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  1. Hi guys, I don't seem to have the paintbrush tool, am I just being an idiot and looking in the wrong place? I want me some stars!
  2. Huh, a pro-alpaca crowd, hey... How do you guys feel about pushme-pullyous?
  3. That was amazing, Nira! I really enjoyed reading it. I hope you enjoy training and simming as much - I look forward to seeing you on the other side! :-D
  4. Definitely gold again for me. Although my first foray into the Star Trek universe began with TNG, when I started to watch TOS it just seemed to make so much more sense (to me, I know it's all relative and subjective).
  5. Thanks, I should have spotted that. That was pretty dumb of me :-S
  6. Hi all, Does SB118 have a fleet in Star Trek Online? Thanks!
  7. AMAZING!!! The sheer professionalism and high-quality production on such a low budget made this a pleasure to watch, but the story, writing and characters made this a great Star Trek episode! The make-up and costumes especially are equal to the original shows (although I admit to not really caring for the fed uniforms, I cannot criticise their quality). With a better budget for the CGI effects, this could easily sit as a Paramount Trek episode. Well done! I really hope we get to see more adventures with the Icarus!
  8. Hey Gene! Will we be training together? It will be nice to have an experienced simmer aboard! :-) Can't wait to start writing with you and everyone else! I hope we have a great week together!
  9. Hi All! My name is Avi, I'm playing Shurimal Vex, an Ullian, and today is my first day of training!! (Although it's 5AM, so I may be a bit early!) I was born in Cornwall, UK, and lived in London until a few months ago when I moved to Haifa, Israel. I hope to work in agriculture in the Negev desert, especially I'm interested in living in a self-sufficent, 'ecological' community (I guess I'm still a bit of a hippy...). I love Star Trek, I love writing, so when I found SB118 I was over the moon! In addition to Star Trek I also love Doctor Who, Fringe, X-Files and a host of other traditional geeky
  10. The air at the top of the dome shimmered beneath the artificial sun, simulated clouds swirling slowly a kilometre above his head. Even after five years here, Shurimal Vex still found the starbase as beautiful as it was improbable. From every wall the wasn't a window to the Milky Way beyond, flowers and foliage hung in exotically manicured designs. Fountains and plants from every corner of the quadrant lined the plazas and wide promenades which led to shops, restaurants, temples, buildings of every shape and purpose. A whole city floating in space and housing innumerable species and cultures. I
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