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  1. I love Chip's unique approach to life.
  2. I vote holo-hopping becomes an official Conny passtime.
  3. Romulans. Saveron is fascinated with the more moderate factions of his 'cousins'. Infinite Diversity in Infinite Combinations.
  4. I think Vulcans already have enough superpowers, but if I had to pick one, I think that the ability to stop time would be useful (assuming that they could still move outside it)
  5. ((San Fransico Bay, Earth, Dreamscape)) Ed felt the tickle of saltwater foam between his toes as he stared out at the sunset. Light reflected off the Golden Gate Bridge in the distance. Ed has always found the name of the historic landmark strange. It was not golden. In fact it reminded him of Mars with its rusty red colour. Ed looked over to his left. Angela sat in the sand, staring the same direction as him. Her normally playful expression was serious, as if she were contemplating the most dire of questions. For just a moment, Angela almost looked like someone else. Another woman? She seemed all at once familiar and yet not. Ed blinked. Angela was back. She was staring at him. Spears: ::Softly:: Are you alright? Heartmier: ::Shaking her head.:: Ed... We promised we’d always be together, right? Spears: We did. He felt a pang of regret. It had been a juvenile thing to promise eternity together in first year. Their love was new, exciting, fresh. But they were more mature now, abs graduation loomed for both of them. What were the odds they would be posted to the same ship? Or at least the same region? Heartmier: That was silly of us wasn’t it? ::A tear rolled down her cheek.:: Spears: Maybe... But first year does that to a person doesn’t it? And Angela, no matter what happens I will never regret a moment spent with you. Heartmier: Me neither. Don’t you ever forget about me Edward Spears. Spears: I won’t. I couldn’t. The couple sat together in the sand as the horizon went from orange to deep red, to black. Ed could feel the weight of Angela’s head on his shoulder as his own silent tears rolled down his cheeks. End. Cdt Edward Spears Starfleet Medical Simmed by Lt Edward Spears, MD Chief Medical Officer USS Constitution-B C239502ES0
  6. Saveron: ISTJ-A - 'Logistician'. No surprises there. Introverted 61% Observant 61% Thinking 58% Judging 86% Assertive 92% Strengths: Honest and Direct Strong-willed and Dutiful Very Responsible Calm and Practical Create and Enforce Order Jacks-of-all-Trades Weaknesses: Stubborn Insensitive Always by the Book Judgemental Often unreasonably blame themselves.
  7. Saveron isn't certain about the current fashions, but if it's the done thing. (One day his player will photoshop him into some robes)
  8. I have a wonderful feeling that we're up for some golden conversations in Sickbay.
  9. It has been my experience in Starbase 118 that a great many Commanding Officers come from a Medical background.
  10. Nothing like a bit of sass to keep those junior officers in line!
  11. Welcome to the Fleet Cadet! We're very glad to have you with us and I hope you enjoy your Academy Training, it's a lot of fun.
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