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  1. Fireworks, not explosives, fireworks . . .

  2. Oh, I wouldn't say that. Give us, well, give some of 'em, a Ute and an awesome, bumpy and holey dirt road, and we can make a good time . . .

  3. They also say we ride on Kangaroos . . . whats up with THAT!? They'd scratch our eyes out!

  4. Oh yeah? Here we just wear jeans and a short sleeve shirt - rain, hail or sunshine, riding down the road with our steel cap boots . . .

  5. I feel about an inch high when I say that I don't . . . lol.

    I shall email them to you.

  6. Course, I've got some cropping to do, and it may not exactly be Parker's coat . . .

  7. Speaking about Colt, I have found two images. Both have Parker's renowned black coat, but one has Chuck's shoulder in the frame and the other has both Sarah and Chuck sitting at a table (seconds before my avatar image . . . ) I was able to get one of them onto the forums, but the other one was not so lucky. Ronin's character picture one.

  8. Thank you for being such a FANTASTIC First Officer aboard both the Ronin and the Challenger-A. We really appreciate it, and if it wasn't for Lawn, Deven would still be whimpering on the sidelines of a fight - I mean his character, and not Nathan.

    THANK YOU!!!

  9. Hehehe. You know what's even funnier? Compare the size of both Sarah and Colt. A big difference. Then the funny/ironic part is that she kicks his butt near the end of the episode . . .

    I TOLD you Sky would get back at Parker . . .

  10. Not to mention that I had more than enough characters in the post, so it drowned me out!

  11. HAHAHAHAH! I beat you, forums!

  12. [...] these forums.

    What I ATTEMPTED to say was "I know, I'm a Chuck Geek, but you asked!" before the Forums silenced me . . . .

  13. Google Images - hehe. I'm a big Chuck fan, and he appeared in the first episode in Season Two as Mr. Colt. The funny thing is that he was polite and actually asked if Chuck and Sarah wanted him to pay for their meal while he chocked the life out of Sarah (Yvonne Strahovski, Sky Blake)

    Chuck vs The First Date, I think the episode was called . . .

    I know, I'm a Chuc...

  14. I look forward to the race. I hope you lose . . . !!!

  15. Happy Birthday to you

    Happy Birthday to you

    Happy Birthday to Tan

    Happy Birthday to you!

  16. You better hope not, or Sky'll get Kitty to kill YOU!!!!

  17. Not at all. Sky would freak out though - remember she's only had one or two sexual encounters that didn't go quite to plan.

    If you want Parker to check on them, wait for a good time - like when they're completely asleep. And if all hell brakes loose like last time, I'll fix it. No problems. lol.

  18. Hehehe. Sky wearing something revealing . . . a lot of the mens eyes would pop out of their heads . . .

    I can imagine Parker scrambling to do that. I can also imagine Deven jumping for words...

  19. SONG QUOTE OF THE MONTH: "If you love me say a prayer for Jane. She's the spirit of the young girl's heart. Light a candle in the pouring rain, if you feel the pain. Say a prayer for Jane."

  20. Reference to the Email: A Drunk Parker wearing a Tux started the bar fight . . . hehehehe. Sky has to wear something not overly revealing, and can conceal knifes, just in case someone gets the wrong idea!

  21. Hehehe. I can still imagine it . . .

  22. Been quiet, Dee. What'cha been doin'!!??

  23. QUESTION: How is your reputation -1??

  24. Been missing for a while, mate

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