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  1. T'Suran stepped off the transport, looking down on the heads of the cadets in front of them. They fidgeted, adjusting their uniform, and pulling the strap of their bag higher up on their shoulder. They walked onward, moving aside to avoid blocking the doorway, then made their way to a group of cadets sitting around a table. As they slid into a seat and placed a covered hand on the shoulder of the Betazoid cadet beside them, the conversation stopped. “Nolli.” they greeted softly “T'Suran! Hi! These are Ukod, Rusee, Bolal, and Carjed.” She said as she gestured around the table. T'Suran nodded in acknowledgment, noting the Betazoid, Saurian, Andorian, and Trill men. She continued speaking “Boys this is T'Suran. They helped me graduate.” The men seemed unimpressed. “Vulcan?” Bolal grunted curiously. They inclined their head minutely. “Mostly. Greetings.” they refocused their attention on Nolli. “Shall we go sign in? You had requested I accompany you.” She jumped up and replied happily. “Yep! Let's go!” She seized their hand and hauled them off towards the sign-in booth. T'Suran found themselves grateful for the gloves they wore. As the two approached the table, T'Suran paused to take their PADD out and gestured for Nolli to do the same. “Thanks, T'Suran.” “It was not a problem.” They reached the table and moved handed their PADD to the officer seated behind. “Cadet T'Suran? Half-Vulcan? 5'10" and 24 years of age?” T'Suran nodded at each question. “Look at this Bill, another Doctor. We just had a Caitian Doctor come through.” T'Suran stood formally while the officer finished reading through their information, frequently making comments. “All right Doctor you're all set. Run and get some food or something, you have around three hours.” T'Suran acknowledged and thanked him before moving to where Nolli was waiting. “So you want to go to get some food?” “If you wish” they acquiesced. The two moved towards the Turbolift, loading inside with several others. T'Suran observed that, despite the human majority, many of the rarer races could be found. They spotted a few who may be Vulcan judging by the pale skin and straight posture mirrored on their own body. As they stepped out into the commercial area they looked down at Nolli, noticing she was pulling on their sleeve. They tilted their head softly, asking what she wanted. "T'Suran? Can I braid your hair? It's so long and... Well, you know. It's blonde." They smiled softly at the excitable girl. "Of course you may. Thank you Nolli." They closed their pale brown eyes. The girl was much kinder than others who pointed out the features that made them so clearly hybrid.
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