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Devon Romjin (Rune)

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  1. I'm only human after all...

  2. If only everyone would at least try to understand the fear and pain others were going through...

  3. Ignoring a problem does not make it magically disappear.

  4. In need of a life vacation. 

  5. In reality, there are two paths and only two paths. One leads to a dark future. The other to a spark of hope. Choose carefully.

  6. It's all a downward spiral....

  7. Just breathe and let it go.

  8. Just gotta keep tryin'......

  9. Laughing on the inside.....

  10. Life can change drastically so quickly. Just when I think I'm going to be okay, the pain and grief hit full force all over again.

  11. Life just got a little more complicated.

  12. maybe tomorrow will be better

  13. Much of the human population could use a lesson in not being frakkin snot buckets.

  14. My heart, my soul, my light in the darkness. I will forever love and miss you.

  15. My inability to sleep is getting stronger.

  16. NaNoWriMo2016 is fast approaching. Something I've been looking forward to. I'm actually attempting to get a little more organized for it this year. Anyone interested in joining the madness?

    1. RaWolf


      Already joined it twice, only succeeded once thought. I'm still considering this year participant

    2. Devon Romjin (Rune)

      Devon Romjin (Rune)

      For me, it's all about trying :)

  17. New meds hoping for the best.

  18. No matter how much we stumble, we gotta pick ourselves up and reach higher.

  19. Not feeling good about a lot of things... not really sure what to do.

  20. One more day until NaNoWriMo 2017..... 

  21. One small act of kindness could mean the world to someone. Thankful to those who have shown kindness in my darkest times.

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