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Selene Faranfey

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    I like playing games, reading, drawing.

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  1. Welcome back Mick!
  2. What's your character name? I can put in the deferment for you.
  3. Also, I usually recommend stripping out all character specific description, and writing descriptive summaries based on what your character would see, hear, smell, feel, etc. But in each class there are a few experienced simmers with you, follow their examples.
  4. Loving screenshots, they are my friend...

  5. I want more hours to sleep

  6. important

    I actually use Jarte, it's a word processor, however any pasted text loses it's previous formatting automatically, it's the line breaks in some sims that kill me... like in the middle of a paragraph it will do this, and then continue to the next line. And I have to go through and delete those line breaks.
  7. Happy Birthday!

    1. Renos


      Thanks so much! I had a very yummy trek cake! :D

  8. official

    As the transport ship docked in the docking bay, Sundassa played with the end of her long, lilac, braid. Her hair, braided, barely reached her thigh while sitting. She was nervious and excited, yesterday she was a student at the academy, today she is a Cadet on a StarBase. She wanted to give a good impression to her colleagues and her Commanding Officers. After the ship docked, she thanked the pilot and disembarked the ship. Walking through the corridors, she noticed that she was on par with some of the taller humans at 1.8 meters in height. There were many different races of people walking past, the variety was on a much larger scale than what she saw at the Academy. She wandered the corridors, and used the turbo lift to go to the medical facilities, only exploring the Administrative Center on Deck 500 before she decided to go to the Promenade in the Commercial Sector. She wanted to make note of the restaurants that served real food, and not the diluted versions the replicator served. She had learned to tolerate the food from the replicator, and could stomach it. But she found it was much like taking a great beverage, and pouring water in it, the flavor left was diluted. She heard some talk of 'The Twilight's Edge' and 'Granny's Place.' After exploring the Promenade a bit, she moved towards the turbo lift again to report to the holodeck she was assigned to for training.