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About Me


  Full name: David Knight

  Date of birth (Age): 237105.16 (23)

  Species: Human

  Gender: Male

  Hair color: Dark Brown

  Eye color: Hazel

  Height: 1.8 Meters

  PRIMARY FIELD: Intelligence


  Augmented appendages: Left eye

  Awards: Legacy Ribbon,Innovation Ribbon,Legion of Merit,The Explorers Ribbon

  OOC Awards: The Scotty Cross, The Black Cross



  Parents: Father - Allen Knight

  Mother - Elizabeth Knight

  Siblings: Jayne Knight

  Spouse: N/A

  Children: N/A




Born on Star Base 39-Sierra, David Knight grew up frequenting the nearby broken sierra system with his parents. Whom had hoped he would join Star Fleet as a Science Officer as they had been. But as the years passed, David found more than a passing interest in weapons systems and Intelligence based studies; his parent’s interests started to favor his sister who took naturally science based studies within Star Fleet. When his parents felt he was mature enough they allowed him to take part in a studies program of the systems remaining surface that had been deemed safe. However, he quickly became adept at fooling sensors into giving false locations, so that he could venture out of the "lame zones" as he liked to call them.

When he reached the age of 17 his sister had continued to over shadow him in their parent’s interests, so he enrolled at Star Fleet academy making rather unremarkable scores on his entrance exam as a Tactical officer. However, as fate would have it, an opening for a Tactical position was not available. Despite this he was offered entrance into Star Fleet’s Intelligence program at the academy. His parents promptly objected but he took the opportunity and continued his career as normal, however no matter where he went the gravity never quite felt right to him.

His time at the academy was fairly...well totally boring, which lead to one or two modifications to his academy courses scores. Nothing to outrageous of course. He was never caught but one of class mates in the Black Tower a Vulcan Named Orin, suspected him of cheating but could never prove anything. Which prompted a short but inconclusive visit to the see the head of Black Tower operations. Much like Orin he suspected his counter part but was confident the only way the Vulcan could have known was if he was cheating himself. But as his time on earth carried on he found himself visiting distantly related relatives who presented him with a replicated long sword to remind him of his Knightly heritage. The Final night before leaving for his first assignment he had the fortune to attend a secret lecture that was being held by a Cardassian named Garak who claimed to be the former head of the " Obsidian order ". 

After a roughly a year on board the Atlantis stationed in the Par'Tha Expanse, he gained a new appreciation for being flexible as an intelligence officer, seeing his ship and crew mates engage in combat far more often than he expected. Despite this his job never ceased and the role as the ships signals intelligence officer continued as nothing had ever happened. While on an away mission Knight suffered an injury that resulted in the eventual loss of his left eye, though apprehensive he agreed to have ocular implant to replace the injured eye. 

After successfully obtaining the custody of a known Valcarian agent to Federation space, Knight was called to a special inquiry. His connection to a Star Fleet Intelligence college that had defected to a foreign power was called into question. After an investigation no evidence could be found of wrong doing or hidden loyalties, but suspicions still remained within Star Fleet Intelligence and his clearance was downgraded. Given his secondary training at Star Fleet Academy, Knight was transferred to the position of Tactical officer on the U.S.S Atlantis.

Lieutenant Knight

Tactical Officer

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