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Farewell WIM 2014

StarBase 118 Staff

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It’s been an amazing month with plenty of things to learn. From live discussions and chats, to new (and old) tutorials, we’ve tried to offer you something that you can carry with you throughout the year. Now, as we say farewell to February, we hope that everyone is able to take with them a lesson or two that will improve their simming as the future months come and go. Be it information on how to develop the plot, or how to include more narrative in your sims, the items we touched on this month are readily available whenever you need them. Just head over to the Tutorial Library to re-read the highlighted tutorials, or view some from years past.

If you still have questions, never hesitate to contact your command staff for help or more information on how to develop your writing further. The WIM forum will also be available for a short while if you would rather ask your questions there.

As we conclude our Writing Improvement Month for this year, please join us for the closing ceremonies in our IRC room at 12pm PST / 3pm EST / 8pm GMT / Sunday AM for Australia. We’d love to hear what your favorite part of the month was and what we can do to make it better in the future!

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