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  1. Reporting to the Victory soon.

  2. Working with my fellow Ops and HCOs to put together a shipboard organizational chart.

  3. I have met a lot of Warrant Officer that fit that description.
  4. Practice, Practice, Practice

  5. The universe of Star Trek is big enough that a brand new series can be done in 3D animation.
  6. Starting my first mission onboard the Excalibur

  7. I liked the Enterprise-E. It was a pretty boat.
  8. This has been a lot of fun.

  9. Thank you Admiral. This has been fun. I will be able to give more time, once I finish college.
  10. Learning and growing.

  11. Welcome everyone. I joined a couple of months ago and am enjoying this very much.
  12. Finished my first mission onboard the Constitution-B. This has been a blast.

  13. Assigned to the Constitution and started my first post.

  14. Graduated. Awaiting assignment.

  15. In training and finding it interesting and a lot of fun.

  16. First day of training. Waiting for my email to start.

  17. Good evening everyone, My name is Mike. I currently live in Loganville, GA. I found your site at I was looking for information on the organization of the starships in Star Trek. I was curious because I am retired from the Navy after 20 years of active duty. In the picture, I am the one in the yellow helmet with orange stripes. I work nights at a Contact center. So I have plenty of time to play. Have a great day, Mike
  18. Waiting for training to start.

  19. Cadet First Class Cole Stoyer stepped of the transporter pad to the “The Promenade”. With a couple of hours to before reporting to the academy and getting started, he decided to walk along and remember the good times he had here when U.S.S. Shiloh docked and the crew was put on liberty. Thinking about the journey that brought him to his cadet cruise. The shuttle bay fire that and his actions that helped get the promotion are always in his thoughts. The request for admission to the academy was quickly approved and the transfer granted. The thought of being a Division Officer on a starship will be a great adventure. Cole never gave any thought of a career in Starfleet when he enlisted as a Boatswain’s Mate. But he found that he enjoyed the work and looked forward to being a ship’s Bos’un one day, a Chief Warrant Officer Four. Now only a couple of hours from starting at the academy and becoming an officer, his thoughts turn the academic parts that worry him. The leadership and decision making aspect of the academy will come easy to an experienced Petty Officer like him. A dinner at the “The Salty Dawg”, Cole saw some former shipmates and spoke about old times and sea stories. They congratulated him on the appointment. Of course some jokes about the abilities of Ensigns, but that is expected from senior enlisted. Cole heads to the academy with a full stomach and a clear mind, looking forward to this.
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