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Top Picks: Child’s Play

StarBase 118 Staff

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When last we left our Top Picks, we had explored my favourite choices for our Trekkie babies. Babies, however, get older and outgrow all those neat outfits, gadgets, and doodads. There’s a lot out there though for our older children, and many of the items are probably expected by fans of the franchise. However, while I have included a couple of more common items, I managed to find some neat ones that most might not realise exist. So, without further ado, Alora’s top picks for Trekkie items for kids.

10. Star Trek Watch

It’s important to tell the time and with the digital age, face and hand clocks are not as common as they once were. Now you can not only encourage your child to impress your friends because they know how to read a face and hand clock, but you can give them this to practise. Even better, it’s Trekkie! The batteries are a bit of a pain to change, but it’s worth it to have the Enterprise constantly on your little one’s wrist!

9. Star Trek XBOX 360 Charge Dock

I’m sure most of us must realise that there are Star Trek video games, especially based on the newer movies. Now your kids’ controllers can charge thanks to the Star Trek XBOX 30 Charge Dock. I wonder if using this might give a boost in the game. Hmmm.

8. Star Trek Cookie Cutters

Ah, Think Geek. If I ever need something geeky, this is one of the first places I check. It never fails to please! In this case, they have a neat set of cookie cutters just perfect for making sweet snacks to gnosh on – and what child can resist cookies?

7. Star Trek Bath Set

I had difficulty with this one. This is one of those items that can transcend age. However, I think kids would find this particularly cool – and if you have a child who doesn’t like to bathe, this might help him change his mind!

6. Star Trek Communicator

These little devices are imperative to any Star Trek crew. In the original series, the ship couldn’t locate and beam up anyone without one. These little babies were also important to keep in touch with the ship and other crew members when on an away mission. Now your child can have his or her own and run around yelling, ‘Beam me up Scotty’ to their heart’s content!

5. Enterprise Lego Set

Legos have been around for years and they just keep getting more and more intricate. Now you can build your own Enterprise using legos! Who needs dilithium crystals when you have plastic? Note: That seller, they also have a Klignon Bird of Prey lego set. Score!

4. Star Trek Wall Decals

Now while I’ve never been one to get into decorating a baby nursery, I have to admit I’m more inclined to decorate my chidlren’s rooms. I’ve had plans in my brain for a while, but wall decals like this are pretty cool – and a lot less work than paint!

3. Star Trek Lunch Box

While I homeschool, many children go to school outside the home. Even homeschoolers, though, need to take their lunch on the go from time to time. What better way to do this than with a Star Trek lunch box? Tin lunch boxes were all the rage back in the day and they’re still pretty darn cool. This is definitely the best way to go retro.

2. Star Trek Amigurumi

Another place I often check for geeky goodness is Etsy. That’s where I found these little beauties. While Spock plushies is the one I linked to, you can find other characters as well. Amigurumi is a Japanese word that describes the type of creations made when knitting or crocheting. Usually these creations are of animals or other cute stuffed anthropomorphic creatures (and sometimes plants and things!). In this case, they just happen to be of some beloved Star Trek characters!

1. Star Trek Interactive Tribbles

Even those who aren’t Trekkies but have some passing knowledge of Star Trek have heard of tribbles. They’re probably one of the most beloved alien species next to Vulcans – and certainly the most popular alien pet. Now your child can have his or her own tribble, complete with tribbly sounds. What better way to curl up for the night than with a tribble?

So that’s it for this edition of Top Picks. Tune in next time when we explore Alora’s top picks for Him.

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