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  1. ((Gymnasium, USS Atlantis)) ::Ravenscroft stormed in as soon as the doors slid open, snatching a pair of red boxing gloves from the wall and shoving his hands into them roughly as he made a beeline towards his favorite section of the gym. He stopped abruptly. That sound. No. Someone was abusing his punching bag!:: ::As he drew cautiously nearer, his face all red from anger and frustration and embarrassment, he stopped short once again. The Vulcan who had punched his nose was now punching the life out of the cylindrical jet-black bag.:: RAVENSCROFT: ::expression somewhere between shock and amus
  2. Marines.... hotheads... man! Thumbs up Captain Turner!
  3. ((Sickbay - USS Atlantis)) ::Lynn assured Sovak his confidentiality would be maintained, and the Vulcan explained that, unlike other Vulcans, he had failed to achieve control over his emotions. If this were a Vulcan ship, that would be considered exactly the kind of danger to the crew that would require Lynn to break his confidence. Fortunately, this was not a Vulcan ship. Which was great, because as the lowest ranking ops officer, Sovak would have hated cleaning up after all those meditation candles.:: ::Sovak attempted to explain himself further, but he was distracted, not only by the unco
  4. ((Corridor near Astrometrics, USS Atlantis)) ::It was the middle of the night, ship's time. The ill-fated reception had ended hours ago, though Sovak had not been required to attend. He had been busy realigning Astrometrics sensors and programming data collation. Grunt work, but an efficient use of his programming skills. That work was interrupted when the Grenushi ambassador's clouds broke loose.:: ::Sovak had suffered the same effects as other telepaths aboard. He still wasn't sure something weird hadn't happened that he didn't remember - he certainly hadn't been in control of himself - bu
  5. ((Waltas Estate, Ba'ku Homeworld)) ::The wizened eyes locked onto his in the way they always did; the way that smashed through his emotional walls as if they were made of paper. He never could maintain that penetrating gaze, not when he was ten years old and accused (rightfully) of scattering an entire coop of chickens across the village by riding a small wolf through the building, and not at 244 years old when he told her nothing was wrong and that he wasn't leaving.:: LYNTHA: They came for you. WALTAS::Toeing a small hole in the ground with his boot, he answered in the same voice he had w
  6. I know our CO posted Part 3 of this story for the contest, but I know I saw this done before and whole story deserves to be seen and judged as a story, so I'm posting it here as a whole.
  7. ((Holodeck 2, USS Atlantis)) ::"...back in a bit," Kirosa had told him. He wasn't sure that was true. For a moment, Ren stuck to his place in the tree, watching the Orion ensign launch through the air, descending on the Kalar with her hunting knife high. She seemed to move in slow motion, suspended there too long before making contact with the beast, but at the same time it all happened much too fast.:: ::There was a moment when Ren was distracted by the realization that he'd cut his foot open at some time during his escape from the Kalar. It was a good, long, deep slice, the kind that only
  8. (Turbolift, En Route to Deck 5 – USS Altantis) ::The after-effects of the confrontation with the captain had started to sink in. It was always in hindsight that things often fell into perspective: yes she was angry at the situation: it was unfair, it wasn't right and it showed blatant lack of faith and trust in the Orion simply going around her instead of approaching her with it and explaining why... yet the way she had approached it could have been infinitely better instead of lunging at the captain in blind rage and accusing him of being prejudice, racist and being 'unwilling' to have her le
  9. Congratulations to the winner and runner-ups. Great work and I'm sure I'll read them again. It's always interesting to read stories again after reading judges responses.
  10. ((Observation Lounge, USS Atlantis)) ::Ren Rennyn had arrived in time to find a seat, nod hello to those he'd met, and even learn a few names he didn't know yet. Perhaps typical of a newly formed crew, a few seemed stressed by the travel and the sudden change in assignment. But typical of Starfleet crews, there was always someone with a friendly smile to point out the way. Now, Ren faced something different. Telnoth Haerin, the Grenushi ambassador, was eyeing each of them in turn with a sidelong glance. It wasn't just the condescending tone of his voice or the way he positioned himself away
  11. ((Deck 500, Medical Bay)) ::Sakorra pushed with her mind. She tried to break through the hard encasement. But her mind wasn’t working like that anymore. She held no power. She felt concern. She felt an approaching sense of love, but she couldn’t open her eyes to see the one she knew was nearby. She’d been able to open her eyes for a short time before, but she’d still been operating with the psionic abilities that were now lost to her. And now that loss kept her trapped in her own mind.:: Sinda: Reed? Can you hear me? ::Sinda! I thought Cinder killed her.:: Rogers: Cmdr Reed is injur
  12. Knowing what it is lead me to the scene from Matrix where Neo finds out that people are used as a batteries. Wakes same anxious foreboding emotions.
  13. Congratulations to everyone, especially winners. Great reads, all of the entries.
  14. I have a problem, can somebody check and save my sanity, please. I want to make 2 collapsible gallery tables one after another and obviously can't figure out why previous table don't want to close to give another one it's life. http://wiki.starbase118.net/wiki/index.php?title=User:Wanda_DyAmone
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