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  1. Congratulations again to everyone who was awarded this year. Deepest thanks to those who facilitated, coordinated and made this ceremony possible. For those who didn't win an award, this wasn't a loss. There's an entire fleet of incredibly talented people that comprise this wonderful community. See it, as I do, as a challenge to yourselves to keep writing great stories. To keep leaning on each other for inspiration, guidance, or even, when the time comes, a shoulder or ear to listen to the reasons why your motivation is sapped or waning. We are Starbase 118. @FltAdml. Wolf Created and co
  2. A grand and mighty huzzah and congratulations to all of you! @Wes Greaves As a person who has not one, but two Marine PNPCs on board Atlantis I will definitely be taking a look at your thoughts on simming for them with the fleet.
  3. Huzzah! Congratulations to all of you! @Roshanara Rahman & @Oddas Aria I'm especially excited to see ya'll receive your awards. Having served with ya'll, however briefly on Project Capstone I wanted you to know that I have the utmost respect for you both, as writers and fellow comrades in arms in this wonderful fleet of ours. It is no mystery that I absolutely love the collaborative aspect of our fleet, and have written so...so many JPs with folks from ships all over it. So, it was an absolutely joy to have been able to represent Atlantis with a few of my fellow Atlanteans, fo
  4. You dis-like me you really dis-like me! Glad to make characters ya'll can hate.
  5. Let's make it happen! It's been a joy reading your sims for Cade. There's just something great about those curmudgeonly, older characters who aren't afraid to be gruff and blunt. *coughs* @Valin Dermont *coughs* I love reading every sim you write with Mark Two. Such a wonderful innocent and youthful hologram.
  6. Congratulations to ya'll! My favorite part of the year is seeing all you wonderful, beautifully talented people being awarded!
  7. Welcome! I'm Rameses and write for a few characters on two ships in the fleet. This is my third year with 118 and I'm loving it! Glad to have ya'll on board.
  8. Just have to say, I think I speak for all of us Atlanteans when I say he's never been more deserving of a punch in the face. Or being beamed into space. Great job as always @Kiliak Jo ((ooc: I offered to write for the incomparable Mr. Perkins some months ago, so I figure I'm up. Uh, obviously I love you all, but I'm writing as Mr. Perkins below, so... rest assured it's all in good fun... I recommend you go easy on the tags ahead though, I'm not trying to upstage your mission with 'local knowledge' if you get my drift)) ((Guest Quarters, USS Atlantis))
  9. ((Absolutely great glimpse back into s small portion of the history of our fleet. Great job @Jalana)) (( Dream - Flashback, Trill Private Service, TSS Farel, 2230 )) There he was, all calm and quiet, as if he had all the time in the world instead of being executed in less than a day. She had not seen a single motion from him ever since he had been brought into the cell and sat down on the thin pallet that was his bed. A statue. That kind of statue that had killed millions of people in a purge only he and his followers believed in. Her ocean blue eyes remained on the unmoving b
  10. ((Best dates always end up in jail, right? :P)) ((Hinji Sector - Starbase 104)) Yito: You hear that? Spears: Yeah. Some kind of a disturbance back in the main area. ::They weren’t the only ones to notice. The people around them started to shift uneasily. Some moved toward the source of the shouting, the majority tried to move closer to the walls and into the studio.:: :: Seja listened quietly, hoping to pick something up a stray comment, so kind of clue but everyone was just speculating like them. :: Spears: I mean, I feel like w
  11. ((Absolutely entertaining sim. Totally adorable couple.)) ((Promenade - Starbase 104)) ::The party was over, the last patients had been transferred to the station, Cadet Malyz had volunteered to oversee the resupply of sickbay after all the materials they had used during the mission. That meant Ed was blissfully free to do the one thing he’d been looking forward to since the mission ended; finally getting some free time with Seja. Ed was sure they both knew what they were getting themselves into. Both were department heads. Both put their roles on the ship before any pe
  12. Absolutely awesome! Congratulations to all the winners, you continue to be the hallmark for which many of us strive to reach. @Jalana & @Alex Blair I'ts an honor to serve with both of you. As CO and FO respectively of the Conny, you make every day simming a joy because we know there will always be someone to tag you, or reply to tags. (Easy since half of the Conny is staffed by our Fleet Captain's PNPCs. :P) Huzzah!
  13. Woohoo! Congratulations to all of you wonderful, beautiful people! You all are part of what makes this community so absolutely engaging and one of the best parts of my life. I'd like to give a special shout out to @Kurt Logan, it's been a pleasure simming with you and seeing the friendship between Logan and Raga devlop being the two on the ship with the strongest Martyr complexes. And to @Femi Cattan. I've said it before and always will. Once an Atlantean, always. No matter how far in the galaxy you go, and what posting you're on you are an Atlantean. Congrats!!
  14. Toryn's more serious after his month long ordeal being captive of the Consortium, but wouldn't miss the awards for anything.
  15. Hey all, it's that time of year again. I hope ya'll got a chance to nominate your fellow crewmates for awards. And I also hope you've gotten an image for your PCs rocking proper wear for such a momentous occasion! Last year we change our forum avatars for the awards and kept them up until the end of the month. But I also thought it'd be fun to showcase what your characters are wearing for the ceremony. Or would. To that end, here is Toryn's fancy garb. Keep in mind what the man's been through too.
  16. Hey Ally, Glad to have you back! Though I've joined since you've left it's nice to see former 118ners return.
  17. Thanks! @Maddi Hyden I was quite emotional while writing this. I'm glad you enjoyed reading it as much as I enjoyed writing it. Though we all love our characters and don't want them to suffer, this is part of what helps them grow. Have to balance the good, with the bad.
  18. Thanks! I had a lot of fun envisioning an MSPNPC that was different than the ones we've had before. Glad it was an enjoyable read.
  19. oO ((Deck 13 - A Strange Experience)) When she could see again, the first thing she saw was herself. She was lying on the floor of Deflector Control, her eyes were shut. Raga was leaning over her, he was mouthing words but made no sound. She looked down at her hands, they were her hands, and she wasn't frightened but she couldn't help but wonder if she was alive or dead. A voice answered her. Prao: Still poking around in places you shouldn't be, eh Jojo? She spun around. Only one person called her that. It was unmistakably the voice of her d
  20. ((Transporter Room 4 - USS Constitution)) ::If one wandered into the rarely-used Transporter Room 4 during the Beta shift, they would spy a lean, lanky and tall Grazerite behind the control console. Day in and day out, he stood there, sometimes running minor diagnostics, sometimes rearranging the layout of the LCARS panels, but mostly he ruminated. And the odd time, one would see him at his journal.:: ::An archaic keepsake, that journal. Hide-bound, tied with silk ties, it was emblazoned in gold leaf on its cover in florid Grazerite cursive - "THE STYLISTIC WRITINGS OF THE
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