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  1. Matt Taibbi on How @DonaldJTrump's Disastrous #RNCinCLE Doomed the #GOP https://t.co/F81pqBCOtA via @RollingStone @mTaibbi

  2. RT @WonderWomanFilm: From dir. @PattyJenks, WATCH the official Comic-Con trailer for #WonderWoman, ft. @GalGadot! #SDCC2016 #WBSDCC https:/…

  3. RT @RSwirling: All of this. Kaine will not champion abortion rights & that's unacceptable in our VP RT @soaringleap424: https://t.co/J1ZFVs…

  4. UH OH! I FEEL A WAR ON CLIMATE CHANGE COMIN' ON! https://t.co/f41eZoFgNO https://t.co/yIiRcei9RE

  5. RT @erintothemax: But will he protect the LGBTQ community from Mike Pence? #RNCinCLE

  6. For gays, global warming means forgetting that shirts with sleeves exist. https://t.co/7cRZLBqCTl

  7. RT @mvmt4bl: Global call to action 7.21 Plan one in your town today. TXT FREE to 90975 visit https://t.co/KkZQZeD2hO #FreedomNow https://t…

  8. @SUPGVNetwork Unfortunately, that was a hoax -- he never said that: https://t.co/Wq4sI2rXtI

  9. RT @nytimes: DeRay Mckesson, a Black Lives Matter leader: "The movement began as a call to end violence. That call remains." https://t.co/w…

  10. Get your copy of “The Ultimate Guide to Starting an Online Business” https://t.co/cpOvK1r39y via @ramit

  11. @sigtrent Just heard u on @heathpadgett's podcast. Thanks for great insight! If you like to write & D&D, check out https://t.co/IoaCc7wKYW!

  12. Your favorite artists are teaming up to #RockAgainstTheTPP! Stop the #TPP corporate takeover https://t.co/SZSRWeAjqD https://t.co/5UoAJbhiYv

  13. The Problem Is Over-Policing: https://t.co/quIsq6VqO9 #BlackLivesMatter via @truthout

  14. Thank you @LeonHWolf for this thoughtful article: "Why it Came to This in Dallas" https://t.co/ijwykH6NDs #BlackLivesMatter #tcot #RedState

  15. Hey #BlueLivesMatter, just a thought. #BlackLivesMatter #alton #philando https://t.co/fXGxIDmqoV via @crazylexxicool https://t.co/Cng4MUUx4u

  16. @lifeafterdawn ❤️❤️ thank you!

  17. #GOP #tcot: You Are More Than 7 Times As Likely To Be Killed By A Right-Wing Extremist Than By Muslim Terrorists https://t.co/uLNaj3F4qn

  18. "Good cops don't let bad cops kill defenseless citizens." via @ArtAndResponse, h/t @other98 #BlackLivesMatter https://t.co/EyZqUSA231

  19. June was a big month for fleet news, with all the awards stuff! Nonetheless, we had lots of participants who I'd like to recognize: The Federation News Service Team submitted our monthly plot summary articles as well as an additional post; LtCmdr. Brell & Lt. Valdivia together submitted five Poll of the Week articles; FltCapt. Renos submitted four of our awards articles; Capt. Nugra submitted a podcast article, and our tribute to Anton Yelchin; LtCmdr. Jorey submitted two Featured Bio Contest articles; Capt. Taybrim submitted two chat reminders; Cmdr. Blair submitted the monthly apps & grads count; LtCmdr. Traenor submitted a Top Sims Contest reminder; and Capt. Faranfey submitted the monthly post totals. Thank you 1,000x over to everyone who helped us get a full month of news out. You folks are amazing and so appreciated!
  20. RT @africanarchives: Gloria Richardson removes the rifle of a National Guardsman from her way during a 1963 Civil Rights Protest. Brave! h…

  21. RT @SUPGVNetwork: This is the reality of open carry. THIS. #DallasPoliceShootings (HT @Ed4Austin8) https://t.co/MkWCHfRnda

  22. RT @CREDOMobile: Now is the time to embrace love and stand against hate, racism and violence. #BlackLivesMatter #EmbraceLove https://t.co/9…

  23. This is [...]ed up. @DallasPD https://t.co/L5gXJArpK6

  24. RT @MatthewKeysLive: KTVT found the man Dallas Police earlier called a shooting suspect. He's [...]ed. https://t.co/wXhmGektYo

  25. RT @jiatolentino: Almost impossible to imagine how much less aggressive, anxious, terrified, furious, reactionary this country would be wit…

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