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January Plot Summary for the USS Discovery

StarBase 118 Staff

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The crew pursues the Constitution to the Ba’ku homeworld. It becomes apparent to everyone that Hebron and Nekkar plan to unleash the deadly Daris virus on Ba’ku, to show the world what Starfleet sought to not only sweep under the rug but to erase altogether. A horrific battle ensues between the two powerful ships and just when the Odyssey is about to deliver the deciding blow on the renegade Federation vessel, all power is lost – courtesy of a saboteur working for Hebron, who kills Lt Frye before sacrificing himself. Just when all hope is lost, the Discovery – captained by none other than Waltas’ daughter, Daisha – drops out of warp, guns blazing, to save the day!

Following the battle, Hebron surrenders, but Nekkar, acting on his own, beams aboard the Odyssey to try to wrest control of the ship to complete his task. He is confronted by Waltas and an ensuing one-to-one combat leaves both men wounded and the virus destroyed. A second saboteur is apprehended on the Odyssey – but not before she activates a warp core breach, which effectively blows up the prototype vessel.

Back on board the Discovery, Waltas makes a startling announcement to his crew. He will be retiring as CO and staying behind on Ba’ku for an unspecified amount of time. The Discovery, now under the command of Raj Blueheart, limps back to DS-285 to be officially decommissioned, her legacy as the longest serving starship in the fleet coming to a glorious end.

With this plot summary, we say farewell to the USS Discovery for at least the foreseeable future. While she will be available to future Commanding Officers who might want to reignite her long history, for now, she has earned a long rest in the Starbase 118 Fleet Yards.

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