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  1. It's on Netflix now! Has anyone watched it? Just finished it myself. I thought the format was manic and strange - reminded me of a crazy, disjointed and confusing story that Shatner tried to tell at the convention I was at last month - but one thing that really stuck with me was the stuff about Star Trek's optimistic vision of the future. We need that right now in uncertain times! Makes me hope, desperately, that the reason the new show is delayed is so they can retool the concept to be less technocratic and more about that vision of hope for humanity. Anyway, if you've watched
  2. Couple other folks from the Netherlands here – you're in good company! Welcome, all!
  3. Congratulations to @T'Lea and @Rune Jolara for their winning sim! Thank you for your creative writing! And thanks to all who participated in the contest by nominating their peers, voting, and helping to judge the competition.
  4. This is it! Polling closes soon – make sure you've voted!
  5. Welcome, and glad to have you with us! I think you'll find that there are lots of folks who are not huge fans of TOS, although they appreciate their context in the larger universe
  6. The only thing we need from anyone to join is an email address. You can use any email address you want. You can use any nom de plume you want, or just go by your character name. Note that if you use your social media profiles to login to the forums or other areas of the site, that information may be visible to us. Our JAG department is entirely OOC. We don't allow new players to sim anything like a JAG officer, although experienced officers who prove their simming abilities are often able to move into specialized roles, with the permission of their CO. So you may want to start as a secur
  7. I love this analysis of this very memorable episode: https://medium.com/athena-talks/the-radical-feminism-of-believing-women-fd02496e1df#.dkd7u5yfr
  8. A big thread to pull all this stuff together Series delayed to May, 2017: https://www.cnet.com/news/star-trek-discovery-delayed-until-may/
  9. Captain Nugra and I are quoted in this article on favorite episodes of Trek from the past 50 years -- check it out and be sure to comment! http://www.ongoingworlds.com/blog/2016/09/star-treks-50th-anniversary-your-favorite-trek/
  10. Hmm... I actually don't have a form entry on file for you! But no worries, I'll add you now. Thank you!
  11. Welcome! We have quite a few members in the UK, so you're in good company. And don't worry about training -- the whole point is to make all the mistakes early so you can feel like a pro once you get to the ship!
  12. We've had members who've played as enlisted in the past, although I don't believe we have any in the fleet currently. But yes, if you wanted your character have been only enlisted previously and then go through the Academy, it's certainly something you can put in your bio.
  13. No worries – that's what train is for! Work out all those bugs before you land on a ship Have fun!
  14. That was added by one of our committees and unfortunately does not reflect any canon that we recognize. The Xindi-Avian species should be marked as "Forbidden" and the information about them not being extinct should be removed. Sorry for the confusion.
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