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  1. Can I vote for the Skarbek episodes? Teehee, on a more serious note, I opted for In a Mirror Darkly. Enterprise was my first and favorite series, and seeing this darker side of them was awesome.
  2. While Replicators, Tricorders and Transporters would be very awesome and useful, I gotta vote for Warp Drives. I wanna explore strange new worlds!
  3. Piravao isn't the biggest fan of big fancy events, but she does know how to dress for the occasion
  4. Enterprise, Faith of the Heart is the only one I can sing along to as it plays
  5. Piravao's Zhavey (mother) is a politician. This meant that while Piravao was growing up she didn't see much of her mother because she was always away in the capital for Political Business. Piravao gained a healthy distaste for politics (and her Zhavey) because of this. A political career would be the last thing on her mind.
  6. While the Defiant is a damn nice ship, I just can't ever get over how cute and silly the Oberth class looks, it gets my vote
  7. The small computer screen snapped into focus, a familiar sight in the background. Her Zhavey’s office, and taking up the foreground, Ejherenna zh’Qynallahr, her Zhavey. Piravao sighed and sank back in her seat, antennae flicking away to focus on some other part of the small shuttle. “What do you want, Ejherenna?” Her tone was dismissive, uninterested and mildly irritated. “Is a Zhavey not allowed to call her child from time to time?” Ejherenna’s antennae flicked in a way which indicated her feelings had been hurt by Piravao’s dismissiveness. “Last time we spoke you tried to conv
  8. Can we submit more than one entry? For example, a solo entry, and one with a friend?
  9. Tasha is feeling flighty, and has turned up in a bird covered dress which emphasizes this.
  10. Medical. Tasha is massively Hemophobic, the moment someone comes in and is bleeding, she's gonna freak out! I almost clicked Intelligence, as Tasha has a strong misconception about what Intel officers actually do. Ironic when you consider she's going out with the Chief Intelligence Officer of the Gorkon.
  11. I quite like the UFOP emblem, and the Klingon one, but my favorite was the emblem of the Andorian Empire, as seen in ENT
  12. There is no such thing as impossible, only highly unlikely. Tasha is the kind of person who would see that she cannot win, and simply adapt or force the situation in such a way that a victory becomes possible. She likes a challenge, and if you told her that something was impossible, it would be the perfect incentive for her to prove you wrong.
  13. Just speak to Tasha, I'm sure she would be willing to make one for you 😆
  14. I let Tasha go crazy, those sims where she was drunk were waaaay too fun to write. Here's to the crew of the Skarbek! Raises mug in salute.
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