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  1. A massive well done and congratulations to you all!! It has been my absolute pleasure writing and working alongside you all over the past 12 months. You are what makes this community such an incredible place, with your talent, enthusiasm and hard work! Thank you to you all
  2. @Lephi I genuinely laughed at Lephi's reaction to Brex!! ((Security Director’s Office, Mephinii Spaceport, Illara Prime, Par’Tha Expanse)) Ganarvuss: Captain Logan, I’d like to take Ensign Yalu or Lephi with me to talk to the suspects. Logan: ? Lephi paused for a brief second, considering her situation as she stood on the balls of her feet reflexively, trying not to look too eager. She was weighing the pros and cons methodically in her head trying to figure out where she would be most helpful. Lephi: All due respect to Ensign Yalu, I truly feel I would be better suited
  3. For the first time, Jarred opted against dress whites for the Annual Awards
  4. Hello and welcome @Lephi glad that you found us, it's great to have you with us and looking forward to seeing you around the fleet!
  5. Hello Jeroen, glad to have you with us and looking forward to seeing you around!
  6. Hello Lee! I'm pleased you were able to find us and am looking forward to seeing you around
  7. ((Beta Quadrant, Par'tha Expanse, USS Atlantis, Level 9B, Science Lab 11, House Larkon Space, Paldor System, Mining Asteroid Belt)) Pulling his hand out of the caved in and shattered helmet Kurt looked up to the only other person making any noise in the Lab, the sobbing of the Lavender haired, scared Nurse. The sight would have been enough to break the heart of anyone, for Kurt the fury sitting in him dissolved away to nothing. Standing up he moved slowly towards the frozen Antosian. Logan::Quitely:: Avea... Shouting wasnt going to help she looked to much in sh
  8. ((Corridor, USS Atlantis)) {{Day 15 of Shoreleave }} Dermont found himself fidgeting with the pips on his collar as he walked his way through the corridor. He would never admit it, but there was a part of him that was a bit self-conscious. All of the ensigns that joined the ship around the same time as him were all Lieutenant Commanders and some of the senior-most leadership on board the Atlantis. And all of the people he still considered the “new guys” were mostly the same rank as he was. It stung a bit. Dermont: oO Wait a minute there, Valin. Aren’t ya the man tell
  9. Welcome @Bolianbob, pleased you found us and looking forward to seeing you around
  10. ((Ambassador’s Yacht Kirym - Somewhere in the Kaleth Woods, Tibro)) Thoran: Ambassador, how long do you think it will take for somebody to pick up the signal and make tracks towards us? Too soon for her liking. If she were General Asil she would have a special operations team waiting to depart Keibrom as soon as the distress signal was detected armed to the teeth. Thankfully she was not like such a contemptible officer. Perhaps he was in no hurry to confirm the success. But in her heart, she knew they were on the way. If Asil planned for the crash to kill her, he wouldn
  11. Hello @Alieth and welcome aboard, glad to have you with us. Hope to see you in the academy soon!
  12. Welcome to our little corner of the internet @Jay Lee . Glad to have you with us. Training is an absolute blast and look forward to seeing you on the flippity flip
  13. Absolutely love the feigning the character does! Great job @Kiliak Jo ((en route to Deep Space 26, low orbit over Paldor II)) Absentmindedly ignoring the pratter of the jarheads and sacrificial security drones crowding the small shuttle space, Perkins set his finely-tuned wonder of a mind to the task at hand. How was he going to singlehandedly rescue this station and the planet below from imminent disaster? The uncooperative nature of the Atlantis company of misfits only made clear his burden as the lone champion called to serve in this dark hour. He stared out the window and mu
  14. Nothing quite like reading about the daily grind of an Operations Officer. Great work @Esa_Darkkdust ((Bridge, Deck 1, USS Atlantis)) ((Final Day of Shore Leave)) Even as the excitement, heartbreak, arguments and joys of Shore Leave began to draw to a close, there was still a reasonable level of ‘holiday buzz’ around the crew, even as they prepared to depart for their impending assignment. Nobody was really any the wiser about what Starfleet had in store for the intrepid crew of Atlantis, except maybe the Intelligence folks, who had probably intercepted every transmission
  15. I'm delighted to present the badges for this years award ceremony - including the all new, one time only 25th Anniversary Badge. This legendary badge recognises members who are active during the annual Awards Ceremony on the fleet's 25th year anniversary. All active members as of June 30, 2019, have earned this badge. See below for the full badge list. If you believe you should have earned the badge but are not listed, contact your CO. Learn more about badges and how to display them on your wiki pages here. And don't forget: Make sure you take our survey about the
  16. Reading through these reminds me just how fantastic our community is, and many talented people fill our ranks. I have not had the opportunity to write with many of you, but I hope that is not always the case! @Kayla Drex whilst I have not (yet at least) written with you, I have nevertheless been blown away by your attention to detail and your passion for the sciences - congratulations! @Rune Jolara I never cease to be amazed by the depths of your talents and how easily your able to slip between roles - congratulations!
  17. It is truly an honour to get to work with such high calibre people - congratulations to you all, and thank you for all your hard work and efforts
  18. Welcome to the final day of the awards ceremony. So far this week we’ve announced the recipients of the Staff, General, Length of Service and Special awards. Today we present the Duty Post awards. Each award focuses on a different department from the major ones such as medical, operations or engineering to the more unique - like diplomacy, intel or marines. Even civilians have a chance to be recognised for the valuable contributions that can be made to our stories by those who prefer the path less worn. Each of these awards recognises a player for excellence in simming their duty post. Since o
  19. Congratulations to you all - some truly inspiring write ups there!! @Luna Walker & @Kelrod 15 years is an absolutely mind blowing length of time to have been here - I can only imagine the things your characters have seen during their tenure here. @Groznin Smith Again - congratulations and thank you for all you do to bring in new members. @Jo Marshall Don't think that this recognition in any validates you always turning the class into a Lovecraftian horror tale @Theo Whittaker You never cease to amaze me in everything you do! @Kali Nicholotti Wow, congratulations
  20. Today we are proud to present the Length of Service and Special Awards. Length of Service Awards are presented to members who have been continuously active for at least a year, there are also tiers for three, five, ten, fifteen, twenty and even twenty five years of continuous service. This year, 30 players have reached a length of service milestone. Of those, 13 are celebrating their first milestone, having picked-up the award for one year of active membership. Another 7 have achieved three years active membership and 5 more have been here for five years. 3 players have reached the
  21. A massive congratulations to all those who have received awards so far! As the Awards Facilitator this year I have felt privileged to see the nominations - and wow, I can tell you that I do not envy those having to choose the recipients. Each and every person in this fleet has done and continues to do an incredible job, and I never ceased to be amazed by the depths of all your talents - it is truly humbling to be amongst such an incredible community - a community that is so amazing because all of you. @Anath G'Renn I have watched you grow during your time with the fleet into the outstand
  22. Welcome to day one of the annual Awards Ceremony! We’re very excited to present the General Awards. The General (Ship) Awards have been presented by each captain to their crew. The winners this year, as in previous years, were chosen by the fleet’s commanding officers (or in cases where the commanding officer was also nominated, the first officer was called in to decide) from the nominations made by you! This is your chance to see how each of the other ships did and see who picked up what award. The Order of Starfleet Merit and Achievement First Class (TOSMA) The Order of Sta
  23. Jarred decided against dress whites this year, opting instead for this smart little number
  24. A wonderful reunion - truly a joy to read from @Sal Taybrim & @Theo Whittaker ((Ready Room - Deck One - USS Columbia)) ((Time Index: Two days after Columbia leaves the Spiral Nebula)) ::From the porthole in his ready room, Theo watched the Columbia slipping into orbit of Delta Vega I, slowly gently rolling into place until the orb of the red-brown planet appeared as a slim crescent across the bottom of the narrow window. He sipped his chamomile tea as he felt the tension of the past day evaporating from his body. Kaironn was in custody, the ancient Tkon relics were b
  25. A huge congratulations to you both, a truly fantastic achievement
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