File:DanielCainGraphics_Contest.png
  4. We have our winners for the Autumn Graphic Contest!!! The theme was "The dark subconscious mind" and our contestants have shown us their interpretation of the theme. We had great entries and because we have no people- or world category in this one (again), we combined these and have two winners and two runner ups! The winners of the Autumn Graphic Contest are... Drumroll please! Iniko Mpeba - A Long Time Ago and Ayiana Sevo - Entombed Our Runner ups are: Toni Turner - The Fear Within and Daniel Cain - VengeanceCongratulations to all four of you and thank you for everyone who has been partic
  5. We are proud to present you a new round of the "Starbase 118: Graphic contest". In this contest we recognize the amazingly talented artists we have among our membership. If you like to be artistic at any level, join in the fun. The theme of this round will be a little different than the others, a little... darker. "The dark subconscious mind". What monsters lurk in the dark secretive minds of our characters? Fears, secrets, desires and more! This can be anything. Use it as character building, to think about it if you have not yet, show us the dark subconscious mind of your character! SUBMI
  6. Hello, all! I've never done this before, and I can't believe I'm actually posting something artsy, but I gave it my best shot. Hope its not as bad as I think it is.
  7. Questions, comments or other discussion about the contest? Post here!
  8. Since I am facilitator of the contest, I am not going to enter this for judging etc but for the sheer fun of it. But the theme was so awesome I just had to do an image for it and would LOVE to share it with you guys. Jalana's biggest fear.
  9. Hi guys, Here is my submission for the Autumn Graphics Contest. I am completely new to this stuff but I wanted to try and get my feet wet in gimp
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