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Ensign ap Rhys - At Least He Failed Getting Himself Killed


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((U.S.S. Odyssey, bridge))

:: So, it was over. Slowly systems were getting online again, power returning. Flying was no longer needed, for the Odyssey had come to a complete stop. Now crew were standing down from battle stations and returning to their emergency duties. An evacuation would take place in stages, if it took place, ensuring the amount of available crew per ship was maximized. ::

DICKENS: Ok people, you heard it. Ensign Price, I'll need you to coordinate the three ships, the rest of you try to assemble your people for transport and see if there's anyone in an area potentially difficult for transport and report any missing crew.

AP RHYS: Yes, sir.

:: It was only moments before she could indicate the first of the crew to start moving out. The Discovery had taken a position relative to the ships so she could support both. The OPS Officer on board the Discovery made short work of the groups as they transported over. She moved the patients and medical staff first, allowing the Discovery to arrange site-to-site transport of any injured. She then moved out those who would be least missed and last the Engineers that would not remain. There was order now, simple organisation of movement. This was what she had trained for all those years. The touch of buttons and the power of her voice making sure that all went according to plan. ::

:: While the crew was slowly beaming on board the Discovery and she kept track of progress, she also took the time to consider the situation. This finally felt real, but with more and more internal sensor coming online she started to get the sense that everything had been a close call. There was a gaping hole in the U.S.S. Odyssey, an engineer reported damage to the slipstream drive and there were multiple bodies in the mortuary. Indeed, the Vayreg was still floating around as well, heavily damage and in pieces. Unceremoniously thrown at the Consitution as a piece of scrap metal, rather than a Captain’s love and care. ::

:: The thought Captain Waltas made her heart sink. She had absolutely blown it with both her commanders. Of course, she had the right to speak her mind, but she could have considered WHEN to do it. But she hadn’t. Instead, she had rambled on and on. There was going to be hell to pay and she had herself to thank for it. With luck, she could remain in Starfleet for a while yet, but she would not be surprised if she would spend many hours regretting ever opening her mouth. It was better just to shut up, tell any superior officer ‘Yes sir’ and leave it at that. ::

((OOC: Next part is very much Kaerae’s thoughts J, not mine ))

:: Then again, the man had been a fool. Rather than sending a highly-trained multi-man attack team to arrest who-ever this Nekkar guy was, he had gone over personally and almost managed to get himself killed. Under most circumstances she was all for a personal touch, but going in alone was dumb. She wasn’t going to argue about it, but she wondered how many of the crew shared her thoughts.::

:: So the score was settled: three Starfleet vessels had been heavily damaged over the course of hours, a number of people had died, even more had been injured and would suffer from PTSS for the coming weeks (if not years) and some kind of deadly virus had been contained. For what? Petty revenge? A [...]ing contest between a few men about something that happened a long time ago? She was, of course, no experienced member of Starfleet yet, but she felt that some of the superiors of this region would be less than pleased. ::

:: She checked her console. The evacuation was going according to plan and she would need to transfer to the next ship in order to complete the process. Rising from her chair, she noticed dust falling from her lap. The whole place surrounding her was covered in debris and even specks of blood. It was an incredible mess. Saying goodbye to her console, she walked out of the bridge to head to the next ship of her career – the U.S.S. Discovery.::


Ensign Kaerae ap Rhys

Operations Officer

U.S.S. Discovery-C

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