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January Plot Summary for the USS Apollo

StarBase 118 Staff

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The crew of the USS Apollo, at the request of Lieutenant Alexander Williams, celebrated Christmas, with a party; complete with tree, refreshments and music.

During the down time, the Apollo regained Commander Tal Tel-ar in the role of Chief Operations Officer, and Lieutenant Commander Sundassa Faranster’s brother also came to the ship. Lieutenant Commander T’Mar and Ensign Kyla Kirosa tried to go through a training exercise until they ended up on the receiving end of a prank by Lieutenant Dade Triston that involved snow, and Borg elves.

Once everyone got back to work, and they started moving towards their next mission, Jaxx ordered for the ship to go into the slip stream. They were full speed ahead until the ship sensors picked something up, and dropped out of the stream, cutting the engines and locking everyone out of their terminal, only displaying the symbol for Omega. The Captain requested the data, unlocked the terminals and locked himself away in his ready room, as everyone stared on in confusion. The Omega molecule was detected, and now they were left with trying to figure out how to handle it. The Apollo was designed to serve as a special ship that could be called in to neutralize Omega. Once the crew was briefed, the Captain initiated the Omega Directive.

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