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  1. I believe Rune has been wanted dead or seriously injured by more people during this mission than any other time in her life.
  2. Instead of shutting them down... especially Axanar... they should have at least offered to produce the films. Then again, they would have just screwed them all up anyhow. It sure isn't going to make their film/series any more worth watching.
  3. In Rune's defense, she is pregnant and the seedling isn't a happy camper with all that noise. That's my story and I'm sticking with it.
  4. Someone's going to get their flashlight privileges revoked....
  5. ((2373: The Dominion War)) ::It was complete darkness as one voice called out.:: Shevchenko: Joseph! ::Lieutenant Joseph Washington opened his eyes slowly. The Yuan Tseh Lee's operations officer had been thrown to the deck, and he could barely hear Lieutenant Martina Shevchenko, the chief engineer, over the ringing in his ears. Around him, he saw engineers running to their stations, trying to get a status update on the ship.:: Shevchenko: Joe! Are you okay? ::She bent over, extending a hand to help him up.:: ::He grabbed hold of her and brushed himself off.::
  6. Y'all just don't know how true that statement is.
  7. ((Core's quarters)) ::Calls from home were a regular thing for Tristam Daneil Core. His father, Gamighan Core, was great at being awfully over-considerate and had the understandably frustrating need to stay in constant contact with his son of only 31 years of age, who happened to be on the other side of the quadrant, especially when that son happened to be prone to bad luck (e.g. considerable lack of Federation social etiquette and somehow manages to always get caught in bad accidents putting his health to an all-mighty low for the next year at least - not to mention having not been home
  8. ::makes mental note to send 100 stuffed bunnies to T'Lea's quarters::
  9. I stopped watching DS9 for a very long time after Jadzia was killed so stupidly.
  10. I have to say that I didn't achieve all I wanted to this last year. I couldn't vote without choosing what I plan for the next year, but none of those really fit. I'm in a strange head space and really don't know where I'm going or doing.
  11. Gah! This may as well not even be Star Trek. I won't be wasting my time or money on it.
  12. T'Lea is obviously trying to set NIkki up to be murdered... erm have an accident.
  13. If it's an alternate universe series, I won't even bother watching it.
  14. I'm not holding my breath for a quality series given the direction "entertainment" and network television have gone over the past few years.
  15. I absolutely have to say Kara (Starbuck) Thrace and she would definitely have to be in Security/Intelligence
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