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Tracey Townson - Passing Time


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((StarBase 118 - Promenade))

::As the others went off to eat, Tracey considered joining them, but they all seemed still like strangers to her and she didn't feel so hungry as of yet. So she strode through the shopping district of this massive starbase almost aimlessly as her thoughts turned to her adopted Romulan infant still on DS 285, wishing she could return to his side, and soon.::

::As she walked, she passed by an open doorway where a distinct sound could be heard coming from within. Pausing, she looked into the darkened lounge and could see the silhouette of the massive instrument standing in the center of the lounge. In curiosity, Tracey entered and could now more clearly see the lines of the large instrument, and the person sitting there playing single keystrokes with his index finger. The simple tune was in sharp contrast to what Tracey would think to be the powerful sound that should be coming from such a large instrument, with its top opened at an angle.::

::As the simple tune would repeated, and Tracey came even closer, she noticed the black and white keys sprawled across the apparent playing surface as each time one was pressed down, a new tone was emitted, and just above these keys, in the center read the name "Steinway" in a gold script. As she came closer, she noticed the young man sitting and playing the simple tune wore a uniform of a Cadet.::

::Tracey stopped not far behind the young man and clasped her hands behind her back as memories of the simple tune flooded back into her. It was the same simple lullaby her father from a universe that now only existed in her mind, used to sing to her when she was a child, and she closed he eyes and began to mouth the lyrics.::

::Suddenly, perhaps due to the proximity of Tracey to the young maestro, the music abruptly stopped. Tracey opened her eyes and the young man was standing at attention.::

CADET: ::noting the pips on her collar:: Commander.

TOWNSON: ::with a look of surprise:: No...no...Please. Cadet...as you were.

CADET: ::with a curt nod:: Yes Commander.

::And with that, the Cadet sat back down and continued playing the single keystrokes on the large instrument. After awhile, and as he continued, he turned to look back. Tracey stood immobile as her eyes fluttered closed again and she continued to mouth the lyrics. Feeling the weight of the Cadet's stare, Tracey opened her eyes and felt somewhat embarrassed. The darkness of the room kept the flushing of her face from view, however.::

CADET: You know it, Commander? ::as he continued playing now without looking and using all fingers in his right hand.::

TOWNSON: ::nodding slowly as she twirled her long black hair in her fingers as she did when she was a child:: Yes. It is a beautiful sound. Thank you, Cadet.

CADET: You have never heard the sound of a piano, Commander?

TOWNSON: Only recordings. ::looking around the room before moving towards the piano.:: In this room, it just sounds so much more...vibrant. ::smiling::

CADET: ::smiling:: I am happy you enjoy, Commander. ::tapping the piano stool next to him.::Please...sit. It is very simple. I could teach you if you would like?

::Tracey's smile turned to a grin, and without thinking, took the young Cadet up on his offer and sat. The Cadet stopped playing and the two looked at each other for a moment.::

CADET: This particular piano was built in the 19th century and was re-furbished last year. There are only ten known left in the galaxy, and only two on earth. I was lucky to find one here. ::putting out his hand to shake hers:: My name is Steven.

TOWNSON: ::taking his hand in her right prosthetic hand:: Tracey.

CADET: OK then, Commander Tracey...

TOWNSON: No...just Tracey.

CADET: OK Tracey. there is no need to be nervous. I noticed your hand is very cold.

TOWNSON: I am not nervous, Steven. The hand is not real.

CADET: ::with a look of concern:: I am sorry to hear, Tracey.

TOWNSON: ::nodding and gesturing towards the piano:: Please?

CADET: Of course.

::And with that, the Cadet showed Tracey how to play the simple tune. After about a half hour, Tracey had the keystrokes ingrained in her memory and as the two played the simple melody in different octaves, Tracey grinned like a schoolgirl until her com-badge sounded. Tracey then stopped and looked at the Cadet.::

TOWNSON: Duty calls.

CADET: ::nodding:: I too must be getting back.

TOWNSON: Thank you, Cadet....?

CADET: Bance...and you Commander?

TOWNSON: Townson.

CADET: Pleased to meet you, Commander Townson.

TOWNSON: And you as well, Cadet Bance. If you'll excuse me. ::standing::

::And with that, Tracey spun on heels and headed out of the lounge as the young Cadet watched her leave knowing full well he probably will never see the woman ever again..::


Lt. Commander Tracey Townson
Chief of Operations
USS Discovery-C/USS Odyssey

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