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  1. I would have voted for Trip, but he did not last as long as O'Brien.
  2. Hello! My real name is Julio Vannini. I am from Nicaragua, Central America. I am a returning simmer willing to start fresh in the new and updated fleet. I first enrolled in 2006 using my real name as my character alias and was posted at the StarBase Ops, then the USS Discovery B (under Capt. Waltas), and then trasferred to the USS Victory. I became CEO of Discovery with the rank of LtCmdr. As for now, I work as Science Teacher in an american private shool. I hope to start training (again!) soon. As I said, I want to start fresh with a new character name. Best regards!
  3. Hello, old friend! :)

  4. Hello, Tracey! Thanks for your warm welcome and for adding me in your friends list! :)

  5. Is my character still a viable one? Should I start with a fresh new one?

    I am willing to come back and start simming, at least with a couple of sims weekly... slow but steady...

    What do you think, sir?

  6. Hello Sir!

    How's everything aboard the ship?


  7. Thank you, Sidney! 37 rounds around the Sun... and still revolving! :P

    Sadly, still I am in LOA. I am practically in the roll of second in command for the IT department so... my obligations have rised... but I still have my eye on SB118 (and Discovery) :) My Trekkie-heart is with you, guys! :)

    Hopefully I may return in few months :)

  8. I think this SIM shows a very important part of the Character's life as a child. The struggle of a young man with his father's beliefs and his heritage is very realistic. Me, being a RL dad, know this is quite true.
  9. ((Bridge, Son'a Warship)) ::The deckplate felt good, cool and comforting against his cheek. His lungs and stomach burned with what he knew now as poison running through his veins. He opened his eyes and saw only a blur, closed them again in a fit of nausea.:: ::The Ba'ku was old. Older than most humanoids ever dreamed of being. He'd seen over 230 years-and in that time he had learned a great deal. It wasn't his Starfleet training he called upon, or his martial arts skills, or his well-trained body. None of those would serve him here. He harkened back to a simpler time.:: ((224 years ago, Ba'ku Homeworld)) ::The grove was quiet-too quiet for the rambunctious, long-haired boy that tore through the undergrowth, heedless of the tiny scratches the branches left on his skin. The wind tugged at his hair, drawing it back from his bare shoulders as he increased his speed, his grin wider by the second. His brilliant blue eyes saw everything, far ahead of where he ran. His sensitive hearing picked up birdsong and the rustle some of the forest denizens made as they embarked on their daily search for food.:: GYRULD: Tyr? TYR! ::His father's voice cut through the sound of wind whistling past his ears and he slowed his run to a gentle jog, allowing the much older Ba'ku to catch up with him. His father was...timeless. He'd been there since the beginning-since his people settled on this planet and realized the near-immortality its rings offered. He could tell by the tone of his father's voice he'd upset him..yet again.:: GYRULD::Panting as he caught up to his son:: What do you think you're doing, Tyr? ::The young Ba'ku turned his blue eyes to his father, pleading what he already knew to be a lost cause. He'd taken off from church again- this time he'd been caught red-handed by one of the clerics. Disappearing into the woods, like he always did. To the same grove he always ran. And his father had caught him.:: TYR: I.. GYRULD: You disobeyed me..AGAIN. ::Sighing, he sat down on a nearby stone:: Tyr, why do you insist on disobedience? You know that the gathering is important to us. TYR: But it's not important to ME, father. I have my own beliefs and I know what they are. I don't need some stuffy guy in a robe telling me what to believe or to read a book written by a man, telling me how to worship my God. I know how... ::The words were blasphemy, but the elder Ba'ku had come to expect them from his wayward son. Tyr had always been fiercely independent- defiant, perhaps was a better word. He looked away for a moment.:: GYRULD: I wish I had taken you sooner. Then you'd understand. TYR::Sitting on the ground opposite his father:: Dad, I'm glad you didn't. It let me think for myself-form my own opinions instead of having them programmed into me before I knew any better. GYRULD::Smiling: : You think you have all the answers, don't you? TYR::Looking away:: No..I didn't mean it that way. GYRULD: Tyr..you have to understand-the universe isn't always capable of being bent to your will. Some things are meant to be and there are paths we're supposed to walk, even if you don't understand why you're walking them. TYR: I don't WANT to walk those paths, father. I want to make my own. ::His eyes went to the setting sun, which seemed to light the sky on fire. Stars began to appear in the twilight:: I want to see what's out there... ::The elder Ba'ku shook his head, realizing his son's mind was already as far away from church as it could be.:: GYRULD: You're dreaming of starships and new worlds... Alright, Tyr..no more church. ::Holding up his hand at his son's sudden rush of excitement:: HOWEVER..I have a lesson for you. TYR: What NOW? GYRULD: Close your eyes. Center yourself. Take a few deep breaths and clear your mind. ::Tyr closed his eyes, drawing in the cooling evening air and letting it cleanse him, then exhaled slowly through his mouth. Another breath, and he was relaxed. As with all things, though, the young Ba'ku grew impatient.:: TYR: What do I..? GYRULD: Shhh. Just...listen. ::The youngster quieted himself, his body purging itself of the fatigue and fear that had plagued him when he had escaped church. He let the sounds of the grove fill him..restore him. Time seemed to grind to a halt.:: GYRULD::Smiling: : Now..open your eyes. ::Tyr opened his eyes and gasped inwardly. All around him, time stood still. A leaf, falling slowly from the tree nearby, hovered in mid flight. A bird sat crouched with her wings spread, ready to take flight, and sat still. It seemed even the sun had stopped its egress into twilight.:: TYR::Awestruck: : How...? GYRULD: Live in the moment, Tyr. ::Pausing, gazing around him with satisfaction: : I'll see you at home. ::Tyr simply nodded, letting the moment fill him, consuming and restoring him all at the same time. Filled with wonder, it was long, long into the night before the Ba'ku boy returned home...and all he had done, was listen.:: ((Bridge, Son'a Warship)) o O Listen. O o ::Time slowed around him as he took deep, cleansing breaths, focusing on the relative silence of the bridge. He focused himself, channeling all of his energy on cleansing his body of whatever poison his captors had instilled in him. And above all, he listened.:: PER'NAH: According to our sensors they're abandoning ship. They seem to be gathering in the science pod. We're also showing two fighters patrolling the exterior of the ship. ::Tapping a few buttons:: They're no threat to us directly. VERIZ: Good. And with the Discovery under Tyr's control, neither is she. Keep us out of weapons range just in case one of their engineers gets creative. PER'NAH::Tapping a few keys:: Aye sir. What do we do with our wayward son, here? VERIZ::Chuckling: : Let him sleep awhile longer. The poison should have just about finished him. When the crew abandons the ship we'll beam over and de-activate the auto-destruct. Then the Discovery will be ours. PER'NAH: And the crew? VERIZ::Pause: : Their mission was to explore that derelict off our port bow. Let them. Let them rot in space. TBC/TAG ============ ========= === Captain Tyr Waltas Commanding Officer USS Discovery
  10. JVannini

    [Round 3] Remiders

    (( Unknown )) :: McCall continued his walk toward and arrived at what he thought would be the last stardate. To his surprise it was not, the next tombstone had today's stardate on it. The name on it was Eskyys. One by one the next tombstone had another name of an away team member. The last tombstone had the name Rei Garrett. McCall placed his hand on the stone, which was not only real but cold to the touch. Only then did he notice next was a freshly dug open grave. The cloaked figure was now behind him and whispered.: :: UNKNOWN: You failed them as well. Thy saved you from Romulus and you let them all die.. McCALL: They are not dead. UNKNOWN: Not yet at any rate. McCALL: I can't exactly help them here, send me back. UNKNOWN: You have not passed the test yet. Until then you won't go back. McCALL: Who do you think you are? You and your tests are killing people. UNKNOWN: People's failure kills them, not me. :: Without another word the cloaked person clicked his fingers. McCall was no longer in the grave yard but in a dark and damp forest, the sounds of battle echoed all around. The Intelligence Officer quickly surveyed his surroundings, the battle was all around him but not at his current location. Given the visibility of the forest they could be a few meters away. In front of him were a number of bodies, McCall recognized the uniforms on some of them which belonged to the ancient Roman legions. A number of other bodies were probably from a Germanic tribe. The Starfleet Officer picked up the nearest weapon which was a Roman short sword as two soldiers burst through the tree cover. Both were from the Germanic tribe and neither looked like they were going to be taking prisoners. The nearest raised his axe, McCall stabbed him with the sword before the axe call fall. The other soldier charged with his spear and sword. The shield knocked McCall to the ground, the solider raised his spear to deliver the fatal blow. The Intelligence Officer raised his sword quickly and stabbed the soldier in the lower chest. the soldier fell tot eh ground and McCall slowly got back to his feet. The Starfleet option picked up a Roman shield to add to his short sword. McCall took a number of steps in the direction where the soldiers came from and came to oversee a battle. Given his knowledge of military history this was not in fact going to be a battle, the Roman legions would lose so badly that it would be classed as a massacre. That was assuming wherever he was played out with historical accuracy.:: oO Why would I be here? It makes no sense. What kind of test could I face here? Oo :: McCall certainly could not alter the outcome of the battle, even if he had wanted to. He watched for a few moment before decided it was best to get away from the battle. If his memory was correct this was the battle of the Teutoburg Forest and was not a place to hang around in. McCall took four steps before there was a flash, he was once more in the graveyard. He was now standing in front of the freshly dug grave. The cloaked figure was standing behind him, McCall wished his still had the short sword which had been left behind in the forest:: UNKNOWN: Find your trip educational? McCALL: I was aware of the battle and it's outcome before the trip thank you. UNKNOWN: A lesson of poor leadership and it's end result. His leadership resulted in that, yours in this. At least he took the honourable way out given his failure. :: The figure clicked his fingers and McCall's combat knife appeared in his hand.:: UNKNOWN: You might want this. McCALL: I am far more likely to kill you with it. :: The answer did not seem to surprise the figure who clicked his fingers once more.:: (( Main Promenade - Starbase 118 )) UNKNOWN: At least you will feel more at home here than in the forest. :: A phaser beam missed McCall by a few centimetres, the security officer behind him was less lucky. A number of marines ran past, ignoring both McCall and the cloaked figure. The Intelligence Officer already knew the date and what was happening. He looked down at the dead Security Officer, Crewman Jack Montgomery. McCall then looked up and followed the marines, he already knew where they were heading and the end result. he and the cloaked figure arrived at the official Starfleet Intelligence Office on the Starbase, the battle was already over. Bodies of marines and Security Officers litters the way to the office. While McCall generally knew most of the Security officers on the starbase the death of those he walked the station with hit home the most, one of those was Crewman Matt Walker who lay dead in the office. He was not the only person in the office that McCall had knew well. Anther of the fatalities was Lt. Maxwell Burns, and Intelligence Officer who's job was to defend the prototype phasing cloak. Burns had been a close friend at the academy. The Starbase rocked as one of the heavily damaged marine vessels collided with it. During the early part of the battle McCall had been in Ops, it had not been his choice to be there, it was out of necessity, if Ops feel so would the Starbase. The figure clicked his fingers once more, they now found themselves in sickbay after the battle. Unsurprisingly the room was filled with the dead and wounded, Starfleet and civilian alike. The figure clicked his fingers once more and they found themselves in the Security Chief's Office. McCall looked at his younger self behind the desk reading the causality list, the pain of the day was still very much with the Intelligence Officer, seeing it again only reinforced it.:: McCALL: Your point? UNKNOWN: I am getting to that.. :: The figure clicked his fingers once more.:: ------------------------------------------ Captain Steve McCall Intelligence Officer USS Discovery - B
  11. ((Flightbay - USS Fearless - Aurix System)) ::Two Valkyrie fighters slid smoothly one-two through the mag-con field. Landing skids deployed on approach kissed the deck as the fighters touched down. Using a touch of maneuvering thrusters and the drag of the skids on the deck, both fighters smoothly came to a stop. Each fighter then turned to clear the landing area and maneuver into their specific parking spots.:: ::In the lead Valkyrie, Commander Adam Lee ran the shutdown checklist, shutting down the fighter's major systems while his WSO shut down his systems. With a flick of a switch, the canopy's pressure seal bleed off its contents, then seal cracked and the canopy rose up to its full open position. As the crew unstrapped, one of the deck crew hooked a ladder to the [...]pit. Completing the removal of his straps, Lee doffed his helmet and set it on the front console before standing and stretching. He swung one leg then the other and dropped down the ladder to the deck. That was one of the most notable differences between the original Valkyries and the newer Valkyrie B's Lee and his people flew.:: ::The original model of the Valkyrie didn't have an opening canopy. It just had a hatch on the underside of the fighter at the aft end of the [...]pit for the crew to get in and out. This also meant the two seats were offset to either side, leaving an opening for the pilot to ease around his seat and the console of the back seater to get to the hatch. Notes published by the designers had said this was done in order to keep the [...]pit escape module as solid as possible. Well scampering in and out from under the main hull had become one of the crews biggest complaints about the craft. So after enough complaints, Starfleet had authorized a new model Valkyrie to be produced. The B model featured several improvements that crews had demanded, especially the demand for a more traditional canopy opening. So with the canopy change, the need for the offset seats had been removed. So now, the two seats were inline, right on the centerline. The extra room on either side had been compensated for by adding armor and equipment.:: CREW CHIEF: Anything this time sir? LEE: Same as before Chief. Not a thing. CREW CHIEF: Shouldn't we have found at least something by now sir? LEE: Yes we should have. Even with a warp core breach, some debris would have been left. ::Before the Chief could responded, the ship's internal communication system rang out.:: COM: =/\= Commander Lee to the Bridge. Commander Lee, report to the Bridge. =/\= LEE: Looks like the captain wants an update. Make sure she's ready to go again Chief. CREW CHIEF: Yes sir. ::Lee headed out of the bay, and caught a turbo lift car. It was a quick ride up to the bridge. He exited the car, and crossed the bridge to where the Captain stood.:: LEE: Commander Lee reporting as ordered sir. TAYLOR: In my ready room Commander. ::Captain Taylor lead the way into his Ready Room and Lee followed. The captain took his chair behind the desk, and Lee stood in front of it.:: TAYLOR: Have a seat Commander. Report on the search please. LEE: ::sliding into the offered chair:: Nothing yet sir. TAYLOR: Statistically, shouldn't we have found something by now? LEE: Yes sir, we should have. Thats whats bothering me. TAYLOR: We've been at this for two days Commander. Starfleet gave us 72 hours once we reached the system. That means time is running out. LEE: I am aware of that sir. With the Fearless as our starting point, we covered the entire planet and its atmosphere as we discussed. Since then we've expanded our search but even with 24 birds, with 8 flying at a time in pairs, its a big system. TAYLOR: ::shuffling in his chair.:: Can we rework the search pattern to have the Fearless cover more of the system? LEE: The fighters are going right to the edge of the ship's sensor coverage as part of the pattern. That helps extend the range of the ship's sensors. So the Fearless is the core of our pattern. Her sensors are the backbone of the search. TAYLOR: Alright Commander, I understand. Get something to eat and some rest. LEE: Yes sir. TAYLOR: Dismissed. ::Lee came to his feet and snapped to, before turning, and leaving the Ready Room. He caught a turbo lift car back down to the ship's lounge. He needed something to eat and a drink.:: ---------------------------- Commander Adam Lee Wing Commander USS Fearless
  12. (( Las Bahamas, Sol III )) :: A soft breeze coming from the Ocean played with the blond hair of Mira Kaschenko. Wearing a sexy bikini, she was running on the Beach, playing with Hannibal, looking back to Julio every now and then, smiling to him :: :: Julio was not far from the beach, sitting under a big umbrella, enjoying a tropical drink. Carrying his binoculars, he watched the Russian girl from a safe distance :: VANNINI: oO Wow! I knew she looked good on that uniform... but I didn't know she looked THAT good! Oo :: sipping his drink :: :: Absorted by the wonderful scene, he failed to notice the shadow of the incoming person :: GARRISSON: Already found something of your interest, Lieutenant? :: Julio coughed in surprise, spitting the drink practically over his body. Turning around he found Annette looking at him with disapproval eyes. Blushing, he stood up and reached a towel, cleaning his own mess :: VANNINI: H-how long you...? GARRISSON: Just the enough to catch you... :: placing the snacks she'd brought over the small table next to her as she smiled wryly :: VANNINI: :: clearing his throat :: Well... I was keeping an eye on Hannibal... GARRISSON: Yeah, right! :: glancing at Mira and Hannibal :: I don't blame you. Mira is really beautiful. VANNINI: Oh yeah! :: putting a strong emphasis in his words :: GARRISSON: Gotcha! :: Julio yelled by the resulting pain of the strong pinch administrated on his right arm. Placing a small ice cube on the severed area, Julio stared back at Garrisson who was now sipping her drink :: GARRISSON: This is a wonderful place. It was nice from Eskyys to pick this place. VANNINI: Well... he has some good ideas every now and then... hehehe. :: Mira and Hannibal approached, looking for shelter against the Sun. Sweating and with her skin painted in a soft red, Mira sat next to Julio and winked to Garrisson. Hannibal, a bit more reserved, laid in front of the group, right in the edge of the shadow and sunlight, breathing heavily :: KASCHENKO: Hannibal has too much energy... I'm exhausted! :: drinking cold water that triggered more sweat from her body :: VANNINI: oO Oh my... Oo :: marveled :: KASHENKO: Tell me Julio... do you have any plans after the Wedding? I've heard Ensign Syrak brought a Catamaran with him... VANNINI: Who? :: still babbling :: Oh! Yes! Syrak... GARRISSON: A catamaran? What's that? VANNINI: It's a boat of decent size... powered by motor or wind... KASCHENKO: Can you talk to him? Maybe we can arrange a night trip on this waters... :: placing herself in a more comfortable and seductive position :: :: A thousand things were imagined by JV in that moment. A trip with Mira, in the night, sailing on those quiet waters, those beautiful green eyes... and some cold water pouring over his head, making him jump out of his chair :: VANNINI: W-what? :: An upset Annette Garrisson looked angrily at him, placing the empty glass on the table. Hannibal only sniffed in response of the show, while Mira glared at Annette with a worried expression :: KASCHENKO: oO Is Anne interested in Julio? Oo GARRISSON: oO Oh yes Mira... you have competition! Oo VANNINI: oO Can anyone explain to me what's going on here? Oo HANNIBAL: oO Humans... Oo :: sniffing again while rolling his eyes :: ---------------------------------------------- Hannibal The Wolf & Mira Kaschenko Science Officer USS Discovery B & Annette Garrisson Civilian USS Discovery B & Julio Vannini ACEO USS Discovery B
  13. :: looks down :: oh! sorry... It was beneath the books....
  14. :: raises hand :: Question: where can I find the topic and explanation for the next challenge?
  15. Temporal mechanics? Oy!!! That's a challenge! Think I'm having some clues about an entry here...
  16. oO Laughs... am I hearing laughs? Oo :: As he walked through the darkenned alley, he was sure about hearing several tiny voices laughing on the distance. His hands, palping the rugged surface of the walls tried to show him the way out of that path. The single touch of his fingers revealed a solid and cold surface, not metallic. Humidity on the air told him he was walking inside a tunnel of some sort. He rised his hands as if trying to touch the roof, but he couldn't reach anything :: oO I can't remember how I got here... I can't see anything! Where am I? Oo :: He walked slowy, with his left hand extended in front of him, in an futile attempt of avoiding any obstacle or another wall. His right hand kept touching the wall. The laughings came to a sudden end making him to stop his march :: :: He crouched, leaning his back to the wall and awaited for several minutes that were felt like an eternity. Suddenly a thin band of light, red in color, appeared on the distance. It grew larger, shedding light to the corridor. His dark adapted eyes got no problem watching at the light, that now showed an open door. He was not sure the his distance from the door but he could see that the floor has no holes or trenches and there were no obstacles in between :: oO I don't know where is that door leading, but it's my only choice Oo :: He hurried his steps and soon enough he entered on big room. The laughings resummed their chant, now stronger and around him. The room started to fill on a different light, allowing him to adapt to the now increasing level of lumminosity. He started to spot several humanoid shapes. He found himself surrounded by at least 10 beings, wearing no clothes and no sign of a specific gender as well. Their eyes were deep blue and no hair was present on their human sized head. Their skin were almost translucid, and thick, but no sign of veins or blood or muscular tissue were shown. He stared at them motionless. Their voices came as one :: ASSEMBLY: We are the Assembly, Keepers of the Mind. You had traveled a long journey and now you will rest among us... forever... be welcome! :: A chilling sensation ran over his spine. All the beings started to circle him, extending their arms toward him. A warm feeling invaded his heart and soul.He started to fill the need of being surrounded and taken away, to whatever place the beings wanted to carry him, but his mind started to fight back against that. Somehow, he was sure that was not his place. He forced his mind trying to remember. A smile showed up on his mind. A beautiful smile coming from a black haired woman. Her factions were soft and warm. Her brown ayes and white skin made her look beautiful for him. The image grew larger reavealing her whole body, naked, resting on a bed. He was lying on the same bed, aside her. The image grew larger and he watched himself inside a bedroom :: oO I know her... I'm sure of this! Oo WOMAN: I love you Julio... I'll be forever yours... :: Her hand, with a golden ring on one of her fingers, touched gently his cheek and kissed him. As being awaken by a sudden rush of cold water over his body, he started to remember things: he was on a mission, an Away Team. They were being recovered on an emergency tranporter procedure and that woman, that woman... :: oO ... is my wife! I... I'm not supposed to be here! Oo :: He started to fight harder with his mind. The Assembly were about to touch him when he was able to speak, not only with his mind but with his heart and soul :: JULIO: No! Stop it! All of you! I don't belong to this place! I don't belong to you! :: The Assembly started to swirl around him, on a frenetic dance, their hands pointing to him as if they wanted to grab him all at once. Unnable to move, he fighted harder, focusing on that woman, that kiss, that smile and the warm feeling that came flowing through that memory :: oO NOOOOOOOOOOOOO! Oo TRANSPORTER OFFICER: We got him! I was able to pass through that ionic storm... his patterns are stabilizing... MEDICAL OFFICER: Bring him back, now! :: Julio's body materialize on the Transporter Pad, falling down to the ground. The Doctor hurried to aid him. Julio opened slowly his eyes and looked around. His gaze recognizing the place and faces. MEDICAL OFFICER: Don't worry ol' chap... you are safe now... get him to Sickbay, quick! JULIO: Thank you... :: smiling, while his mind faded away :: (( TIME FORWARD )) JULIO: Doctor… :: looking at the Medical Officer :: what-what happened? DOCTOR: Your patterns were almost lost during the evacuation. An ionic storm covered the whole planet, almost disrupting the recovery of your team… JULIO: My team… are they… did they make it? DOCTOR: :: smiling :: Yes Lt… you were the last one to be beamed up… :: Sighing in relief. He rested his head on the soft pillow on his bed. He recalled his experiences with the Assembly. Concerned he engaged the Doctor one more time :: JULIO: Doctor… is there any records about mental disorders experienced by people during a transportation? DOCTOR: :: Turning his gaze with interest, while quircking an eyebrow :: Perhaps, but I’d never heard about that… why you ask? JULIO: Can’t explain but… I remember being on a very strange place… being surrounded for several unknown beings… think they called themselves “The Assembly”… :: The Doctor seated aside Julio’s bed, placing his PADD on one table :: DOCTOR: Do you remember anything about your Away Mission? :: Julio tried harder to think about that, but discovered that his memories about that were lost. He nodded negatively to the Doctor, his eyes showing concern :: DOCTOR: The Discovery detected a very uncommon signal coming from one of the planets on this system. You were sent with your team to spot the source of that signal. As the report says, you encountered several caves beneath the surface. Although no distinguishable device were found, a very unique electromagnetical field were detected inside the caves... :: pausing :: You ordered your team to go on and then communication was lost… all of you were missing for about 4 hours… any attempt of locating you failed. Then, an ionic storm showed up and we feared the worst… :: Julio was trying to think about every word the female doctor was saying, unable to remember anything :: DOCTOR: Then… somehow, your signal was picked, very faintly. The CEO worked hard with the Transporter Chief and was able to clean up your signal and your team’s. We tried to bring you back first, but then the other signals started to fade. So they had to keep you somehow on a cycle that allows the others to be recovered. At the final moment, the ionic storm diminished it strength and they were able to bring you back home… :: smiling :: :: The young officer picked her PADD and walked away :: DOCTOR: You’ll have to stay here only for this night… then I’ll recommend that you pay a visit to our Councelor… maybe he can help you to find the answers you need… :: Julio closed his eyes, focusing on that lovely woman that helped him to fight back the Assembly :: oO Thank you cara mia… your love kept me going… Oo :: Thinking about her, he fell asleep ::
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