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  1. DS9 is my favourite for this very reason. I believe that this series above all the others focused on the every day aspect of life in Starfleet and the relationships in it were better played and written. Like others have said, Julian and Garak were the best representations of that, with Julian and Miles close behind in my opinion.
  2. There's a little bit of psycho I confess....

  3. Did that work for you? all I see is a black cross with the file name next to it
  4. Sorry don't know whats wrong, cant get the image to display in the post so I just put the URL in.
  5. http://wiki.starbase118.net/wiki/index.php/File:DanielCainGraphics_Contest.png
  6. How do you get the image in the post? I have done one in MS Paint, and cannot fathom how to do it.
  7. can it be a 2 people effort or does it have to be solo. The reason I ask is that I have a really good idea and can see it in my mind, however my graphic skills are somewhat lacking, and that's me been modest!
  8. Does it have to be about our Characters or can it be about anyone from Star trek?
  9. Any chance I get to serve on the Defiant ill take!
  10. What he said! Totally agree. DS9 was the series that got me Trekified. The thing that got me as well was the look into civilian life on a station and that there was a few sub plots going on all the time.Sure, each episode was watchable out of sequence, stood on its own. But the beauty was in the collective narrative, watching them in sequence. Plus Garak, in my top 3 characters. Well written and badass, in his own unflappable way.
  11. Just joking. I wouldn't actually do that I like this too much and in reading stuff on here, would likely get me kicked out. Don't wanna do that.
  12. Going a bit slow for my tastes at the moment. Wonder what would happen if I simmed my character on a killing spree.
  13. I have to admit, I always played as Romulans.
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