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  1. Hitting a mental brick wall...

  2. If only everyone would at least try to understand the fear and pain others were going through...

  3. “Surround yourself with only people who are going to lift you higher.”

  4. I am literally sickened by this night.

  5. New meds hoping for the best.

  6. Getting sick again wasn't part of the plan.

  7. I was reminded today of just how lucky I really am. Life is far from perfect but it could be so much worse.

  8. I had doubts, now I don't.

  9. Ignoring a problem does not make it magically disappear.

  10. Going to be a very long night. 

  11. I was wrong. It's not any better.

  12. maybe tomorrow will be better

  13. Won't make that mistake again.

  14. NaNoWriMo2016 is fast approaching. Something I've been looking forward to. I'm actually attempting to get a little more organized for it this year. Anyone interested in joining the madness?

    1. RaWolf


      Already joined it twice, only succeeded once thought. I'm still considering this year participant

    2. Rune Jolara

      Rune Jolara

      For me, it's all about trying :)

  15. The moment you realize your entire story was stupid... So much time wasted...

  16. Much of the human population could use a lesson in not being frakkin snot buckets.

  17. Life can change drastically so quickly. Just when I think I'm going to be okay, the pain and grief hit full force all over again.

  18. How long can a dead body go unnoticed on a space station?

    1. Wilmer


      Boy, I REALLY hope that's a rhetorical question...!

    2. Rune Jolara

      Rune Jolara

      It's not Rune's body so it's all good. ;)

  19. People can be extremely insensitive.

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