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  1. I would have voted for Trip, but he did not last as long as O'Brien.
  2. Hello! My real name is Julio Vannini. I am from Nicaragua, Central America. I am a returning simmer willing to start fresh in the new and updated fleet. I first enrolled in 2006 using my real name as my character alias and was posted at the StarBase Ops, then the USS Discovery B (under Capt. Waltas), and then trasferred to the USS Victory. I became CEO of Discovery with the rank of LtCmdr. As for now, I work as Science Teacher in an american private shool. I hope to start training (again!) soon. As I said, I want to start fresh with a new character name. Best regards!
  3. Hello, old friend! :)

  4. Hello, Tracey! Thanks for your warm welcome and for adding me in your friends list! :)

  5. Is my character still a viable one? Should I start with a fresh new one?

    I am willing to come back and start simming, at least with a couple of sims weekly... slow but steady...

    What do you think, sir?

  6. Hello Sir!

    How's everything aboard the ship?


  7. Thank you, Sidney! 37 rounds around the Sun... and still revolving! :P

    Sadly, still I am in LOA. I am practically in the roll of second in command for the IT department so... my obligations have rised... but I still have my eye on SB118 (and Discovery) :) My Trekkie-heart is with you, guys! :)

    Hopefully I may return in few months :)

  8. I think this SIM shows a very important part of the Character's life as a child. The struggle of a young man with his father's beliefs and his heritage is very realistic. Me, being a RL dad, know this is quite true.
  9. ((Bridge, Son'a Warship)) ::The deckplate felt good, cool and comforting against his cheek. His lungs and stomach burned with what he knew now as poison running through his veins. He opened his eyes and saw only a blur, closed them again in a fit of nausea.:: ::The Ba'ku was old. Older than most humanoids ever dreamed of being. He'd seen over 230 years-and in that time he had learned a great deal. It wasn't his Starfleet training he called upon, or his martial arts skills, or his well-trained body. None of those would serve him here. He harkened back to a simpler time.:: ((224 years ago, Ba'ku
  10. (( Unknown )) :: McCall continued his walk toward and arrived at what he thought would be the last stardate. To his surprise it was not, the next tombstone had today's stardate on it. The name on it was Eskyys. One by one the next tombstone had another name of an away team member. The last tombstone had the name Rei Garrett. McCall placed his hand on the stone, which was not only real but cold to the touch. Only then did he notice next was a freshly dug open grave. The cloaked figure was now behind him and whispered.: :: UNKNOWN: You failed them as well. Thy saved you from Romulus and you let
  11. ((Flightbay - USS Fearless - Aurix System)) ::Two Valkyrie fighters slid smoothly one-two through the mag-con field. Landing skids deployed on approach kissed the deck as the fighters touched down. Using a touch of maneuvering thrusters and the drag of the skids on the deck, both fighters smoothly came to a stop. Each fighter then turned to clear the landing area and maneuver into their specific parking spots.:: ::In the lead Valkyrie, Commander Adam Lee ran the shutdown checklist, shutting down the fighter's major systems while his WSO shut down his systems. With a flick of a switch, the cano
  12. (( Las Bahamas, Sol III )) :: A soft breeze coming from the Ocean played with the blond hair of Mira Kaschenko. Wearing a sexy bikini, she was running on the Beach, playing with Hannibal, looking back to Julio every now and then, smiling to him :: :: Julio was not far from the beach, sitting under a big umbrella, enjoying a tropical drink. Carrying his binoculars, he watched the Russian girl from a safe distance :: VANNINI: oO Wow! I knew she looked good on that uniform... but I didn't know she looked THAT good! Oo :: sipping his drink :: :: Absorted by the wonderful scene, he failed to notice
  13. :: looks down :: oh! sorry... It was beneath the books....
  14. :: raises hand :: Question: where can I find the topic and explanation for the next challenge?
  15. Temporal mechanics? Oy!!! That's a challenge! Think I'm having some clues about an entry here...
  16. oO Laughs... am I hearing laughs? Oo :: As he walked through the darkenned alley, he was sure about hearing several tiny voices laughing on the distance. His hands, palping the rugged surface of the walls tried to show him the way out of that path. The single touch of his fingers revealed a solid and cold surface, not metallic. Humidity on the air told him he was walking inside a tunnel of some sort. He rised his hands as if trying to touch the roof, but he couldn't reach anything :: oO I can't remember how I got here... I can't see anything! Where am I? Oo :: He walked slowy, with his left ha
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